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Some comments on recent hints posted here... Site News
As most of you have probably noticed, and some have commented to me via email, there have been a lot of hints recently about Intel Macs, Boot Camp, Parallels Workstation, and even (gasp!) Windows. The fact that we've run many such hints recently is not necessarily indicative of the general direction of the site. Rather, it's a reflection of what's currently interesting to the community at large. Since the majority of the hints here come directly from the community, what you see published reflects what's been submitted. And right now, Intel-powered Macs and Windows on Mac are hot topics, hence, we're seeing lots of hints about those subjects.

This doesn't mean that we're going to start a section for actual Windows hints -- there are many ways to get help with Windows, but should not be one of them. However, it does mean that you may occasionally see a hint about Windows, if it's directly related to how it might be used on a Mac. There have been a couple such hints this week, for example.

It also doesn't mean that we're ignoring PowerPC or Unix or web browsers or any of the other topic areas. It's simply a reflection of the current hot topics -- no different than publsihing 250+ hints on OS X 10.4 during the first few weeks of its release. So for now, if you're not an Intel Mac user, or if you have no interest in Boot Camp and Parallels, you'll just have to skip over those hints. We are going to introduce a couple new topics to help categorize these hints -- and as with all topics, registered users will be able to disable those they don't wish to see.

Hopefully this will help ease any angst over a "change in focus" at the site. After doing this daily for over five years (1,427 work days, give or take a few), I've seen many such 'waves' of focused hints come through the site. And in all cases, things calm down and a more balanced selection of hints returns as time passes after the release of whatever caused the wave.

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Some comments on recent hints posted here...
Authored by: BrentT on Apr 20, '06 07:30:29AM

I don't mind reading about MacIntel hints even though I only own PPC Macs. I knew there would be kinks with such a major shift in hardware. The hints let me decide when I will be ready to go with the new processor.

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Some comments on recent hints posted here...
Authored by: darken9999 on Apr 20, '06 07:42:33AM

I agree. I don't have any Intel Macs yet, but hearing interesting things about them might make me upgrade sooner than I normally would.

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Some comments on recent hints posted here...
Authored by: PancakeMan on Apr 20, '06 08:53:35AM

Robg should get kickbacks for the sales his site encourages! I know all the tips about Tiger had me drooling to upgrade...

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Some comments on recent hints posted here...
Authored by: dihaas on Apr 20, '06 11:26:54AM

Not to mention there's no future for PPC Macs anyway...

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Some comments on recent hints posted here...
Authored by: osxpounder on Apr 20, '06 12:50:03PM

I was a Windows-only user til about the time of OSX, and over the years, I became not only an OSX fan but a fan of this site. Many is the time I've wished, in the years since, that there was a site just like robg's, but for Windows users. I realize there are so many Windows users out there, such a site might be impossible, but ... there it is.

Sometimes I wished I knew of a place like this, but where I could post a Windows question or see and share Windows tips. There are many sites out there, but none so good as this one.

Anyway, I'm glad to see the occasional Windows tip here, since I use both, and I use 'em together.


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