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Delete updaters and save disk space System
Software update likes to insist that you have and download the latest version of iPod Updater and iSight Updater--even if you aren't using these devices. Even if you do use the iPod and/or iSight, it doesn't delete the previous updaters that were downloaded. These files can take up a lot of disk space.

My 12" G4 PB is about 2 years old, and I've downloaded every iPod updater and iSight updater since May 2004. My 60GB hard drive is almost full, so I've been looking for ways to clean up space, including deleting extraneous photos and music I don't need.

When looking through my Applications folder, I saw all the iPod Updaters. For kicks, I checked to see how much space the folder was using, and was shocked to find it was well over 600MB!

I deleted all but the most recent version of iPod Updater in that folder, and the same for the iSight Updater, and now my hard disk has much more room.

[kirkmc adds: While many people know that you can "ignore" an update in Software by selecting it and pressing the Delete key, I'm sure many others aren't aware of this, and end up downloading all these iPod and iSight updates. (There also may be other updates you don't need, such as Bluetooth and AirPort.) You can reset these ignored updates from the Software Update application (not the preference pane), so if you do need these updates at a later time you can do so. However, it might be a good thing to hold on to the two latest iPod Updaters, just in case you have a problem and need to downgrade your iPod.]
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Delete updaters and save disk space
Authored by: c8h10n4o2 on Apr 24, '06 11:22:24AM

In case people don't know, Software Update puts the iPod and iSight Updaters into the 'Utilities' folder in the 'Applications' folder.

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Delete updaters and save disk space
Authored by: Brontojoris on Apr 24, '06 08:06:30PM

You may also want to delete files you don't need anymore from /Library/Packages

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other ways to save disk space
Authored by: McBainLives on Apr 25, '06 07:49:21AM

I've found that significant amounts of disk space can be recovered by eliminating unnecessary language resources (with the added advantage of reducing the number of individual files on your Mac). On a factory-fresh 10.4 install, I once recovered 1.2GB using "Monolingual" (freeware) to strip out all languages except English, American English, and British English. Really- how many times are you gonna read the Dutch version of the iTunes help files? Note that you'll need to run Monolingual again in the future, because OS and application updates will just put the localization files right back.
If you're really serious about freeing up space, don't forget all of the extra printer drivers that you don't need- Print Setup Repair (shareware, worth the $$) can handle that, though it only removes by manufacturer- it doesn't let you strip out, say, Lexmark inkjets when you only need a single Lexmark laser driver. Some of the standard driver sets in OS X take up 100's of MB's (think HP and Epson).

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other ways to save disk space
Authored by: tidjj on Apr 27, '06 11:04:28AM
Take a look to /Library/Receipts too

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Authored by: tidjj on Apr 27, '06 11:05:42AM
Take a look to /Library/Receipts too

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