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Use the Dell DJ Ditty with OS X System
So I'm sure that some of you have Dell DJ Ditty MP3 players by now. Mine was given to me, but I'd like to make it useful. The problem is that according to Dell, it doesn't work with OS X. At all. Actually, I think it works easier with OS X than Windoze, and here's how:

Plug it into a USB port (must be powered). Look for the external drive that mounts in the Finder -- mine was called 'Untitled.' Put your music files here: Untitled/Music/Artist/Album/, then eject the disk. (Replace Artist and Album with the proper values for the music you're transferring, of course.)

Make sure you use MP3s. I thought this didn't work at first, because I used AAC files, which the Dell does not support.
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Use the Dell DJ Ditty with OS X
Authored by: robarmo on Apr 14, '06 08:13:59AM

If you own a non-iPod music player, use an application like SyncTunes or iTuneSEnabler that can sync iTunes playlists to any removable media. They'll take care of the correct folder structure and converting AAC to MP3 on the fly etc.

I use them to transfer music to my SE k750i.


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Use the Dell DJ Ditty with OS X
Authored by: ctapley on Apr 14, '06 09:03:51AM

I use another solution to this issue.
I have a TDK MOJO MP3 player and had a lot of trouble with it under os 9.x. I decided that the onboard flash card (SD) was really the answer I was looking for. I found a SD card reader from MediaGear for around 6 bucks. It was intended to take an SD card and install it permanently to turn it into a USB memory stick. Turns out the plastic cover on top is so easy to pop on and off that I use it regularly as a reader now. So uploading new music to my mp3 player for me is a matter of popping the SD card out of the player and into the reader, then uploading as I would to any other memory stick.
Just another possibility to consider…

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Use the Dell DJ Ditty with OS X
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 14, '06 10:30:53AM
Addendum: Those programs will convert non-DRMed AAC files. Any AAC files with DRM (e.g. any iTMS-purchased music) will not work, period.

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Use the Dell DJ Ditty with OS X
Authored by: moofie on Apr 15, '06 12:23:04PM

Eww. What for?

Why yes! I AM a rocket scientist!

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Use the Dell DJ Ditty with OS X
Authored by: Oops on Apr 17, '06 11:26:23AM
As John Gruber said: Rhymes with Ditty

This post is not meant to pick on anyone or anything, I just thought what John Gruber said was funny. I really don't care what devices people buy. I've never seen or used one so I can't really have a personal opinion about it.

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