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How to 'fix' a broken SATA power connector Install
Perhaps this is an evident hint, but I think it might help some of us who are not very hardware savvy!

I was replacing a hard drive in a G5 tower when I broke the power cable of one of the SATA drives (yeah I know, I'm very clumsy!). So I checked the drive and I saw the standard power adapter found in all hard drives, and I thought 'hey, perhaps I can split the power from the DVD drive and connect the SATA hard drive (and save $100 hehe!).

So that's what I did. I used a good old Y-splitter to split the power lead of the DVD drive, and then pass the connectors on the side of the G5, connecting it to the SATA hard drive. It's clean and it's working perfectly !

I hope this tip can "save lives" (or at least some bucks) for those who are very clumsy like myself.
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How to 'fix' a broken SATA power connector
Authored by: mnb on May 09, '06 10:33:45AM

You don't have to be clumsy to break the narrow, fragile plastic center of the SATA power connector on the drive. I've broken a few myself. The data jack is nearly as fragile as well.

They really need to toss the spec for those two jacks and redo them. Hold a contest for the design that sucks the least and this time, choose the winner instead of the loser!

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How to 'fix' a broken SATA power connector
Authored by: paolinopaperino on May 09, '06 01:50:34PM

100$ a SATA power connector?? where do you buy it?! It is a hand-made gold connector!?


I think that a standard sata cable bought in a pc store will cost about 3-5$.. not more

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How to 'fix' a broken SATA power connector
Authored by: neuralstatic on May 09, '06 03:26:57PM

i think he's saying he'd have to replace the drive since it's the connector on that which broke?

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$100 bucks not so crazy...
Authored by: DivineGeek on May 09, '06 05:31:42PM

I think he's referring to taking the computer into an Apple Authorized Service Center and getting it repaired 'correctly'.

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How to 'fix' a broken SATA power connector
Authored by: tim1724 on May 09, '06 05:15:29PM

Some newer SATA drives no longer have the legacy connector, so this won't work on all SATA drives.

Tim Buchheim

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beware of SATA drives for G5
Authored by: joshMV4 on May 10, '06 05:00:52PM

I unfortunately found out that not all SATA drives are created equal. I recently bought a DP 2.7GHz G5, then shortly after bought a WD400GB WD400KD off of ebay (new, but sold as is). It would only work for small files. Copying anything larger than 1 or 2 GB would cause the computer freeze. Who buys a 400GB hard drive to copy small files???? Thought it was a bad drive, but researching shows this is a very common problem for G5s and SATA drives. I saw this a had to buy a sata pci card to use the drive!!!!!

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beware of SATA drives for G5
Authored by: TvE on May 11, '06 11:11:59AM

Some SATA drives have to have a certain "feature" (Spread Spectrum Clocking) disabled by a firmware flash or a jumper to work in the G5

A workaround is to use this tool:
on a PC and change the drive's feature

PS.: Read more here:

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