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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update OS X Server
After installing the Java 2Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 Release 4 on my OS X server running QLA 3.5, the QLA server would not open, run or even uninstall. I had to do the following to revert it back to Java 1.4.2:

In Terminal, run the following commands:
$ su root
$ cd /
$ cd System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.Framework/Versions/
$ sudo rm -rf CurrentJDK
$ sudo ln -s 1.4.2 CurrentJDK
After executing the above mentioned commands you should be able to install QLA.

[kirkmc adds: I haven't tested this, but there's always a risk in removing anything rather than backing it up first. So at the rm -rf command, I'd suggest making a copy of the directory with a different name.]
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You're not actually removing anything...
Authored by: j|m on Apr 26, '06 07:44:13AM

CurrentJDK is, in this case, a symlink to 1.5.0; this hint merely changes the symlink to point to 1.4.2. Repeating the same command, but switching the versions, is an easy way to undo it.

The same thing can be accomplished with /Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0/Java

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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: woodgie on Apr 26, '06 09:28:34AM

Covers how to roll back to Java 1.4.2 using GUI tools, which some people may prefer to the terminal ;)

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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: laurenth on Apr 26, '06 10:30:34PM

I came across this problem yesterday. I first tried using the Java Preferences GUI to revert to Java 1.4.2 but it didn't make any difference...

I ended up copying /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework from a pre-"release 4 update" system and it worked.

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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: ploiku on Apr 26, '06 04:50:23PM

Don't do this, it's a solution not endorsed in any way by Apple and could screw up both other Java applications as well as future Java installations on your system!

Instead, use The Java Preferences utility in "/Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0/".

For many Java applications ( that don't _explicitly_ require 5.0) you can go back to using J2SE 1.4.2 by doing the following

Launch Java Preferences
Click on the General tab
In the Applications area, drag J2SE 1.4.2 to the first position.
Click the Save button to save the changes

If you want to keep Java 5 as the preferred version for most applications, but have problems with a specific app, you can try modifying the application itself. Edit "". Look for the "JVMVersion" key, and change the string value to "1.4*" (the application probably says "1.4+" - this is an app that asked for 1.5, and didn't really mean to). Of course, if the application already says "1.5+" or "1.5*", you might be asking for trouble...

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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: AppleMacGenius on Apr 27, '06 02:20:31PM

Before you start saying don't do, get your facts straight, I am the one that originally posted this and Apple and Quark told me to do this on the phone. it is a fix Apple and Quark came up with for my client. Apple also has a article to do it another way, but the terminal way is quick and easy... and works. My QLA server was backup in 2 minutes after doing this.


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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: ploiku on Apr 27, '06 08:19:16PM

Did you talk with Quark or Apple?

Did you try Java Preferences?

Either way, this is (of course) totally unsupported and untested by Apple. Though this is a "hints & hacks" site, I'm just making sure that no one thinks this is official Apple policy - it's not. (This is just an extension of the general policy "don't mess about in /System").

Quoting an Apple engineer posting to the java-dev mailing list:

Please don't get in the habit of using "ln -s" to overwrite the symlinks Apple lays down. Several recent problem reports can be traced back to folks getting this wrong, or expecting things to work "normally" on an abnormal system. We want feedback and bugs from developers, but developers who have hacked on their system should always consider that they _are_ running on a hacked system when filing problem reports.

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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: adrianm on Apr 27, '06 11:16:52PM
"Apple and Quark told me to do this on the phone"

Was it someone at the music company and a Ferengi?

No competent tech support person would have told you that. For starters, su root is unnecessary as you do a sudo later, not to mention that for most people, the root account is disabled so it wouldn't work (remember this is a hint you are offering).

Secondly, CurrentJDK is a symlink, so what is the -r switch for?

I think you are either making it up about Apple and Quark telling you to do this, or you were talking to a receptionist or something, and you were lucky it worked.

Either way, Rob/Kirk should prob have sanity checked this before allowing it to be put on the site.

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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: themacuser on Apr 26, '06 05:52:03PM

Or how about you fix that problem how I fixed it when I had to use QLA: Get individual licenses. QLA is an awful piece of junk. It never worked right on my Xserve. It wasted hours of company time, and was NOT worth the saving for the site licenses. We lost many times more money in lost productivity. The copies of InDesign we bought "just in case" were the best decision ever.

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Quark and Individual Licenses??!
Authored by: gabester on Apr 26, '06 08:43:45PM

Individual licenses aren't really a practical solution for large installations or dynamic environments where frequent reformatting may occur (labs, intensive designer usage) - keeping track of, much less retyping those 64-character long activation codes are a nightmare. In such situations QLA is a better solution by far; it's also nice for workgroups where many people use Quark infrequently because it allows you to install the app on every computer that might run it; you just can't run it on more machines than you are licensed for simultaneously.

Not that running QLA is much better... I was all for InDesign and recommended it over Quark to customers until CS2 came out and the same kind of product activation stuff is included for InDividual licensed copies. Fortunately Adobe volume licensing has a low enough threshhold that it's much less of an issue. What would be nice would be software that when sold didn't punish legitimate customers in the vain attempts to discourage piracy.

QLA has many longstanding issues, however, and it would be nice if Quark made efforts to fix these. In the meantime, I will probably be using this hint sometime in the near future when I inadvertently upgrade J2SE and then realize that QLA is broken... or with some other app I'm not even aware of yet.

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Also... give QLA dedicated hardware...
Authored by: gabester on Apr 26, '06 08:46:21PM

I'd also recommend not running QLA on important hardware that serves other functions. Put it on an old Blue and White G3 or iMac tucked away somewhere... heck, even a Mac mini if you have the money lying around; but the idea of running QLA on a server performing other tasks is quite unpleasant precisely because of it's numerous performance issues.

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Fix Quark QLA server after Java update
Authored by: AppleMacGenius on Apr 28, '06 06:48:25AM

Actually I had both Apple Enterprise and Quark Enterprise on the phone conferenced in. When I tried sudo, it gave me a weird error so the Apple Tech said "try su" so that is why in my description says I used "su". Also, because I called Server support and not the normal Tier 1 boneheads, this is why they had me do a su. I do agree, su is something that usually Apple does not sanction doing. The Quark support guy was semi helpful. Anyway, I'm not here to debate, I am sure there are thousands of fixes for this issue this is only one way.

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