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10.4: Set the Boot Camp startup disk during boot System 10.4
Tiger only hintIf you've got an Intel Mac, and you've installed Boot Camp, then you're familiar with the boot loader screen. As seen at right, it appears at startup and lets you select whether to boot your Intel Mac into OS X or Windows.

I accidentally discovered this tip -- I was invoking the boot loader when I realized that my Bluetooth mouse worked. Using the mouse, I could select my partition with a double click. The interesting thing is that if you click the arrow icon seen below the partition, then that partition will be set as your Mac's startup disk. For example, if you select the Windows partition, the Mac will then boot into Windows every time you restart it -- unless you hold down the Option key to bring up the boot loader again.

Update: This hint's assertion about permanently changing the boot disk is incorrect, as noted in the comments.
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10.4: Set the Boot Camp startup disk during boot
Authored by: cawaker on May 16, '06 10:04:40AM

I havent found that to be the case on my macbook pro. I used the arrow for rebooting a lot and it never once changed the startup disk. I used the arrow to boot into windows and when i rebooted it booted back to whatever was set in the start up disk.

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10.4: Set the Boot Camp startup disk during boot
Authored by: Sith Happens on May 16, '06 12:36:42PM

Ditto. I always click the arrow to select which partition I want to boot from, but my MacBook Pro always starts up from OSX by default.

Maybe the poster's behavior is a result of not having anything selected in the Startup Disk pref pane?

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Hint Should be Revoked or Altered
Authored by: bedouin on May 16, '06 01:21:34PM

I have the same experience as others. Hitting the arrow just boots it once into whatever OS I choose; it has no permanent effect on the startup disk.

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10.4: Set the Boot Camp startup disk during boot
Authored by: dan pearson on May 16, '06 06:05:32PM

just setup a Mini w/ Boot Camp and Windows XP. found that the option key during restart from WinOS didn't work. i was stuck in Windows 'til i opened the Startup Disk Control Panel and selected MacOS. restart then brought me back to the real world. no amount of pressing, clicking or whatever on that option key would get it to present me w/ the choice of OS during restart. and Windoze was taking forever and 3 days to finally come up, so it was even more frustrating.

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Please Fix This Hint. It is Incorrect.
Authored by: EatingPie on May 17, '06 12:12:34PM

As stated in other comments, clicking the Arrow DOES NOT permanently set your startup disk to Windows. Reboot takes you back to Mac OS X.

I own a MacBook Pro, and indeed the Arrow is a "this-time-only" boot. It's possible other Intel Macs behave differently, but I'm doubtful.

Certainly the double-click is a notable and hint-worthy, so it's not a total loss! :)

Anyway this hint is incorrect and misleading. It should be edited to remove reference to the Arrow, your you should note the incorrect statement.




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