Canon LBP series CAPT printer driver available

Mar 23, '06 06:03:00AM

Contributed by: dirtymouse

After months of frustration of having to use Virtual PC running Windows XP in order to print to the Canon LBP 3000, I've finally discovered that Canon has indeed (albeit silently to the whole world) released a CAPT printer driver that works without the ridiculous requirement of having to have the Japanese version of OS X installed. This is not the Linux CUPS version, it is the full LBP CAPT driver made by Canon themselves. Software support: 10.2.8 thru to 10.4.4 (in English)

It apparently works with:

LBP-2410 / 1210 / 1120 / 1110 / 1110, Premium / 1110SE, LBP5200 / 5000 / 3600 / 3500 / 3300 / 3210 / 3200 / 3000.

I've tested it with LBP3000 on 10.4.5 (directly and via Printer Sharing). The installer is in Japanese, and it quits all applications and requires a restart, and requires you to manually setup the printer using the System Preferences. After this mild digression, you have full printer functionality and setup options (including toner usage), all in English, and it's nice and fast.

My insanity has now gone, and I can now terminate that unnecessary relationship with Virtual PC for good!

PS: Japanese language skills are not required, just press the default button(s) when installing. If you're looking for an excellently cheap printer, I can now seriously recommend the LBP-3000.

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