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DisplayConfigX - Full control over video resolutions Pick of the Week
DisplayConfigX imageThe macosxhints Rating:
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This week's pick was the sole reason this hint about connecting my mini to our HDTV was even possible. I cover the program a bit in that hint, so I won't say a lot more here, other than if you're trying to get a Mac connected to something other than a current monitor, DisplayConfigX might help you get the job done. It's probably not a program that a ton of people will use, but I think it's the closest thing we have to PowerStrip on the Mac, and as such, worthy of a pick.

Note that it is technically possible to damage your monitor if you use this program incorrectly, as noted in the disclaimer you read when launching the program. So it's not something you want to just experiment with. If you intend to use it, the first thing I recommend is using your favorite search engine to research the device you're attempting to attach -- the more you know about the available resolutions the better. And remember, you're proceeding at your own risk. Did I mention that you're doing this at your own risk? OK, just wanted to make sure that was clear.

So though potentially risky, DisplayConfigX's ability to set resolutions and timings for attached monitors and TVs makes it a useful program for at least a small subset of Mac users. Just proceed with caution!
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DisplayConfigX - Full control over video resolutions
Authored by: barryjaylevine on Mar 22, '06 07:31:02AM

Wonderful utility! While I don't use it any more (since I switched to an LCD), one of the OSX updates eliminated a number of available resolutions for my old Samsung 955df. DisplayConfigX not only restored them (and provided new ones) but actually managed higher refresh rates than would otherwise have been available (but be careful here - remember the warnings!).

In a review of DisplayConfigX I wrote at, I said that this was the best $12 I ever spent on my Mac. I still believe that.

Two things in this world aren't overrated: Macintosh and Lemon Meringue Pie.

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DisplayConfigX - Full control over video resolutions
Authored by: dfbills on Mar 22, '06 08:25:40AM

I'm surprised it took this long to become a pick of the week. This is the only utility of its kind.


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Nasty shareware
Authored by: SOX on Mar 22, '06 09:48:45AM

I had problems unisntalling this. It adds startup scripts that remind you to pay even after you "uninstall" it and delete it from your computer. I would reccommend not installing this.

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Not quite
Authored by: daran on Mar 22, '06 11:43:53AM

Get your facts right, please. DisplayConfigX does not do what you claim. You are obviously talking about a different piece of software...

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DisplayConfigX - Full control over video resolutions
Authored by: macandrew on Mar 22, '06 10:29:12AM

There is another app which does this function, as well as some others - SwitchResX (

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DisplayConfigX - Full control over video resolutions
Authored by: OlfH on Mar 22, '06 10:57:02AM

True, and it's native on Intel, can create one resolution without size limit even unregistered
switchres X is closer to Powerstrip than DCX: it can do displays sets, applications sets, icons sets... All that for just 3 bucks more.

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DisplayConfigX - Full control over video resolutions
Authored by: Bruno Grieco on Mar 22, '06 11:34:28AM

this isn't much of a comment on the article, but more of a question :

I have a 20" G4 iMac that I really love, but I know it's getting old and someday it might become just a fish aquarium screensaver used as a piece of furniture, but anyone knows any link on how to separate the display from it and connect it to a mini or other mac ?

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DisplayConfigX - Full control over video resolutions
Authored by: bakalite on Mar 22, '06 02:42:11PM

Great pick of the week. It's one of those programs that most people won't ever need, but if you are one of the people who need it, you are really really glad it's out there. Without it I would either have to display very little info in my Living Room iTunes setup, or have everything be near illegible.

SwitchResX is also worth a look, but DisplayConfig is the one that worked best in my case.

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