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This hint brings up the idea of opening up the sparseimage inside a Backup 3 archive package in order to retrieve the files but here's a couple of tips to explain how really useful this is.

First of all, if you've made a backup set containing many hundreds of indiviual files or folders (easiest to do with a search and a drag'n'drop into Backup's Set Configuration window), when it comes time to restore all of them you can select them all easily but I haven't been able to discover a way to actually checkmark them all so they can be restored - you have to check every single item! Correct me if I'm wrong but I tried every key-combo I could think of. Can you say carpal tunnel, kids? It's much easier to bypass Backup's Restore function, open the sparseimage, and restore everything via drag'n'drop.

The other thing that makes this useful is if you have a fairly complicated folder structure containing a bunch of files of mixed types that you want to separate out, keeping the original folder structure. Say you have movie files interspersed with screen caps which are in folders with descriptive names and want to move just the movies along with their enclosing folders to another volume to save space. Just search within that folder for movies, drag the result to Backup's set configuration window, back them up to an archive and then drag them back out of the archive's sparseimage and delete the originals.

Hope this helps somebody out there - I've been looking for a way to easily solve the second scenario and none of the other backup/syncing apps I've tried were able to quite do what I've needed, and building shell scripts and escaping out non-ASCII characters and adding quotes was really tedious. For me, a good reason to have a .Mac account!
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