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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup Apps
Like many people, I depend on SuperDuper (an award-winning backup utility) to make nightly backups of my Mac. I have it scheduled to run at 2:50 a.m., but in reality most of the time I run SD manually when I am finished for the day. I run a 'Smart Update,' and then have SuperDuper sleep my Powerbook.

This works great; in the morning, I can just pick up my PowerBook and head to the office. Except for one thing: the external FireWire drive is still attached. Sure I could just disconnect it, but do you want to see that dire message that appears when you disconnect a drive without unmounting it first? Me neither. The obvious solution: Tell SuperDuper to eject the drive when it is finished.

The problem: How? Simple. Write a small shell script to eject the drive and have SuperDuper run it after the copy and before the computer goes to sleep. Standard disclaimer: I've been using this successfully on a 15" PowerBook 1.5 GHz running 10.4.6 and SuperDuper 2.1 (v77). Use at your own risk, etc etc.

Here's what you need to to:
  1. Write the script. This is really easy. My script looks something like this:
    /usr/sbin/diskutil eject /Volumes/BootBackup 
    exit 0
    The #!/bin/sh line should be the first line.

  2. Save the file somewhere, such as ~/bin/ (you can call it whatever you like, that's just the name I use since my backup drive is called, uncreatively, BootBackup).

  3. Copy/Paste this line into a window:
    chmod 755 $HOME/bin/
    That just tells Mac OS X that the script is a program to be executed. Be sure to press Return after that line. You should not see anything in Terminal after you paste that line of text in. If you did, something must have gone wrong. If you change the name of the file to something else, make sure to change the chmod line, too!

  4. Attach your drive, launch SuperDuper, click the Options... button. On the General tab, choose 'Sleep Computer' for the action to to be taken 'On successful completion.' Do not click OK yet! Now click the Advanced tab (located next to the General tab). Check the box next to 'Run shell script after copy completes.' Then click Choose... and select the file that you created in the second step. It ought to look something like this when you are done.

  5. Now click OK to get back to the main window. The main SuperDuper window now ought to look something like this. Note that "InternalHD" and "BootBackup" are the names I use. Yours may be different.
Now I get convenient nightly backups, a sleeping computer ready in the morning, and no scary warnings about having unsafely removed my backup drive!
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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: androulidakis on May 17, '06 08:37:14AM

I believe this inconvenience has been addressed by version 2.1.1 released today!

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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: luomat on May 17, '06 11:12:12AM

The revision notes say this:

"Scheduled copies will automatically mount and unmount local volumes if the volume is not mounted when the copy starts. (Existing scheduled copies must be deleted and re-created to get the new behavior.)"

That's fine for a desktop computer where the drive may be physically attached all the time, but for a laptop user, when I attach the drive it will be automatically mounted, so this new feature will not help.

I wish they would add an entry "Unmount drive and then Sleep Computer" for it to happen regardless of the status of the drive before the backup.

I am away from my backup drive so I can't test this right now, so I can't test this right now.

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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: capitalj on May 17, '06 12:04:07PM

Sometimes I unmount my drive but leave the firewire connected, so I suppose the new function could help a little. I too would like an "unmount volume and sleep" option, but at least there are "run shell script" options to add that function.

Thanks for the hint, it is also useful in situations unrelated to SuperDuper!.

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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: patrick magill on May 18, '06 03:21:14AM

Is SuperDuper better than CCCloner? I grabbed both of them off the web, and can't decide which to use regularly. Any insight?

osx made me switch

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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: FredB7 on May 18, '06 09:05:29AM
I'd say go for SuperDuper if $27.95 is not a problem for you.

You may want to read this:Backup Software Harmful

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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: capitalj on May 18, '06 09:25:55AM

I compared them, then chose SuperDuper! but I can't remember exactly why. I remember reading the article linked by FredB7, among other things. I suppose it's a good sign that I never looked back, and I've never had any problems, and never regretted the price - it's well worth it.

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product/support comparisons
Authored by: sjk on May 19, '06 11:20:39PM

There are reasons why SD! might be considered technically superior to CCC, some mentioned in the blog article FredB7 linked to. It's generally a good idea to minimize filesystem usage while backups of it are running, but SD! is more interactively responsive than CCC. Try moving the main window or opening the logfile while either is running; SD! wins easily. And SD! uses memory more efficiently.

One key question to ask is who you'll want to trust to help resolve any issues related to the backup product(s) you choose.

With SD! it's a near guarantee you'll get fast, dependable support directly from the developer, either through e-mail or the forum. With CCC you can post to the forum and hope for a response, possibly from someone not deeply familiar with the product or OS X.

My backups are very important so I want reliable support for any products I'm using to do them.

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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: macfeller on May 18, '06 10:12:11AM

Couple of things:

1) Agh! I don't have diskutil on my machine. (Yes, I have all files made visible.) Where to get?

2) CCC failed to handle permissions on files buried in some packages too many times. It would get flummoxed and assign "nothing" to owner (what SD! folk call floating permissions, IIRC). I have never had a problem with SD! and the support is unparalleled. You can use it for foree for simple whole volume cloning.

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Unmount FireWire drives after SuperDuper backup
Authored by: ngb on May 19, '06 10:00:36PM

I've been using Synchronize X Pro from Qdea for my backups. It has an option to automatically unmount drives after they've been backed up or synchronized.

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