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10.4: Print to AppleTalk networked StyleWriters Network
Tiger only hintI was fooling around with my old Color Stylewriter 4100 printer and some LocalTalk connectors, and found how to make it print from Tiger using AppleTalk PAP (Printer Access Protocol). Presently this printer is connected to my old PowerBook 170 using LocalTalk cabling. The PB 170 is running the Apple LocalTalk Bridge (2.1), and is also on my Ethernet network. This tip should also work with any of the physical LocalTalk/Ethernet bridges (Farallon, Asante) available used on eBay and elsewhere with an AppleTalk-enabled StyleWriter.

First, with the printer and bridge computer (or device) turned on and booted up, and your Tiger machine connected to the same network (Ethernet) with AppleTalk active on Ethernet (System Preferences -> Network), open Terminal on the Tiger machine and type atlookup. Note the printer entry, and AppleTalk zone. If you have a simple network, the AppleTalk zone will probably be *.

Unless you've changed the printer's AppleTalk name, it will show up something like this:
Found 6 entries in zone *      Color Stylewriter 4100:ColorStyleWriter4000
Now in Tiger, open System Preferences and click on the Print and Fax icon. In the Printing tab, click on the + sign at the bottom left. After the Default printer browser comes up, hold down the Option key and then click on More Printers. On the menu that comes up (AppleTalk), select Advanced. Here is where you set up your printer:
  • Under Device, choose AppleTalk Printer Access Protocol

  • Under Device URI, type in your printer address from the atlookup command you ran earlier, adding %20 for any spaces in the address, and including the AppleTalk zone (*). For example:
  • Under Printer Model, select the correct model from the menu, in this case, Apple Color Stylewriter 4100. Apple supplies drivers for the Color StyleWriters 4100, 4500 and 6500 with OS X. (Drivers for older StyleWriters are available here, and further instructions might be found at
You should now be able to print to your vintage Apple StyleWriter printer! This tip may also work with older AppleTalk-enabled HP DeskWriter printers, but I am unable to test these. Good luck and happy printing!
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10.4: Print to AppleTalk networked StyleWriters
Authored by: splatkus on Apr 06, '06 07:53:21AM

I have an Apple ImageWriter II printer with the AppleTalk card installed. So this method should work for that as well I'd think. Would just need to find OS X drivers for the printer. Anyone know where Apple ImageWriter II drivers for OS X could be found?

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10.4: Print to AppleTalk networked StyleWriters
Authored by: HPRA on Apr 06, '06 03:49:41PM

What about here:

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10.4: Print to AppleTalk networked StyleWriters
Authored by: JetPilot on Apr 07, '06 10:55:37PM

I have a localtalk network with Deskwriter and CSW6500 connected to ethernet hub via a Shiva Fastpath 5. I can print from my beige G3 DT just fine but not from the G4 MDD runing Panther. When I do 'atlookup' all I see is the ethernet side, but not the localtalk side.
G4MDD:~ bill$ atlookup
Found 16 entries in zone Ethernet2-326CostelloDrive
0263.20.f9 Beige DT:AFPServer
0263.20.04 Beige DT:Workstation
0263.20.04 Beige DT:ShareWayIP
0263.20.fc Beige DT: Power Macintosh
0263.20.fa Beige DT:PPCToolBox
0263.20.02 Beige DT:ARA - Personal Server
0263.87.4b Bill's FastPath 5:FastPath
0263.dd.80 G4MDD:Darwin
0263.dd.81 G4MDD:AFPServer
0263.80.9e HP Color LaserJet 5M:HP Color LaserJet 5
0263.80.08 HP Color LaserJet 5M:SNMP Agent
0263.80.9d HP Color LaserJet 5M:LaserWriter
0263.80.9c HP Color LaserJet 5M:HP Zoner Responder
0263.20.02 TechToolPro3CP:??????????????
0263.e0.04 William Vorbau?s ComputeClassic:Workstation
0263.32.80 iBookG4:Darwin

The Fastpath 5 creates 2 zones:

G4MDD:~ bill$ atlookup -z

but the query 'atlookup [zone for localtalk]'

G4MDD:~ bill$ atlookup AppleTalk-326CostelloDrive
Found 0 entries in zone Ethernet2-326CostelloDrive

Any ideas?

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10.4: Print to AppleTalk networked StyleWriters
Authored by: katarchaea on Apr 09, '06 10:43:21AM

Hi - First I would try switching your AppleTalk zone. Go to "System Preferences" and click on the "Network" icon. From the "Show" drop-down, bring up "Built-in Ethernet", and click on the "AppleTalk" tab (in the middle). With a bit of luck you can simply change your AT zone to the "AppleTalk-326CostelloDrive" zone and install your printers as suggested by the original hint.

If that doesn't work, you could try guessing at the pap addresses manually, ie. adding a printer with

pap://AppleTalk-326CostelloDrive/Color%20StyleWriter%206500/ColorStyleWriter 6500

or perhaps


I'm less certain where to start with the DeskWriter.

Lastly, you could try resetting your FastPath. There's some good information about it on the site below, including instructions on how to reset it. This would probably allow all your AT devices, LocalTalk and EtherTalk to operate on the same AT zone by default.

Good Luck!

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10.4: Print to AppleTalk networked StyleWriters
Authored by: marksch on Feb 27, '08 10:10:41AM

Is LocalTalk Bridge required?
I have a StyleWriter II being shared by an iMac running Panther and would like to be able to print to that SW from a PowerMac running Tiger or Leopard. Any additional hints highly appreciated!

Have your own custom software created

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