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Happy Birthday, Apple! Site News
Tomorrow is officially Apple's 30th birthday, but since it's a Saturday, I figured I'd take today to just say "Thanks!" to the company for all the wonderful products we've seen in that time. Apple has clearly had a profound impact on my life, going all the way back to the Apple ][+ that my father brought home, way back in 1979. I recall being amazed at what this relatively tiny little box could do.

Since then, much has changed in computing, in technology, and in my life (more pounds, less hair). But through it all, Apple has continued to release products with excellent industrial design, while never losing sight of the fact that the user experience is the most important aspect of computing. While not everything they've done has been a success, they've continued to push the envelope on what we should expect from our computing, and more recently musical, devices.

So for that, thank you again, Apple!
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Happy Birthday, Apple!
Authored by: Marius_Th on Mar 31, '06 08:07:58AM
A very happy birthday to Apple and all the Happy Mac/iPod users out in the world! ^_^

sidenote: "never lost sight"

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Happy Birthday, Apple!
Authored by: kahuna on Mar 31, '06 08:18:15AM

Dad didn't bring home our Apple ][+ until 1982. Maybe I should change my 'all-the-apple-stuff-i-own-pissing-contest' sig on the Apple discussion board: 'Apple ][+, 64k (it's '82--we upgraded from the 48k), NEC monochrome (amber), RANASystems 5.25 floppy. Oh, and more bootlegged software from our Finnish foreign exchange student than you could shake a stick at!

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Happy Birthday, Apple!
Authored by: mizraith on Mar 31, '06 11:44:08AM

Ditto! The innovation and resiliency shown even today by a 30 year old company proves its worth.

Thanks, Appl!

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Happy Birthday, Apple!
Authored by: Nimitz on Mar 31, '06 04:21:06PM

Thanks Apple for changing my life for the good. When I saw the Apple ][+ i wanted it really bad , so I saved every penny (13 years old) and bought the next generation Apple //e (with dual drive mind you).
Because I had no programs (Belgium was still profoundly 'behind) i started to learn Basic and 6502 machine language to make my own fun stuff.
To make a long story short: Apple launched me into the IT and multimedia sector. Otherwise i would have ended up as a boring accountant or something .

The Nimitz

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Happy Birthday, Apple!
Authored by: shucks on Apr 01, '06 02:52:22AM

Happy Birthday to Apple and may it continue to bring more cool stuffs to consumers and developers alike.

Still can't believe apple is exactly the same age as me, except i was born 3 months before! :p

He Travels Far Who Travels Alone, If He Knows The Way That Is

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Happy Birthday, Apple!
Authored by: rocteur on Apr 01, '06 11:08:36AM

Habby Birthday Apple and thanks for Mac OS X, without you, we'd be stuck with Unix, Linux or BSD GUIs that suck big time.

My dad didn't bring an apple home at all, in fact, I always thought Apple were stupid and used by weirdo's, especially those ridiculous little screens on the early Macintosh computers.. Then, out came Mac OS X beta in 1999 and I found something better than CDE on UNIX.

It was a bit rough for a few years but I think we're getting there!!


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Happy Birthday, Apple!
Authored by: chyna4xena on Apr 03, '06 09:56:02PM
Apples have been a part of my life since I was 10 years old, and every single one I've owned has brought me nothing but joy. I work with Macs, I play with my Mac, and when I sleep, I dream of OSX, iMacs and Steve. Apple Computer, Inc is not just a part of my life. Apple Computer, Inc is my life.

Here's to the crazy ones. Here's to thirty more years of the crazy ones.

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