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Print to troublsome HP printers with new drivers System
For ages, I have been searching for a solution to the problem I have when printing to HP Printers. We are going via a Windows 2000 server, but this seems to be a red herring, as I can repeat the problems when printing directly to the printers. EPS files are seemingly a major culprit. Some users have files which will do one of two things:
  1. The printer shows "Job Processing" or similar light, but then stops.
  2. The printer will roll off reams of paper with rubbish on it.
I have tried the default drivers, HP downloaded drivers, trying to add the BINPS queue on the printer, and even adding a dedicated card to run AppleTalk. Nothing worked.

After a lot more searching, I found some updated PPD files at After upgrading all our Macs, we are finding that all the problems we had before have now vanished. It is also worth making sure that the driver is set to allow the printer to do the colour matching.
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Print to troublsome HP printers with new drivers
Authored by: ajstinson on Mar 24, '06 06:45:53AM

How do you update the ppd file on your Mac?

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Updating your ppd file
Authored by: sr105 on Mar 24, '06 09:37:37AM

I recently added one for a Dell 3100cn. I renamed the file to be friendly although I'm not sure if that is necessary. I also gzipped it and placed it in the following location.

/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/Dell 3100cn.gz

I recall that the printer was then available in the Printer Setup program in App.../Utilities. After you setup a new printer, it will put a copy of the file here:


Hope that helps.

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Updating your ppd file
Authored by: ajstinson on Mar 25, '06 09:29:54AM

How do you gzip a file?

I can zip a file through the finder. Do I have to have another progrma to gzip a file?

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Updating your ppd file
Authored by: maczac on Mar 27, '06 01:24:02PM

See my post above, you do not need to gzip the ppd file. It should work fine as is.



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Print to troublsome HP printers with new drivers
Authored by: Egrefen on Mar 24, '06 08:40:06AM

Same question as the above.

Also they don't have drivers for the All-in-one PSC 1200 series, which is a shame 'cause the original HP ones suck.

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photo printer drivers?
Authored by: sr105 on Mar 24, '06 09:43:06AM

Ugh. I had so much hope reading this hint as it describes a problem I have when printing from my powerbook to a HP Photosmart 7760 which is connected to the USB port on my Airport base station. It has always bugged me that the HP driver for mac is so riddled with problems and bugs, while my fiancée's WinXP computer prints perfectly every time using the Bonjour drivers. I just print all of my photos from WinXP now.

Maybe someone else has had this problem and solved it? Or... for my next printer purchase, anyone know of a site rating how well a printer works with a Mac?


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photo printer drivers?
Authored by: thestudio_bob on Mar 25, '06 01:07:26AM

I was having the same problem with my HP LaserJet 2100. Just on a whim I tried another HP drive that had CUPS printing with it. For whatever reason it worked. I think CUPS has something to do with printing postscript to a non postscript printer, but not 100% sure. I think I got those drivers from GIMP-PRINT.

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Print to troublsome HP printers with new drivers
Authored by: maczac on Mar 27, '06 01:21:57PM

Thank you! This works for me.

For the record and for google searches.
I have an HP LaserJet 1200 series printer. MacOS X 10.4.5 (This printer worked fine with Jaguar, but under Panther and Tiger it did not work well, and was relegated to backup service.)

My problem was: If sent multiple jobs to the printer (ie into the queue) the printer would cycle through and print some (usually later sent) but not all of the documents. This was frustrating and required a rewrite of several printer scripts that sent jobs to this printer. Basically we had to let the printer cycle each job before sending the next. Printing was also sometimes inconsistent on multiple page PDFs, especially if they exceeded 20 or so pages.

All the usual hints, including CUPs generic drivers never worked any better than the native hp drivers.

For those of you not as technically savy: You need to save the link site's file(s) to your local disk. (ie Download linked file to...) Then as administrator, navigate to your /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/en.lproj folder

Drop the downloaded file into that folder directory. You should make sure that its file type is ".ppd" (once you dl it, it will be saved as .txt, just delete the .txt and you will be presented with a dialog box confirming the change. Do so.)

Next open your Print Center Utility and select this new ppd for your troublesome hp printer. For mine it had the name "Foomatic/hpijs" in the printer model description. YMMV

I did not need to gzip the file. It is fine as a plain .ppd (which is merely a text file for printer drivers)
I also did not need to reset the printer cache, nor logout. The change worked immediately.

Hope this helps

BTW, the linked site has some very new and updated ppds for HP printers as of March 2006.

Good Luck


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