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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac System
I've been fighting with my TomTom GO 500 on my Mac for a while now. The software that TomTom provides allows me to backup and restore the device, but not to add new maps. TomTom's response to my support request was to find a friend who has a Windows machine.

Now that TomTom provides maps in zip format, you can install downloaded maps onto the TomTom GO series (300, 500 and 700) without a Windows machine. I've finally worked out how to do just that, and thought I'd post a how to...


Before starting, you need the following
  • TomTom map in zip format
  • cabextract utility (install from Fink or Linux package)
  • Ability to mount TomTom GO device as a USB device
Most of the steps will be carried out in a Terminal. You may need root privileges to mount the TomTom as a USB device if you are using Linux. I will use the United States Western Region map for this example, but change all filenames to suit the map that you have downloaded. Process:

Create a temp directory and change to it, then extract the zip file:
 $ mkdir tmp
 $ cd tmp
 $ unzip ../
Now find and extract the cab file that contains the actual map:
 $ cd menu/map
 $ mkdir extracted
 $ cd extracted
 $ cabextract ../
This will produce a number of files with odd names like WEST~YVA.011. Now you simply need to rename these files to their correct filenames. The correct names are listed in the ini file, located in the directory with the cab file(s). An example of this file follows.
 $ cat ../Western_Region.ini 
 Version = 1.0
 Component = Map
 ; toolchain version 28829
The extension of the shortened file is the numeric portion of the Filexxx string. The filename to the right of the = is the name that the shortened file should be renamed to. Simply rename each file as follows:
 $ mv *.000 setup.dat
 $ mv *.001 Western_Region.pna
 $ ...
 $ ...
 $ mv *.011 Western_Region-6d40c751.mac
The final step is to copy the files to your TomTom. Just create a directory named after the map, using _ to separate the words, and add -map at the end:
 $ mkdir US_Western_Region-map
Copy the files to this new directory, and you should then be able to select the map in the preferences section. This now means that you can install maps on your TomTom GO device without needing to pay the Microsoft tax.
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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: stutemp1 on Mar 30, '06 08:42:22AM

Perfect. Simple, easy, straight forward... A good Mac programmer could probably write an automated script to do this in a matter of hours. Why would any company try to alienate a potential customer base of hundreds of thousands of users by saying "get a Windows box" when they could write a solution like this so easily. The same appears to be true for Garmin and Magellen. Stupid. Thanks for your very easy to use Tip!

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 30, '06 09:39:44AM
Why is the GO so tricky?

Thankfully it's not that hard to use TomTom Navigator for PDA without a PC:

There's even a Mac-compatible solution for geocaching with TomTom:

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: uochris on Mar 30, '06 10:35:10AM
TomTom will have a new piece of software they're calling HOME that will allow you to do this directly from the application. It should be available as soon as the new Go 510 and 910's ship in April. Check this out for more info.

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: Anonymouslemming on Mar 30, '06 11:13:00AM

I would have waited for HOME, but I went to Spain earlier this month, and I'm off to the US in early April.

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: ventifact on Mar 30, '06 11:02:36AM

Could someone translate this for Garmin? VPC for Mac won't touch an Etrex Vista CX(USB).

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: Anonymouslemming on Mar 30, '06 11:15:11AM

If you want to send me a map, I'll have a look at it and see if I can get anything that makes sense out of it. If I can, then I'll try and bum a device off of someone and load it.

You can contact me on osx at penguinpowered dot org

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: p4ul13 on Mar 30, '06 03:06:34PM

If you have any luck, please post it here as a Tip.

Garmin is supposedly going to release OS X software this spring, but I'm not holding my breath....

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Find a friend with a Windows machine???
Authored by: phillymjs on Mar 30, '06 08:41:14PM

What a bunch of buttheads.

Equinux was providing a perfectly good Mac interface app for the TomTom devices, and got cease-and-desisted for their trouble so TomTom could tell Mac users "Find a friend with a Windows machine" and call that providing support?

I like the TomTom, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna give my money to a company that acts like that-- no matter how cool the product is.


Ohhh, WHY did I register with Insta-Trace???

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: marcelv on Mar 31, '06 12:38:43AM

Strange to read this. I Also have a TomTom 500 and have been able to do almost everything, including adding and removing maps with the provided application on the Install CD of tomtom.

I have no access to the CD's at this moment, but think there is also an option in the file menu to load map data to install, even when it is not in the list of available maps on the CD-ROM.
I'll check out later. Could also be that I have a newer version of the software. My tomtom is only a few months old.

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: GerryA on Mar 31, '06 01:16:35AM

Me too - I have the option to install or remove maps. You can download the March upgrade to version 5.440 here: and so far as I can tell, this has options that the version that comes on the CD (even a relatively new CD) does not have...

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: Fofer on Mar 31, '06 08:59:25AM

Freeware: MacTomTom

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Install TomTom GO maps using a Mac
Authored by: jeremyrh on Apr 02, '06 12:03:34AM

That's interesting, because when I tried to follow this procedure (a while ago) it took so long to transfer the maps by HotSync that the transfer timed out, and the last time it timed out my 1GB SD card was fried, so the experiment cost me a hundred bucks.

I resorted to the "use a PC at work" strategy, and burned CD's of all the maps that I can now install to the SD card by drag&drop from the Mac.

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