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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP Site News
I've posted a poll concerning the new solutions that allow easy use of Windows XP on Intel-based Macs. I'm curious about what impact, if any, the ability to run Windows on Mac hardware has had on your buying plans for the Intel-powered machines.

The results might be interesting, especially if there are some non-Mac owners who browse here occasionally.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP | 26 comments | Create New Account
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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: wgscott on Apr 15, '06 07:12:28AM

I bought an iMac 24 hours before the dual boot program appeared. I would never dual boot, but when Parallels appeared, I immediately downloaded that and installed Ubuntu Linux as a proof of principle (I don't own a Windows disk).

I am hoping Wine will be developed (Darwine) to the point where I could run childrens games in OS X without having to run the Windows operating system.

For me it is a party trick, but the ability to install any i386 operating system on a virtual disk is invaluable for software developing and testing.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: g-man on Apr 15, '06 07:28:17AM

The only reason that I would run Windose is because my Office uses WordPerfect as its primary wordprossessor. However, I too would much rather uses a Darwine solution. Alternatively, does a descent job rendering WordPerfect docs. There is not yet a version of NeoOffice for the intel platform.

I don't currently have a Windows license and I am not anxious to run out and get one. I have tried Parallels and I believe that it has quite a bit of promise. However, I had at least two kernal panics while I was using it. I think that I will wait until it is in final release.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: chalfont269 on Apr 15, '06 09:09:29AM

Many law schools often require students to use a Windows machine for compatability with their test taking software. They explicitly forbid emulators such as Virtual PC.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: the_argonaut on Apr 15, '06 09:42:49AM

If your law school uses Examsoft (as does mine), rumor has it they are working on releasing a Mac version next year. Still, in lieu of a Mac version, it would have been nice to have something like Boot Camp the last 3 years.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: OpticDisc on Apr 15, '06 10:35:02AM

I just bought a new mac last year. It isn't a macintel. I buy macs because they are what I need. I've never needed windows, never see a time when I WOULD use windows either.

I'm finding this interesting from an outsiders perpective however.. I'm finding that this integration of windows in Leopard interesting, but for me, it's nothing but Bloatware for the OS. I'll probably think twice about buying leopard now, since it's adding features I will never need or use on my G5 iMac

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Poll Notifications by RSS
Authored by: bedouin on Apr 15, '06 10:36:09AM

Please keep posting new polls as a story so they can get the attention of us RSS readers. Thanks!

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Poll Notifications by RSS
Authored by: dta69 on Apr 15, '06 11:47:15AM

Please STOP posting polls as a story so my RSS reader DOES NOT pick it up. Thanks.

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Poll Notifications by RSS
Authored by: sjk on Apr 15, '06 12:53:31PM

Good grief, are you serious? Hard to believe an occasional one "extra" headline in an RSS feed would bother anyone. Just ignore it, which is part of the point of using a feed reader in the first place!

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Poll Notifications by RSS
Authored by: robg on Apr 15, '06 07:32:33PM

I only started *adding* them as stories because I was told, by many readers, that they only read Hints via RSS and hence missed the opportunity to vote in polls, which they wanted to have.

So now, about once every two to three weeks, there is indeed one extra story in the RSS feed. But it's going to stay that way, as I've had mostly positive feedback about it since starting a few months ago.


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Loving life in Bizarro World
Authored by: macslut on Apr 15, '06 10:48:48AM
I haven't had a chance to comment here in a while. I started a new job about a month ago (I can't disclose where). I usually tell potential employers that I'm platform agnostic, but once in the door, let them know that I prefer Macs. This time, the CTO and the Sys Admin were both Mac users and offered me up a Mac. Oddly, some of the production people I would be working with insisted that I needed a PC because there was (of all things) audio software that they wanted me to use that was Windows only.

Oddly enough, there was an excellent piece of audio software that was Windows only that was very well suited for our production needs.

As the OnMac contest was starting to show results, I delayed my purchase until the hack was released. I bought a new MacBook Pro 2GHz. Hacked it to run Windows that weekend, followed by doing it with Boot Camp the following weekend. The audio software I need to run works wonderfully well in BootCamp and in Parallels VM. I've had no problems whatsoever with it, as compared to the more expensive and brand new Windows Media Center PC I was using until I got the Mac. In fact, this MacBook Pro is the fastest and most problem-free Windows PC I've ever used. I think the problem-free aspect of it comes from it not being loaded with pc vendor crapware and a buttload of conflicting drivers.

As a result of seeing how great the MacBook is, others in my office have switched and now this is pretty much the standard issue machine for the company.

Well, I could write more praises for my MacBook, but I'm about to reboot so I can get me some Grand Theft Auto action...did I mention that games run incredibly well?

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: e:leaf on Apr 15, '06 06:52:04PM
I simply have no need to run Windows. Just about everything I use is OS X only software and since my switch in 2003, I haven't had the need to run Windows. Ever. I have never said, "Gosh I wish that I had a PC so that I can run 'that one app.'" I have found that, although there are many Windows-only software programs, OS X almost always has an alternative which will perform the same task as said windows-only program. To make a long story short, I won't touch Windows with a 10 foot pole. Not even for games. That's what consoles are for.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: budGibson on Apr 15, '06 07:32:29PM

As many here have pointed out, I use a mac because I like it. However, my recent decision to get a macbook was based almost entirely on its ability to run multiple OSs and in particular windows. It seemed worth it to put up with rosetta if I can gain a new level of compatibility with windows when I need it, particularly if it means not having to buy two machines.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: murph on Apr 15, '06 09:26:03PM

Seems to me that anyone who has purchased Virtual PC and used it will be a happier camper now with the arrival of Intel-based Macs. I don't know what percentage of the Mac user base actually uses VPC, but I suspect it isn't that large.

Regardless of the path, dual-boot or virtual, you take to Windows nirvana on Mac hardware, there was an interesting topic on Slashdot recently asking Windows users to chime in on what cool, interesting, killer Windows software they would recommend for a soon-to-be dual-boot camper. For all of the hype we've heard for years about how much more software is available for Windows than Mac, amazingly there were hardly any responses beyond the usual anti-virus/trojan/spyware/firewall utilities. And the few recommendations that didn't fall into the security category weren't exactly rising to the definition of "cool, interesting, killer."

Arguably, there are some games, and of course so-called "vertical market" corporate applications where usage (and users) are narrowly defined insofar as the appeal of Windows on Mac is concerned. But I think the majority of average Mac users really don't care. There may be an initial curiosity from some users over time as Intel-based Macs begin to significantly penetrate the market, but at least as of today running Windows just doesn't offer any significant benefit when the rubber meets the road, and in a dual-boot config, the all-too-familiar downsides of running Windows natively loom large.

But for now, let the tech press enjoy it's tempest in a teapot.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: smpdigital on Apr 16, '06 04:31:55AM

I'm a graphic designer (unsurprisingly many Mac users are) and yet most fail to recognize that graphic designers, especially web/multimedia developers need a windows box as a testing machine, I wouldn't dare to deliver a website to a client without testing it on at least IE6 and Firefox for windows beforehand, and the same goes to CDs/DVDs. More specifically, I work for many real state developers and they have a fixation with AutoCAD and Corel, AutoCAD is running great on Parallels Workstation and Corel works better on windows than in Mac OS X, I have that POS, I rather use freehando and love to work on Illustrator, but what can I do and for format conversion is not that frustrating.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: figz on Apr 17, '06 11:41:19AM

There is a cool extension for FireFox that lets you see how your page will look in IE without opening IE.
Hope that helps!

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: n1mie on Apr 16, '06 05:09:31AM

There are some good reasons for having the ability to use Windows when you need it. Unfortunately Boot Camp is only a partial solution since you still need to fork out $199 for XP.

My reason for needing XP is simple. As an Amateur Radio Operator I find most of the software available is written exclusively for the PC. I can develop my own in some cases, but that's a lot of hard work. Sometimes the best answer is to run someone elses software, and that sometimes means having a PC. With an Intel Mac that means not having to have another machine dedicated for the purpose. THAT is an elegant solution!


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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: DocArtemis on Apr 17, '06 04:36:00PM

I don't know if being able to run Windows will bring PC users to the Mac but it is great for those of us who love Macs but are stuck needing Windows.

I am a physician and one of the issues I face are that most medical software is not available for the Mac. For instance, today I had to do some on-line "education" that was so poorly designed that it was not platform neutral. I ended up running it in Explorer (it wouldn't run in Firefox either!) on an old laptop, but I could have run it using Bootcamp. I do not think Parallels is reliable enough yet though my husband has pre-purchased it.

The other issue, which I have seen mentioned, is syncing to Pocket PCs and other Windows Mobile devices. I know their are programs like Missing Sync that are supposed to solve this dilemma but so far I have been disappointed in their reliability.

The problem with Bootcamp is that when you are booted up in Windows the rest of your Mac is inaccessible. I think that in the long run virtualization will be the best solution with the possible exception of Gaming.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: pstm13 on Apr 29, '06 07:46:11AM

I just ordered a Power Mac Pro 15 in 18.because my pc notebook is very unreliable ( HP Pavilion dv 1000). I chose the new Mac because I use encrypted e-mail tools for work that only support MS XP. At the same time I need something that "just works." I asked several egg heads and Apple came up over and over again as the lightning fast bullet proof brand. I hope the Mac lives up to its reputation.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: pstm13 on Apr 29, '06 07:52:09AM

Sorry, it s a Mac Book Pro 1.83 Ghz

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: pstm13 on May 01, '06 07:47:54PM

I just got my new Apple "MaXP". It works great. I have never used a Mac before and was impressed from the second I opened the box. It was very fast and easy to use. After setting it up I went to work and used Windows XP on my pc desktop. Man...that was a drag. I got it from Dell a few days before the Mac. It had all the pop up crap and add on software that dragged down the performance (AOL, Norton, Corell, and so on). Also, it gave error messages the first time I shut it down and continues to display several each session. The Mac is such a sharp contrast to all other Windows based computers I have used. My guess is that a lot of us who never thought if getting a Mac due to software issues will make the switch and convert to the Apple OS and just keep the XP as a Swiss Army Knife kinda thing when needed. In conclusion, all you XP users go out and get a MacBook Pro, order Windows XP off of e-bay, load your "must have"programs, and use the Mac for the other 90% of time you use the computer. Trust me...I used to get pissed when an Apple nut would start talking
endlessly about how Macs are all that. Now I know what they are talking about.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: rayharder on May 01, '06 10:45:48PM

I bought a Mac in 1984 and a Windows machine in late 85 and have bought new high end Macs and WinTel machines about every other year since. I have used and purchased almost every kind of software imaginable for an unbelievable range of tasks over the years, but when all is said and done, I hate Windows and love Macs. I have used them head to head for years and sometimes Windows is absolutely necessary and sometime even better/easier/more productive, but I can accomplish more with a Mac. I have used Virtual PC extensively when I was carrying only one machine and needed Windows occasionally, but it was always so slow for anything major that it was fairly useless. I just got a MacBook Pro and loaded BootCamp and XP on it and....


I spent the last 48 hours trying to break it (through normal use) and nothing failed. The Windows is fast and pure (I agree with the comment that it is nice to have a pure Windows environment without a bunch of vendor added drivers for crap I don't need!).

I see this as very useful in training facilities and education sites (Kindergarten to University). That together with getting gamers on board will lead to more serious and hardcore computer users running Macs. It is hard to say if more people will use Macs when they see them head to head. Usually, they will use one for certain tasks and the other for others according to their experience, needs, and comfort level. I don't see that changing with a dual OS system. They will word process on whichever one they learned and will stick to it as long as it meets their needs. This is true of all software. I don't see busy people just trying out stuff. I also don't see gamers and such buying a whole new set of software and moving from their comfortable haunts....

I think new and home users will be strongly persuaded to use the new Macs. People who are Mac addicts at heart and forced to use a Mac at work or school will jump all over this. I predict big profits for Apple for about a year. After that, who knows....? It's up to Apple if they can keep pulling off miracles. OS X, XP, Unix, and Intel. Defintely a miracle! Repeatable? Hard to say....

They did it with the first Macs, PageMaker, HyperCard, Photoshop, OS 7, built-in scripting, Remote events, early TCP/IP stacks, OS X, and Intel, why not continue the tradition....? (I know Apple was saved by others with several of those products, but you get my point...)


Make music...
...and work at it!


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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: stephenlambeth on May 01, '06 11:10:15PM

I am 27 and have grown up using Windows machines. In the past, the Macintosh was not practical because all of my software was purchased on my Windows machine and I didn't want to have to purchase the Mac equivilent or work on two different computers.

This in combination of the higher price of the Mac and the lack of knowledge I had concerning OSX discouraged me from buying a Mac. It was a mystery machine. How would I know that I would like it or be able to use it well? What if I needed to perform a function like a screen capture using "print screen" on the would I do that on a Mac? What is the Mac equivilent of msconfig, regedit, or ipconfig? How do I renew/release the DHCP in a Mac? SOOOOO many questions, and so much money to pay to be so uncertain.

But with Windows as a safety net...I can learn while I work and still have something familiar if things get tough. Also, that $2K Adobe Software Suite along with that $1800 Macromedia Software Suite that I just bought for Windows won't be a total waste of money

Ohhh yeah, and did I mention that all of my database information is in MS Access? Try to get that to run on a Mac. I know I could transfer it to a Mac compatible database...but that's a ton of information, and who wants that headache.

Moving to Intel and supporting Windows was a ingenius move by Steve Jobs. If his goal was to sell more hardware, he's got this 17 year Windows Veteran on board...hell, I may even buy some stock in Apple.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: pstm13 on May 02, '06 09:45:58PM

I am writing this on a Mac w/ XP. I thought that I would share some tips:

1. Get ready to spend a good hour burning a driver cd, loading XP, and so on. It is preatty straight forward. You just download the boot camp, update your firm ware, and click the boot camp button. An hour or so later you are pushing the alt button and choosing your OS.

2. Get the Mac with the large hard drive. This is because your hard drive will be divided between two systems with all the software that goes with them. Once you divide it you can't move between them unless you shut down.

3. Don't be afraid of Apple's OS. It is VERY easy to use. Once you get the hang of it you will prefer it to XP. I use the XP at work and Mac OS at home.

4. Try using an application/ file transfer program (I didn't do it but some may need to). This way you don't use up a copy of your programs like Adobe that limit the number of installs. Cnet had one they reviewed that you might check out but I can't vouch for it cus I didn't use one.

5. Get a wireless mouse (or just use the one you have). The Mac only has one button. Good luck right clicking.

6. Look in to buying AAPL stock. My guess is that the Mac's market share will triple in the next two years due to all the XP burnouts looking for an alternative (like me). I bought AAPL stock a few weeks ago and made enough scratch to cover my new Macbook Pro as it is up 7.46% since I made the investment. Also, their 3rd quarter is set to be a big one due to the new iPods coming out (accourding to Jim Cramer the Mad Money dude). But don't blame me if you loose your shirt.

Over all, I love this thing. If you are using XP and need a new outfit I highly recommend the new Macbook Pro. It is as good or better then any other notebook on the market. Plus you have the universal appeal that no other product can match.

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: xeroply on May 07, '06 01:43:23PM

Between VirtualPC on on a PowerMac Dual 866 and an aging Dell laptop, I can do the work I need on Windows (handling after-hours tech support calls for an all-Windows office and testing web or print layouts in Windows apps) and spend most of my time in OS X.

I've been intending to buy a new laptop (currently don't have anything portable with WiFi on it), but was hesitating on whether a Mac laptop could completely replace the Dell. On the other hand, a Windows laptop would be less compatible with the existing data on the PowerMac, not to mention less compatible with my preferred workflow.

Now with Boot Camp, a Mac is clearly the best choice because it will be comfortable in both worlds! I'm just waiting to see what Apple comes out with for the Intel version of the iBook...

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New poll posted on Intel Macs and Windows XP
Authored by: Pain_Man on May 13, '06 01:23:07PM

When I first heard, in 1998!, that Apple would be porting to Intel hardware I was excited. Being no platform bigot, I started with a MacPlus in '85 for the high school newspaper (9in screen, no hdd, etc; it had the best keyboard I've ever used, I've never found anything like the feel of that ancient keyboard).

Mom bought me my first PC around the same time. I had actually wanted a Mac, but she insisted she have the same computer at home as she had at work, so there you go. No Mac for Pain_Man.

I used the Mac again at work in 97-98. And several times in between those years.

Thus I was happy that Apple would start to use Intel hardware. 8 yrs later its finally happened.

I was happy because I thought it would mean sky-high Mac prices--the absurdly high prices, imo, is one of the biggest barriers to Apple's taking market share from Microsoft--would come down and we'd see a real alternative to Apple for those of us unwilling, or unable, to pay the Apple premium.

No dice. The Intel Duo machines still start at the same price as the PPC machines: 2 grand.

For 2 grand I can get so MUCH more hardware bang for my buck that I really see no choice. I can't spend $2K on a Mac when the same $2K will get me a vastly more powerful and robust Windows PC.

At first the mini-Mac looked promising, but it's little more than a toy.

With the advent of a working dual boot system, the thousands of dollars in Windows software I have would finally be useable on a Mac (tho' I'm curious as to why Redmond hasn't demanded reciprocity for the Mac OS; fathoming the ways of Redmond is good way to get a migraine).

The price is still the barrier. When I replace my current PC, it won't be with an Intel Mac. I just can't justify the cost to myself, let alone to my wife.

So I'm disappointed that Apple's once again shot itself in the foot. Another chance to actually expand marketshare is ignored to catering to what is essentially a niche base.

It's really, really too bad. Cupertino could have done the entire computing world a HUGE favor by actually competing with Microsoft Windows. A serious competitor--which, for obvious reasons Linux will never be-- could only help everone. A rise to even 10% marketshare by Apple would force Microsoft to finally take Quality Control seriously.

Sadly, the Apple Arrogance Complex has prevailed again over good business.

Once the iPod fad fades--as it inevitably will--Apple will once again be in heap big trouble.

Competition, SERIOIUS competition is the only thing that's going to spur Lord Bill to make his operation serious about releasing finsihed software, instead of disguised betas forcing the public to find and fix the bugs in his OS.


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Disable your Windows networking
Authored by: candiceb on May 15, '06 09:18:32AM

I always loved Macs and have found PCs just bearable, but now that my top-of-the-line Dell choked on spyward undetected by two programs (I didn't use Explorer, barely went online with it after I got my PowerBook G4 two years ago, which is one of my favorite Macs ever, McAfee Virus scans never showed anything, and I used XP Firewall)...the only good thing was that I didn't have to buy another PC, and I had my photos and music on my PowerBook--and I bought the iMac 20-inch that I wanted sooner rather than later. Steve Jobs said at the Apple Shareholder's meeting two weeks ago that Microsoft people were running XP and Vista on MacPros. With Bootcamp I have Windows running on it faster and more elegantly than on the Dell with all the added options to buy for features I expect in a Mac, and am never letting it go online (I have all of the networking disabled)--Control Panel, Neworking, right-click > Disable). I won't need the Windows updates for security if I stay offline with it. I bought an Airport Extreme to replace my Linksys router and was able to get WPA 2 security effortlessly. When I have to transfer anything to Windows from the internet, I use the Mac side and move it to the Windows HD icon. I really did need to buy another copy of Windows XP because mine was SP1, and even though I was able to reboot after reinstalling and wiping out everything on the PC, I couldn't even download Service Pack 2 because of some program coming in and wiping out my networking drivers. The second time, my floppy disk driver went, too. I've read how I can create a single disk but that was after the fact (and I had wasted an entire weekend). I would never use anything related to Windows if I didn't have a few programs that I have to use for work purposes. I hate to have the shoddy software on my beautiful iMac but wouldn't have been able to have it right now if it didn't run Windows.

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