Make the OS X Color Picker into an application

Apr 13, '06 06:46:00AM

Contributed by: Echidna

I've always enjoyed OS X's color picker. It's a marvelous way to choose colors within an app that uses it. But therein lies the problem: some applications don't make use of it. This becomes more of a problem with web development. I often end up opening some other app that makes use of the color picker to choose the colors I want on my webpage.

Thanks to Chris for this post on his blog, I have finally found an easy way to break it out into its own app. Simply fire up AppleScript (Applications -> AppleScript Editor) and enter this text:

choose color
Now, save it as an application (File -> Save As, and set the File Format pop-up to Application), and you're done! I copied the icon from the Digital Color Meter onto it to pretty it up. Add in the free HEXColorPicker from Lucky Software, and you've got everything a web developer might need to pick colors in any app.

[robg adds: As a final step, you might wish to assign a hotkey to your new simple application, making it truly trivial to access from any application. You can do this using Butler, QuicKeys X, etc.]

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