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Create maps of sign locations Apps
I am a realtor, and need to plan the placement of open house signs, so other agents know where to put them, and to help them remember where to pick them up.

To do that, open Google maps to the right location. Use Command-Shift-4 to get a copy of the exact part of the map needed. Open an AppleWorks Draw document, and drag the Picture taken above onto it. Select the line tool (upper left), choose Arrow at End (bottom right), and turn off Snap to Grid (under Options). Draw the arrows where the signs should go and showing which direction to point. Use the text tool (double click the A at the top left) to add title, date, placement notes, and any other comments. You can use color coding if you have a color printer.

[robg adds: You could probably further enhance this, for some areas at least, by using Google Earth, which offers higher resolution images of many US cities. You can also add Control to the screen capture keys to capture the image to the clipboard, and then just paste into AppleWorks. And yes, this is a basic hint, but it shows a way to use map imagery in a relatively creative manner.]
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Create maps of sign locations
Authored by: masjones on Apr 07, '06 07:40:56AM

I imagine OmniGraffle would be really good for this type of hint as well.

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Create maps of sign locations
Authored by: azraq27 on Apr 07, '06 08:03:53AM

I tend to do this a lot, and I really wish one of the big mappers would allow you to add multiple locations to a map (like by placing little flags everywhere). For now I have to do the above, plus map out the addresses in another window in case I don't know offhand where they are.

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Create maps of sign locations
Authored by: Coumerelli on Apr 07, '06 08:11:46AM

GoogleEarth (both mac and windows) will allow you to add custom flags to it - at least on your copy. With this you would be able to pan a wider area. What do you think?

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Create maps of sign locations
Authored by: bex on Apr 07, '06 08:49:28AM

You can also use the google maps API and an easy to use tool like phoogle (



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Create maps of sign locations
Authored by: jeffbyrnes on Apr 07, '06 12:08:01PM
Ah, but there IS a cool site that lets you place little flags/waypoints everywhere. I just used it, in fact, to make a map of all the condos I've been looking at recently. Here you are! Wayfaring


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