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Speed up a DVR-117 SuperDrive System
If you have the DVR-117 SuperDrive installed in your Mac, you can get faster read and write speeds and add dual-layer DVD support just by flashing the firmware of the drive. The details of how to do this are here.

[kirkmc adds: The usual caveats apply: you could fry your DVD drive, cause a plague of locusts to infest your RAM, incite flooding in your toilets, and void your warranty. Use at your own risk.]
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Speed up a DVR-117 SuperDrive
Authored by: rspress on May 04, '06 09:28:29AM

This works only is your drive is connected to the ATA bus in the Mac. It will not work on Firewire or USB connected drives.

The Mac version of the flash kit can be used to update other pioneer drives that are connected to the ATA bus. You can get the most recent firmware for your drive at the pioneer site.

To update a firewire or USB drive you must hook it to the ATA bus of your Mac, which might be impossible if you are running an iMac or eMac or just toss it into a PC, hook it up to the ATA buss and download the firmware and PC updater from pioneer.

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Crossflash externals
Authored by: jasont on May 04, '06 11:59:05AM

I've used the following w/ a Pioneer 100 (110D) that I put in an old LaCie firewire case to crossflash it to a 110 w/ the buffalo firmware:

./DVRFlash -ff A:PIONEER RA154010.837 RA154110.837

In this case A: is the drive. The caveat is that when I ran a scan w/

I would receive this:
Device parameter was not given, detecting all DVR drives:

Device : B:
Vendor : PIONEER
Model : DVD-RW DVR-110D
Revision : 1.11

However, on running the utility with A: selected it would confirm the correct drive by indicating the same information and give me a yes or no prompt, selecting y allowed be to successfully flash my drive. Read the warnings, and obviously use the correct firmware for your drive. Considering that drives are <$40.00 (fullsize) US, it seems ridiculous to go w/ a crippled drive when you can get more reliability, better performance, and remove illegal restrictions in the case that you do some business traveling.

So...this should work for externals using bridgeboards.

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Where to find firmware updates for other models?
Authored by: jiclark on May 04, '06 04:06:24PM

I have a DVR-109, and I've been looking around a bit this afternoon, with no luck. Can anyone point me to the latest version for my drive? It's at 1.55 right now, I believe...


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Where to find firmware updates for other models?
Authored by: JimMueller on May 04, '06 08:16:01PM has tons of links to firmware and the utilities with which to flash the drives.
For example:
is a thread about putting the current region-free firmware on a pioneer 109. has DVRflash for MacOS X which can apply the firmware to internal or external (FW or USB) drives.

I just used it this morning to put the 1.5.8 firmware on my external Pioneed 109 in order to try to get it to burn the supposedly very well-regarded RiData (Ritek) DVD-R DL 4x media I purchased. So far 3 out of 3 coasters. So, back to Verbatim's DVD+R DL 2.4x media (I've had 3 coasters out of about 100 discs burned) for us.

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Where to find firmware updates for other models?
Authored by: Interactive on May 04, '06 08:48:22PM
I did not know there is an OS X flash utility. So, I really appreciate Jim's post above me.

I have a Sony DW-Q28A drive in my G5 tower, and as Jim says, I found the latest firmware at Since I have never flashed a drive, I am going to read all relevant instructions carefully.

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How to SLOW DOWN DVD drive?
Authored by: tinb on May 05, '06 12:33:48AM

Is there any hint how to slow down a DVD drive?

You ask why I should want this? Well, sometimes I get CDs which are manufactured "not exactly centered". They are spinning up in the drive and the whole Mac (mini) is vibrating. That can't be too good for the hardware (cd and hd drive).

I hoped that the drive would automatically lower its speed, but it won't.

Is it possible to do this manually?

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How to SLOW DOWN DVD drive?
Authored by: kirkmc on May 05, '06 02:40:56AM

When burning a CD or DVD, you can choose the speed. You generally set it to Maximum, but, if that happens a lot, set it slower.

Is that why some CDs make so much noise? Oddly enough, when that happens to me, it's only at the beginning of the burn, not all throughout.

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How to SLOW DOWN DVD drive?
Authored by: tinb on May 05, '06 05:32:25AM

Thanks kirkmc, but it's not during burning but while reading from the CD.

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