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Read webmail in local email client with MacFreePOPs Internet
Although many tips exist about getting Hotmail mail into your email client, using the HTTP Mail Plugin didn't work for me, because my account with Hotmail was too recent, and paying this external service didn't make me happy. Although a solution called hotwayd is available, it is for advanced computer users, so here is my solution for normal people. Also, you can use any webmail service that don't offer POP as a free option, like Yahoo or FastMail (I think), with this solution.

First, you have to download the free utility MacFreePOPs, part of an open-source project. Open MacFreePOPs and click 'Start freepopsd server.' If I understand correctly, MacFreePOPs does the same thing as hotwayd: it emulates a POP3 server.

Next, go the your preferred email client (I use Apple's Mail), and create a new POP account. Provide your normal username and password, but for the Incoming Mail Server field, type the red number that appears at the bottom of the MacFreePOPs window. For your Outgoing Mail Server, you'll have to use something else (I use my ISP's SMTP server). When you're done, locate the Port Number field in the Advanced tab (in, and replace 110 with 2000. If all went well, you should receive your webmail in your email client!

About the server: according to my experience, you can quit MacFreePOPs with the server running and it'll continue working. If you log out and log in again, it should still be running (even though MacFreePOPs won't be open). However, if you shut down your computer and open it again, you will have to open MacFreePOPs and start the server again. That's why you might want to include it in your login items.
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FreePOPs -> Fetchmail -> Postfix
Authored by: jecwobble on Apr 14, '06 08:21:29AM

I've been using FreePOPs (not the MacFreePOPs app) to pull mail from Yahoo and NetZero. I have Fectchmail configured to kick off the pull along with pulling my my Cox Cable account, which is delivered to Postfix. I have imapd running to serve up the aggregated emails which I can access via SquirrelMail from anywhere.

That may not be the "technical" flow of it all as I'm the "set it and forget it" kind of person and don't remember all the work that went in to it. But I allows me to check and send email from at home or from the web anywhere else, including work which blocks all mail services.

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Read webmail in local email client with MacFreePOPs
Authored by: lynxie on Apr 15, '06 07:22:11AM
You can also use Mr.Postman.
Mr.Postman is Java so it may be a little slower, but I find that Mr.Postman handles my Yahoo mail better.

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Read webmail in local email client with MacFreePOPs
Authored by: Bedhead on Apr 21, '06 05:50:37AM

Mr. Postman also allows sending mail. MacFreePops does not (as far as I could tell from trying it)

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Read webmail in local email client with MacFreePOPs
Authored by: shadownight on Jun 26, '06 06:35:36AM

IMPORTANT: To everyone using this with Hotmail, you might need to update FreePOPs to 0.0.99 for it to work. To know your version, just look at MacFreePOPs' window's title. If you don't have 0.0.99, just click the "Updates available" square button below the "Start freepopsd server" button and install the update. Enjoy!

Oh, and to the person that said MFP can't send mail: you're right, and a solution is to use your ISP's STMP server, the one you use to send mail with your regular address from your ISP.

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Read webmail in local email client with MacFreePOPs
Authored by: macuser74 on Sep 18, '06 09:24:49AM

I did all what you said but when I clcik on get mail I keep getting the password window telling me that the server rejected the password . I enter the password and it keeps popping back. any suggestions please?

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Fix the window asking you for passwords in Mail when using MacFreePOPs
Authored by: shadownight on Sep 20, '06 04:51:42PM
A solution I discovered is that updating your plug-in for the service you are using (say, Yahoo or Hotmail). You can download the latest version:

Download the file. If it opens in your browser instead, open the Downloads window and drag the link from the address bar in. Open MFP (MacFreePOPs). Click the Extra Options disclosure triangle, and click the Plug-Ins tab. Click "Show Plug-Ins Folder". Quit MFP. Go to Finder and drag the downloaded file into the folder MFP openend, and click Replace when prompted. Open MFP and try again.

If you're lucky, everything should work. If it doesn't, check back some time to see if a new version of the plug-in. The next version of MFP will have automatic plug-in updating. Yes!

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