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Allow sleep in Better Performance Energy Saver mode System
I was looking for a way to change the default settings for Energy Saver menu extra. I have a PowerBook, and from time to time, I want to switch to Better Performance, which makes H264 encoding faster, thanks to highest processor performance. (I have noticed an increase from 17fps while on Automatic to more than 25fps on Highest.) However, I also like the computer to sleep after encoding. This is a problem, because the default setting in Better Performance mode (when plugged in) is Never Sleep (as probably a server or desktop user would like).

So I backed up and sudo edited the following system file:

/System -> Library -> SystemConfiguration -> PowerManagement.bundle -> Contents -> Resources ->

In the SystemProfileDefaults -> 3 -> AC Power section, I changed the value of System Sleep Timer a desired value in minutes. I then did the same thing for section 4 of SystemProfileDefaults.

I was a bit too lazy to figure out what those 3 and 4 means, but this trick worked for me. Maybe somebody can explain the various numbers...
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Allow sleep in Better Performance Energy Saver mode
Authored by: gizmo on May 18, '06 07:58:17AM

I usually have my PB set on two different power settings: Highest and Custom. With the custom setting you could set the sleep times as you wish then go into the Options and set the Processor Preformance to Highest. You get the best of both worlds and don't have to worry about messing something up in Terminal (I'm bad for that).

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Allow sleep in Better Performance Energy Saver mode
Authored by: zane on May 18, '06 02:15:14PM
This seems like a rather cumbersome alternative to just visiting Energy Saver in System Preferences and pulling the sleep slider from "never" to something else (which automatically switches 'Better Performance' to a 'Custom' setting [as noted above] whilst retaining your Processor Performance->Highest setting).

Or, you could just enable the 'Highest' setting for Processor Performance in *any* Energy Saver profile (and thus create a custom setting) under the Options tab.

Still, it's always nice to learn new Terminal methods for scripting ideas I guess.

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Allow sleep in Better Performance Energy Saver mode
Authored by: zpjet on May 19, '06 02:36:56AM

"just visiting" - see that's what i thought menu extras are for, to avoid "just visiting" control panels. and yes, it's pity i have to edit system files to create my own profile. however, i've remembered there's another way: funny widget "Turbo" by Jamie Caplan.

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More than one custom mode!
Authored by: joab on May 18, '06 03:43:00PM

One of the things that has really bugged me is that one cannot customise or create new power management profiles. I have a couple of modes that I want my computer to be in and I do not like having to choose whatever default profile is closest to what I want and then changing it.

It is possible to create new network profiles. Why is it not possible to create new power management profiles?

I will look into what this hint describes a bit further to see if it is perhaps possible to create my own profiles or just change the default ones (which is not preferable).

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The numbers...
Authored by: joab on May 18, '06 05:37:44PM

Here is what I have gathered from comparing settings and values in the plist to those in the preference pane. I have translated from Swedish so the names of the profiles are probably wrong but I hope you get which ones I mean.

1 - the one that uses less power
2 - normal
3 - better performance

I have no idea what 0 and 4 are used for. My first thought was that one of them held the custom setting but none matched. Besides, my file had not been modified since some time in March 2005. If anyone knows, tell!

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