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Regarding 'Shut Down' and AFP users warning System
If you're like me, you work with files on networked computers a lot. Recently, I noticed that the warning at shut down (telling you that other people are connected to your computer) had disappeared. After a little research, I realized that Mac OS has two shutdowns.

The first is accessed by holding Option and selecting Shut Down from the Apple menu, or by pressing Control-Eject and selecting Shutdown from the dialog. In this shut down mode, there are no error messages.

The second is accessed by selecting Shut Down from the Apple menu, without the use of the Option key. If you shut down this way, your computer will make sure no one is connected to it before shutting down. It's a shame there isn't a hotkey (like control-eject) for the second type of shut down.

[robg adds: The Option key method forces an immediate shut down, without the dialog (you can tell this by the way the ellipsis () vanishes when the Option key is depressed). And it is possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for the 'normal' shut down mode. Just open the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences panel, and go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Hit the plus sign to add a new shortcut. Set the Application pop-up to All Applications, and enter Shut Down... as the Menu Title, then assign whatever shortcut you want to use.

You'll have to relaunch each application (or just logout and login) to see the change. But after doing such, you'll see your new Shut Down... command with its keyboard shortcut, as seen at right. The only oddity is that there are now two Shut Down commands in the menu, as the "immediate" (Option key) version gets its own entry, too.]
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Regarding 'Shut Down' and AFP users warning
Authored by: Eric Morrison on May 09, '06 10:05:18AM

Not really a duplicate command... the first is "Shut Down..." (note the three dots at the end of the name) while the second is simply "Shut Down". This is a user-interface convention... three dots at the end of a menu item's name signify "dialog box coming right up".

The option without the dots signifies no dialog box... thus a direct shut down.

If you've ever used a utility like FruitMenu or the like you are already familiar with this convention if you've "custom modified" the Apple menu before.

... e

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Regarding 'Shut Down' and AFP users warning
Authored by: ghay on May 10, '06 09:42:57AM

Not that this will be of any help here, but the "three dots" is actually one character, option ;

It was part of the original Apple UI guidelines from the Inside Macintosh books.

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Doubled Menu Item
Authored by: jediknil on May 09, '06 05:53:39PM

The doubled "Shut Down..." / "Shut Down" problem can be solved very simply. The whole thing is based on how OS X manages alternate menu items (those that change when you hold down a modifier key). If you open the Apple menu and press Option, you'll notice the "Shut Down..." item switches to "Shut Down" (and back if you release Option).

So, to fix it, just add two shortcuts, one for "Shut Down..." (prompted) and one for "Shut Down" (no prompt). For consistency with Apple's default settings, it would make sense to have the no-prompt "Shut Down" have the same shortcut as the prompted "Shut Down...", plus the option key (e.g. Control-S becomes Control-Option-S for no prompting). In any case, the two menu items will become one again if their shortcuts differ only by modifier keys.

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Regarding 'Shut Down' and AFP users warning
Authored by: bonaccij on May 10, '06 05:08:11AM

You can also hold down ctr + opt + cmd + eject and it will also shut off your computer. :-)

Jeffrey Bonacci
ACD, Partner
Manik Grafik

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Regarding 'Shut Down' and AFP users warning
Authored by: adrianm on May 10, '06 05:47:11AM

And if that is too easy, just press and hold the power button :-))

(ok, that's evil, I know - don't really do that folks)

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Regarding 'Shut Down' and AFP users warning
Authored by: rocketmouse on Oct 27, '09 10:59:20PM

I'm still looking for the tweak/setting/one-time terminal command that allowed me to shut down Leopard *from the Apple menu* WITHOUT the dialog box and WITHOUT holding down the option key. That tweak/setting didn't transfer to Snow Leopard and I don't remember what it was. I must have done that before I started saving tips like that. If anybody knows what it is, please let me know! I keep forgetting to hold down the option key... (and a keyboard shortcut wouldn't do me any good.)

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