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Sync imported iCal events with Entourage 11.2.3 Apps
The new version of Entourage (11.2.3) contains automatic synchronisation with iCal, Address Book, and .Mac. This means you don't need to add a third party sync tool to do this for you.

Here's a tip for calendar synching: When I import a .vcs or .ics file, this goes into iCal, but doesn't sync with Entourage automatically. To enable sync, you must put the item into the calendar in iCal named Entourage. You can also move any iCal item that doesn't sync into the Entourage calendar to force this into Entourage as well.

Another nice (rather obvious) side effect: you can double-click any .ics or .vcs in the Finder to import it into Entourage (via iCal) by selecting the target calendar Entourage.
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Sync imported iCal events with Entourage 11.2.3 | 7 comments | Create New Account
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Unclear docu
Authored by: tinpan on Mar 31, '06 09:19:37AM

You imply that Entourage syncs to a calendar within iCal, not to everything in iCal. Is that true? Does it keep your personal calendars out of Entourage?

I started to do the sync, but Entourage's help is unclear about what is synced. I don't want my personal iCal items in my work Entourage calendar and didn't want to spend the time cleaning it up if it didn't do what I want. I just want a "Work" or "Entourage" calendar in iCal that's synced to Entourage so my work calendar gets into my phone.

BTW: How does it handle alarms? Do I get one alarm on the computer or two? I can live with multiple alarms, but you'd think they'd have it worked out by now. It seems obvious that there should be only one alarm. If two apps are synced, only the one you choose as the master should alarm and if you're by your computer, logged in and it's going to alarm, the phone should not alarm.

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Alarming redundancy
Authored by: gerwitz on Mar 31, '06 10:31:03AM

When I set this up I had my iPod, Treo, iCal, and Entourage, and Outlook on a PC all beeping at once.

I settled on iCal and the Treo as my notification points. In Entourage you can disable Office notifications in its preferences. I do have to ensure a sync runs often enough, but it's been fluid.

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It creates an "Entourage" calendar in iCal
Authored by: innate on Mar 31, '06 11:46:37AM

It creates an iCal calendar called "Entourage". Anything in that calendar is synced, anything not in that calendar is not synced.

Yes, you get multiple alarms. Of course it's trivial to turn off the alarms in Entourage -- just click "Turn Off Office Notifications" in the Entourage application menu.

Note that it uses Apple's Sync Services so there is no user interface other than the checkbox in Entourage. All the syncing happens automatically and, as far as I can tell, immediately.

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Syncing is NOT immediate!
Authored by: googoo on Mar 31, '06 12:12:40PM

I have just done some testing on the immediacy of the syncing between iCal and Entourage. I found that if I modified, deleted, or created an iCal event immediately before quitting iCal, the change would not show up on Entourage until I restarted iCal. I ran some more tests with iCal events and discovered that iCal seems to check in with SyncServices every 15 seconds. As far as I can tell, the 15-second interval starts when iCal starts. The bottom line is that if you quit iCal before it registers your modification with SyncServices, then Entourage will not get the change (nor should any other SyncServices-dependent item). To be safe, wait 15 seconds after a change before quitting. (You would think that iCal would run one last sync when quitting!)


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It creates an "Entourage" calendar in iCal
Authored by: chazzzzy on Apr 12, '06 08:17:02AM

Actually I just noticed this morning.. if I create an item in iCal (Entourage Calendar of course) and add an alarm, the alarm DOES NOT sync over to Entourage! This is MAJOR for me, as my exchange account syncs with my blackberry.

Alarms sync the other way, but not if I create it on iCal. Can you guys see if it does the same for you?

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Sync imported iCal events with Entourage 11.2.3
Authored by: aMacUzur on Apr 01, '06 11:09:07PM
Or ... you can use Groupcal from Snerdware to do tie your iCal calendars directly to your Exchange server.

This is even better because it lets you avoid the whole Entourage "experience" entirely.

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Sync imported iCal events with Entourage 11.2.3
Authored by: Bithead on Apr 05, '06 05:41:39PM

I really hope that anyone seeing that recommendation to use Groupcal for calendar syncing also sees the post date - April 1st!

I cannot recommend Groupcal at all. Tried version 2.5, and it worked (sorta, but I thought the limitations I found were because it was a trial version). Paid for version 3 and wasted my money as it does not find any calendars to sync! I've tried everything (spent *way* too many hours on it) and the support seems to be non-existent, so I have given up.

The arrival of Entourage - iCal syncing has saved my bacon. I will happily accept the "Entourage calendar" in iCal as a small price to pay.

Until something better comes along, that is. :)

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