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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G Network
After many hours, phone calls, and profanities, I am printing wirelessly using a Linksys WPS54G Print Server. I am printing from a Powerbook G4 running Mac OSX 10.4.5 to an Epson Stylus Photo R320. Here's what worked for me:

Ensure your existing wireless network is operational, i.e. router connected/functional, and computer AirPort card turned on. Plug the Print Server power adapter into the wall outlet. Attach power input to Print Server and wait for power led to glow. Attach printer USB cable to printer input and opposing cable end to Print Server USB port. Wait for USB led and Wireless led to glow.

On your computer, open your Web browser and log into your Print Server. For this application (WPS54G), in the address bar type A login window will appear. Leave "Log In Name" blank and in the password field, type the word admin

Once inside the Print Server, you may see your Print Server's name. It probably corresponds with the Print Server model number, in this case WPS54G (write down the name of your print server).

From the Print Server on screen menu, select Protocol from the menu.

Inside Protocol, click "Use the following IP Address." To keep things simple, in the IP Address field enter an IP whose first seven digits match your computer's IP, ex 192.168.0.XX. Change the last to numbers to anything you like other than what your computer is using, ex, .78. (write down the Printer Server IP Address). In the Subnet Mask field, enter In the Gateway field, enter your router's IP (this can be found by opening System Prefs, choosing Network. In the "Show" drop down menu select AirPort. With the AirPort window open, click TCP/IP, and you'll see your IP addresses).

Once your Print Server IP, Subnet and Gateway info are input, click Save.

Back to your Print Server web browser, select "Wireless" from the on-screen menu. Click the Basic tab, and you'll see the SSID field. Enter the name of your wireless network in the SSID field. You can see the name of your network by clicking the AirPort tab in you computer's menu bar. Type the name exactly and click Save. Now you can exit the Print Server browser.

On your Mac, open System Preferences and select Print & Fax. Click on the "+" icon (lower left) to add a printer. Click on the IP Printer icon (top). Select "Line Printer Daemon – LPD" and do the following:
  • In the Address field, enter the IP address of the Print Server (you wrote it down).
  • In the Queue field, enter L1.
  • In the Name field, enter L1.
  • Select the printer manufacturer from the pull down menu.
  • Select the printer model from the scroll box (if you are using the R320 you can use the GIMP-R300 driver).
  • Click "Add".
A window should appear showing your newly added printer "L1". Click L1 once to select it. Then click "Printer Setup" (middle right). The Printer Setup window will open. Click on the "Installable Options" pulldown menu and select "Name & Location". The Name and Location window will open. Do the following:
  • Change Printer Name to the IP address of Print Server (you wrote it down)
  • Change Location to IP_[ip of WPS54G]P1 (replace WPS54G with the name of your Print Server - you wrote it down).
  • Click on Apply Changes.
The Mac is now ready to print. Well, it worked for me anyhow. I hope this helps someone. Wireless networking can be a pain, but then again, so can wires.
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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: niall2 on Apr 10, '06 08:07:33AM

Just wanted to add that this works with the HP printer drivers as well.

Once you assign the static IP to the wireless print server, click Add in the printer utility and then click the IP Printer option and select the HP Jet Direct - Socket protocol. Then click the More Printer button at the bottom. Select the Manual tab in the preference pane that is displayed and enter the IP and click Connect. Once things are set, then click Add. This should give you the drivers for the HP printer from HP using their socket comm (this worked for my HP 5550C).

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: Tomnibus on Apr 10, '06 08:17:36AM

I have found that MANY Printers are not supported in the GIMP-Print drivers and if they are in there the printing options and output is crap.

Network Print-servers on OS X Sucks Bigtime. Unless you're using Apple's Airport/Airport Express with their "Bonjour" hack to share your printer on the network.

Well, that and a printer that actually has Network drivers.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: on Apr 10, '06 11:36:46AM

I recently pulled out my hair out, too, trying to get a Canon printer to work. I posted my story on Apple's forums to help others -- I should have done it here, also. Here it is.


Canon PIXMA iP5200 printer
Linksys WPS54G PrintServer
AmbiCom WBP-KIT Wireless Bluetooth Printer Kit
PrintFab CUP drivers

I'm posting this because I spent many hours and several support phone calls to get my printer to work wirelessly, and it might save other people some work. The USB printer driver that comes with many Canon printers are only good for a direct USB connection. Otherwise, you need to use the CUPS drivers from PrintFab (see below for links).

Configuration 1 (via Linksys Wireless Printer Server)

1. Connect the Linksys PrintServer via Ethernet cable (wired). Cycle power on the Linksys. You need to cycle the power every time you want to change from wired to wireless or vice versa.

2. Use your browser (e.g., Safari) to connect to the PrintServer at IP address (or whatever DHCP address your router likely offered). If you cannot find or guess at the IP address, try using the WakeOnLan application (see to identify the address that was assigned. This may take some trial and error and many visits to your router's setup screens.

3. Once you have accessed your PrintServer's setup screens, set a fixed IP address (e.g., in the PrintServer (use the Protocol tab). After making any changes, be sure to save your settings using the "Save" button(s) on the setup screen(s). (If you are happy using a wired connection and don't need the wireless capabilities, skip to step 7.)

4. On the Wireless, Basic tab, set the SSID to match your wireless network name. E.g., "Apple Network." Save.

5. On the Wireless, Security tab, set the passphrase. If you are using an Airport, you might have to fetch the WEP equivalent password (10 hex digits) from the Airport Admin Utility. If you are using an old Airport (Graphite) with 40-bit WEP, select the 64-bit WEP security mode in the PrintServer, and enter the hex password in Key 1. Select "Shared Key" authentication. Save.

6. Disconnect the wired Ethernet from the PrintServer and power cycle the PrintServer. You should now be able to connect wirelessly to the PrintServer setup screen using your browser (be sure to use the new IP address, if you changed it, above).

7. Connect the PrintServer to your printer using a USB cable. The PrintServer Status, Printer tab should show your printer info. The "Print Test Page" might or might not work. An alternate way to print a test page is to push the PrintServer reset button for 5 seconds. Again, it might not print, depending on the printer (it doesn't with the Canon iP5200).

8. If you get stuck or need to start over, you can restore the PrintServer's default settings by holding down the reset button for 5 seconds (using a paper clip) while plugging in the power. This requires the use of three hands.

9. Using Apple Printer Setup Utility, Add, IP Printer, a new printer, select Line Printer Daemon - LPD, enter the PrintServer's IP address (e.g.,, and "PRINTSERVER" for the Queue. Select the printer's driver from the Print Using list. My printer didn't have a Gimp driver (CUPS), nor did (free). I got a new CUPS driver from ZEDOnet ($50) for the Canon iP5000. It works fine (except for a minor bug in v2.0 when using "grayscale" and "inket" paper -- they will be fixing that.)

10. The Canon iP5200 printer has four color ink cartridges (including photo black), and one pigmented black for text documents. PrintFab offers many settings, but it's not obvious how to force the use of pigmented black only (saving the color inks), you must specify "grayscale" and "plain" paper. A future release might have a setting to force pigmented black regardless of paper type.

Configuration 2 (via Bluetooth)

1. Connect the Wireless Bluetooth Printer Kit to the printer. If your Mac does not have built-in Bluetooth, insert the AmbiCom Bluetooth adapter into a USB port.

2. Using Apple's Printer Admin Utility, select More Printers..., Bluetooth. Select the printer driver (see step 9, above).

Compared to an Ethernet connection, the print speed using Bluetooth is very, very slow. I returned my AmbiCom kit in favor of the Linksys PrintServer.


Forget about using any of the the above for a multi-function printer (e.g., printer/scanner). You can only send data to such a printer. The scanner will not work (although you can probably still make copies if a computer connection is not required).

If you call Linksys support, be prepared for an Indian who might tell you to "Call Mac and get the IP port numbers" or some other gibberish. But, persevere and get escalated to the next tier -- I received good help from the second tier technicians, although the accent was difficult.

ZEDOnet (PrintFab) has been very responsive to my emails and suggestions.

Good luck,

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Nothing new... and not 100% correct
Authored by: samual.icky on Apr 10, '06 11:05:06AM

I was looking for similar information just about 6 months ago... and found it at "risckyBabble"

Basically this problem was solved just about a year ago... and the only thing you need to L1 or Q1 is the "Queue Name" the printer while the name could be anything you like... I personally have mine set to "Wireless Color" and "Wireless Laser"

The important parts is the IP address and the Queue.

BTW: If you hold down the red reset button on the back of the wireless print unit for 5 seconds (hooked up to a printer of course) you will get a nice config page.I also saw he offers intel optimized OS X builds for Firefox and Tunderbird.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: bakalite on Apr 10, '06 01:26:52PM

1) Never get rid of any old macs, as they invariably come in handy
2) Hook printer up to some old mac that has networking capability
3) Select Share Printer in the prefs
4) Print from any mac connected to the network, wirelessly or otherwise.

You can then also use that mac to backup other computers on the network, run a web server, or whatever else.

Only drawback is that I have half a dozen old macs in my basement.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: samual.icky on Apr 10, '06 06:15:59PM

Other draw backs...
1.) increased power usage
2.) noise (those old macs all have fans and HD's)
3.) space
4.) wifi you are trying to do wireless printing here... do you want a mixed (b & g network... slower speeds)

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Limits to OS 8-9 sharing
Authored by: gsahli on Apr 11, '06 07:02:38AM

Responding to Bakalite:

Printer Sharing from an OS 7-8-9 Mac only works in these specific ways:
1. Install the USB Printer Sharing Control Panel on Classic and on the old computer. (need drivers on Classic as well as on old computer) You can only print from Classic this way, not from OS X.

2. install the Appletalk Bridge Control Panel on the old computer. An appletalk printer is now available to both OS X and Classic. It is possible that only postscript printers work for this.

3. Install "Print66" LPR/LPD free server software on the old Mac. Classic can access postscript printers after setting up in Classic using the Apple Desktop Printer Utility. OS X can access any printer that it has a CUPS driver for in this way, setting up in Printer Setup as an IP printer > LPD.

Only these three methods work. Regular - It Just Shows Up and Works printer sharing doesn't work because OS X and older OSs don't use the same sharing protocols.

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Limits to OS 8-9 sharing
Authored by: bakalite on Apr 11, '06 10:31:43AM

There are ways to get osx running on older machines... depends how old of course, but have you looked at prices for used g3's? They're giving this stuff away.

Anyway, I just wanted to add that having another computer running osx on the network is a huge advantage in all kinds of ways. It's kind of off topic in this thread, I just mention it because I find that before you jump through a hundred hoops and spend money on a linksys printserver, you might look into this solution which will also solve some other problems down the line.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: tmilani on Apr 28, '06 07:40:56AM

Thank you so much for posting exactly what I was looking for. The only problem I am having following your intructions is logging in to the print server. Would you please explain how to get into the print server. Thank you!!

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: sircharles on Apr 29, '06 04:04:20PM

hi, thank your for your WA, it works!

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: macdaddy06 on Sep 23, '06 11:36:52AM

Thank you so much! This fix worked just fine - Apple, Linksys and Brother were useless. I just downloaded drivers first and then it was no problem.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: hlavender on Sep 24, '06 09:27:02PM

I have looked for this information for a long time now and after following the instructions I am printing wirelessly with my new macbook. I couldn't find this info on either the Apple or the Linksys site. Thanks much.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: DonCognacchio on Nov 05, '06 05:38:11AM

To the Anonymous user who suffered hours of profanities and phone calls, THANK YOU!!!

I followed your instructions to the letter when trying to configure a WPS54G, and new MacBook, and an old HP LaserJet 1100 printer. After many hours of research myself, your post did the trick. Wish I could buy you a beer.


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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: jandrew on May 20, '07 12:49:55PM

I have followed the directions given in the first message. When I am supposed to select my printer from the pull-down menu, my printer (HP Officejet 5600 series) is not listed. How can I manually add my printer so that I can use the Linksys WPS54G print server with my MacBook Pro?

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Worked for me with a variation
Authored by: NOlongerUPSET on Nov 21, '07 12:18:55PM

So my only difference is that for the location I put ONLY the name of the printserver (which I found after entering the IP address into my browser and logging into the print server).
The printer name and location window,which allowed me to change the Printer Name accepted any name I put in there, not just L1. Although the Queue name remained L1.
Again, the key difference for me was simply putting the print server's name alone into the location spot.
Thanks for the help.

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Set up wireless printing with HP printer via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: pleaseprint on Nov 23, '07 07:48:02PM

Thanks for this helpful posting. I followed it with enthusiasm, but no go.
I'm using a new MacBook Pro running OS 10.5 and my printer is an HP 7100 series all-in-one
Any ideas?

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: Hy Levitsky on Nov 25, '07 08:57:29AM

Seems to work for everyone, but I can't get past first base. Typed in into browser address bar, and screen says that the server is not responding (it does respond to other urls, and to the router's ip address). Hit the reset button on the print server and printed out the server's TCP/IP info ( and tried this in the address bar, but same result. So, I can't even get into the server. Any suggestions?

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: COLORADOUTVOL on Dec 28, '07 03:14:38PM

I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!! Unfortunately this did not work for me. I just bought the new iMAC w/ OS 10.5 Leopard and these instructions are not working for me. I've tried it all. When I use my pc laptop w/ this print server, it works like a charm. From the PC, I'm able to see location, the queue name (in my case, P1) and port name (IP_LK2XXXXX_P1), so I'm able to use in set up w/ iMac. But just isn't working. Any other suggestions? Can I use appletalk (not real sure what this is but I see it as an option to add a printer and it does find the print server, those still doesn't seem to work). HELP!!! Thanks.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: air1hd on Jan 02, '08 12:14:42PM

this worked great...except when i tried to print, the doc came out with a bucnh of random characters and then printed a lot of blank pages....any ideas?

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: usasan on Jan 18, '08 05:22:49PM

Try This:
I am on Leopard as well. First make sure the printer works directly on the Mac using the USB cable. I opened System Preferences: Print & Fax: Set up printers: Add. Then I selected Protocol: LPD, and used the IP address of the printserver as its address, and "lp1" (the "l" is a lowercase "L") as the queue name. This "lp1" is the first printer on the printserver. Name: whatever you call your base station (such as Tokyo Home, etc...) No need for Location to be filled in. Finally, select the printer model, selecting the Gimp driver. That's all; works for me.. I am using an Epson Stylus Photo 820

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: pleaseprint on Jan 29, '08 03:58:50PM

This worked! I'm running Leopard on MacBook Pro and using HP 7110 all-in-one printer. Use the HP7110 driver, not the 7100 series driver.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: sinkjk on Feb 05, '08 11:48:15AM

Thanks I used your instructions and had minor confusion. As soon as I realized my address was not, as noted in your instructions, I was on my way. The only other confusing line was in the last paragraph where it says, "change location". I guessed at that one and everything worked.

Thanks again. You saved me a lot of frustration.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: jen7harper on Feb 22, '08 01:28:58PM

I tried all of your remedies shown here and still couldn't print.

I have a brand new iMac, the Linksys wireless G printserver WPS54G, and my printer is a Xerox Phaser 6120.

Here's what finally worked...

On the dock, click System Preferences
In the next window, click Print & Fax
Click the "+" button to add a printer

Another window opens up.
Click "AppleTalk"
Wait a moment while your Mac sniffs the airwaves and if it "sees" the printserver, here's what will appear in the panes in the same window...

In the left pane, you'll see "Local Zone"
In the right pane, you'll see words, letters or numbers--this is the NAME of your WIRELESS PRINTSERVER!
Click on that name to highlight it.

Immediately, you will see at the bottom of the window, a spinning icon and the words "Sending data". I sat there until I was practically hypnotized and nothing else happened. If this happens to you, go upstairs or wherever that dang printserver is, and unplug it from the wall and from the printer.

Wait 30 seconds, plug it back to the wall, then back to the printer.

By the time I got downstairs, the spinning icon and the offensive words "Sending data" were gone.

Leave the Name and Location alone -- do not change this because I don't know what will happen!
In the box that says "Print Using:", click the up/down arrows and you'll see three choices.

Click on "Select a driver to use.." and it will open a dropdown box with all the driver choices. Type all or part of your PRINTER name (NOT printserver name) into the box until you find your driver. Click on it. Then click "ADD".

If your printer has options such as a duplexing tray, you may get another window asking if the options are installed. Check or uncheck boxes as needed.

This should do it for you -- try to print. If not, muttering dark and angry words and throwing things at the cat helps for a short time.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: TaGrove on Feb 23, '08 04:37:25AM

This appears to be foolproof for those wanting to connect a PC laptop to printer installed on an imac. Download "Bonjour for Windows" (insert the name in Google and you can get to the site). Download takes about 30 seconds. It comes with a printer locater; turn it on and it recognizes the iMac printer in 15 seconds. NOTE: if your printer is connected with a fire wire, it will recognize but my laptop would not print through it; reconnect printer with USB - use the printer locater again and it is good to go!

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: eyal.toledano on Jun 24, '08 10:46:00AM
Go to

install all packages as instructed, than the driver will appear on the dialog box when you define the IP printer (ipp)

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: mamarenuss on Jul 11, '10 09:41:47AM

Just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You to TaGrove. The Bonjour for Windows was just what we needed to allow my husband to print from his PC laptop to my MacBook-connected printer (and all the other printers in the house!).

I tried to get my old Linksys WPS54G print server to work on my MacBook but could never find the correct IP address, so I have just given up on that for today. I would still love to be able to use it to print wirelessly from my MacBook, but I can plug it in to the printer, so it is ok. Getting the PC laptop to print was our main objective for today and the Bonjour for Windows was so simple - I knew there had to be some way to do it since even my iPhone can print wirelessly to a Mac-connected computer.

Anyway - this is a great forum with a wealth of info. Thanks again.

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: devorah1 on Aug 13, '10 12:27:00PM

I read this post and I am pretty sure that it holds the answer to my problem. However, I am having difficulty implementing the final step where you specify the location.
There fore, I am listing ALL the details of this problem in the hope that SOMEONE can help me....
Please pardon the length....

I am going to spell out ALL of the details and you will see how close I am...

a. I already have the Printer (a Brother HL-1440) INSTALLED on a WPS54GU2 Print Server.

This Print server is "cable connected" ( I am NOT taking advantage of the Wireless capabilities of this Print Serve)

to a WRT54G Wireless Router. I can ALREADY connect to this Printer from a Windows XP Laptop so I am pretty sure that this is all set up properly.

b. I have ALSO been able to connect my iMac to the WRT54G without any problem. So, the iMac is part of this network and I can access the Web utility for EITHER the Print Serve OR for the Wireless Router from the iMac.

c. I have the following information about the Print Serve.

Static IP Address: already assigned:

Device Name: LK87C729

In addition to TCP/IP, both AppleTalk and NetBEUI are checked off on the "Protocols" Tab

Gateway is set -- to the Router (

SSID for network is correctly set.

MAC address (or Print Serve is added to MAC Filer List.

The logical parallel port of the Printer (as shown in the Web-based Print Serve utility): Parallel1

AppleTalk Info (as shown on the Web-based Print Serve utility):

Printer Object Type: LaserWriter

Communications Protocol: Binary (NOT Ascii)

LK87C729: LaserWriter

LK87C729_P2: LaserWriter

In addition, when I go into Windows, I see that the Printer is assigned to a Port of LK87C729_P1

So, there are TWO Port values associated with this Printer -- the Windows one shown immediately above and the

"logical port" of parallel1 as shown on the Print Serve Utility

Now, this iMac is (as best as I can tell) an Intel-based iMac and when I go to Print & Fax, and then click "+"

to add a Printer, there is NO option for AppleTalk so I figure that I do not have to worry about that.

Instead, I follow the instructions as given in the Mac OS X Hints article and select the IP Printer icon.

I also select "Line Printer Daemon..."

I then select as follows (as described in the article):

Address Field: (the Static TCP/IP address).

Queue Field: L1

Name Field: L1

Select the BROTHER option from the pull-down and then HL-1440 -- C.U.P.S.

I click "Add"

Now in the pop-up window for this addtion, I continue (again as described in the article):

I get to the "Name and Location" window as described in the article AND THIS IS WHERE I GET STUCK.

For the first step... no problem.

1. I change the Name to the IP Address as specified (though I would have thought it more logical to change to the Device Name.

However, at the second step I get STUCK!!

2. The instructions for the location were as follows (and I quote them):

"Change Location to IP_[ip of WPS54G]P1 (replace WPS54G with the name of your Print Server -- you wrote it down)."

Now, given all of the information that I have specified above, I do NOT understand what is being requested.

a. I do not5 konw what meant by "[ip of WPS54G]"....

Is that supposed to be the "ip address"? or is it supposed to be the Device Name?

b. I do not understand the "P1" that follows... are the "square brackets" ([]) to be included or are they just to

"set off" the rest of the information... ?

If it is the device name that is meant, I see at least the following possibilities




Well, you get the idea. Also, am I supposed to specify the "Logical Port"? If so, where?

so, if anyone can just explain how to correctly specify the "Location" Information, then I might be able to FINALLY get this working.

I am really angry at Linksys since they would not answer this at all when I called.... claiming that it has to be treated as a "Support Incident".. and costing MORE dollars.....

any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: tdodge on Jul 24, '11 11:03:32AM

ok - this configuration (with a few tweaks) got me working on OSX 10.7 Lion.

1. Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
2. Address: ip address of my printer
3. Queue: P1
4. Name: defaults to ip address of my printer
5. Location: IP_ip address of printerP1
6. Print Using: HP Deskjet Series or specific printer driver

That last P1 on step #5 was key and i think having that value match what was in the queue field. So there you have it! this configuration works for me!

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Set up wireless printing via the Linksys WPS54G
Authored by: desharri on Jul 30, '11 02:52:07PM

Many thanks for posting this. "L1" was not intuitive for the queue name. But I'm all set up on my Canon Pixma MP830 through the Linksys WPS54G

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