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Avoid certain characters in networked printer names Network
I recently had to purchase a new printer, and so I took time to choose one to network. I chose an HP Deskjet 5940. The box said it was compatable with both OS X and XP, and the documentation inside claimed it could be shared on any network.

But I could not convince the iBook and the XP machine to share the printer with each other. Apple said it was the router (D-Link); D-Link said it was the printer (HP); and they said it was my AirPort!

After several weeks of research, I discovered that a Mac quirk with OS X and XP is that OS X will not recognize printer names that have special characters in them (like spaces, underscores, dashes, etc.). This little piece of information would have saved me hours and hours on the phone to the various tech support groups.
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Going to have to go with "Well Duh"
Authored by: ash7 on Apr 12, '06 09:24:55AM

This is documented, and a link to the appropriate documentation would have been MORE helpful than "don't use weird stuff."

Apple and/or Samba guys fixing this would be the MOST helpful...

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Going to have to go with "Well Duh"
Authored by: Norman_peterson@ on Apr 12, '06 10:56:12AM

I'm not sure this is correct. We have a number of printers with underscores, dashes, and spaces.
For instance:

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Avoid certain characters in networked printer names
Authored by: Reddog on Apr 12, '06 10:25:47AM
From the above Apple support document: The following are not special characters and are OK to use in the printer name, Windows computer name, Windows user name, and Windows user password: A a B b C c D d E e F f G g H h I i J j K k L l M m N n O o P p Q q R r S s T t U u V v W w X x Y y Z z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 . ! $ * ( ) _ + - ' ....I see a dash & an underscore in there! Pat

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Avoid certain characters in networked printer names
Authored by: jforjan on Apr 12, '06 11:26:46AM

Is there a difference between the (-) character next to the delete key and the (-) character on the keypad and is there a difference in using a Mac k/b and Windows k/b ??

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Also when sharing files on .Mac
Authored by: Scripter12 on Apr 12, '06 11:00:34AM

Slightly off topic, I've found similar problems when trying to share files on .Mac. I didn't take the time to figure out which were the offenders. I had a long name with spaces that I could download on OS X but not on windows. Shortening that name to all letters with no spaces fixed that problem.

Probably reported elsewhere, just FYI.

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when moving files...
Authored by: torchstar on Apr 14, '06 03:47:22AM

Hey there!

I was just looking up a network thing- Apple Remote Events- and stumbled upon your forum note. I found that my Buffalo 250Mb network storage drive, which is Airport friendly, has a Windows quirk.

There is not as much liberty in the naming of files. On my Powerbook running 10.4.6, file names can have spaces, apostrophes, infinity symbols, ANYTHING I want for more than 20 spaces.

This is not the case with the Buffalo drive! When I go to back up stuff to my network drive, I get an error dialog box if the file name is too long or has some forbidden symbol. I can not put the file on the Buffalo unless I "repair" the file's name. The transfer process stops until I personally respond.

There's one acception however. My old gigabit ethernet Titanium Powerbook, which booted in OS 9, made this file name issue easier.
When booted up on 9, when transferring the files to the Buffalo, if the filename was not OK with the Buffalo drive, OS9 automatically re-named it. No dialog boxes needed! I could walk away while my file transfer of the moment whizzed along.

I wish I could figure out a way to have that happen on my current Powerbook, which does not boot into OS9.

Got any ideas??


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Avoid certain characters in networked printer names
Authored by: cdyer on Apr 13, '06 04:30:11AM

I have a printer on my network which has a dash in its name, a Brother HL-2040N. OS X picks it up just fine. Perhaps other characters may give problems, but dashes certainly don't. Not with Brothers, anyway. I'd believe almost anything about HPs.

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