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10.4: Re-enable dynamic signatures in Mail System 10.4
Tiger only hintWhile there's certainly no shortage of dynamic email signature tricks on MacOSXHints, unfortunately they all seem to have broken when Apple released Tiger. I submitted a bug back in December and was told it was a known issue and that my bug was a dupe. It's March now, still no fix.

So what's a Cocoa hacker to do, but code up his own fix and inject it into And so I offer my free (GPL'd) DynSigFix (DSF), a haxie-style unofficial patch to which re-enables AppleScript access to change signature text.

To be clear: This is a hack. It patches your running copy of in memory. It could reduce your shiny G5 tower to a smoldering molten pile of ooze for all I know. It comes with no warranty. If it breaks, you get to keep the pieces.

That said, it works pretty well on my two Mac's and hasn't crashed Mail yet. And I have FINALLY have my rotating Fortune quips back on the bottom of my outgoing emails!

This patch only works on PPC Tiger for the time being. It's written in Python, so in theory it might be cross platform. Unfortunately I'm not sure if the underlying patching mechanism works on Intel, and I haven't an Intel Mac to try it out on. Reports of success or failure would be appreciated.

Running DynSigFix couldn't be simpler: Launch Mail, launch DynSigFix. DSF will bounce in your Dock for a second, then disappear. There will be a message in the Console log reporting success. After that, any old AppleScript (such as this one) to modify signatures should work as it did in Panther.

If you run Mail at startup, I think it should be safe to make sure Mail is listed near the top of your Startup Items and DSF at the bottom. That should give mail enough time to wake up before DSF starts poking at it. You'll need to re-run DSF every time you quit and restart Mail. You also shouldn't run DSF more than once per Mail launch, as there's an unavoidable leak in the patching process. It's not a problem once, but if you run DSF in cron or something, you're probably asking for trouble.

I've released this under the GPL, so if anyone cares to improve it, feel free. I'd love hear about any improvements so I can integrate them into my source. I'll be adding a bit of technical information and links to the bug tracker shortly.
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10.4: Re-enable dynamic signatures in Mail
Authored by: r.leroux on Mar 15, '06 08:34:20AM

Hi Aramis,

Please check with Apple to see what is going on.
I would like to see this fixed too.



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10.4: Re-enable dynamic signatures in Mail
Authored by: aramis on Mar 15, '06 10:04:37AM

For what it's worth, since I originally submitted this hint, I've managed to improve the patching process a bit. The link in the original hint will take you to the latest version, but the installation process has changed from what's listed in the hint. Also, PyObjC is no longer required.

The new version is automatically loaded each time Mail launches (no need to manually run the patcher each time), and should also work on Intel Mac's, though I haven't been able to test that yet.

The last I've heard from Apple on this was when they closed my bug as a dupe in December (bug # 4360389). They didn't tell me what the original bug # was, nor have I heard any updates on its status.

As of the latest Security updates, the bug is still present.

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10.4: Re-enable dynamic signatures in Mail
Authored by: FlyBoy on Mar 15, '06 10:59:42PM

I'm running dynsigfix (the bundle version) on my MacBookPro. It runs fine!!! Thanks so much. I originally reported the dynamic signature bug to Apple last April or early May, right after Tiger came out. I've been waiting not so patiently for a fix ever since. Great job.


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10.4: Re-enable dynamic signatures in Mail
Authored by: boredzo on Mar 15, '06 05:02:53PM

I suggest making a Mail bundle instead, and wrapping it in an Installer package. that would avoid all of the hassle of having to launch DSF every time you launch Mail.

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10.4: Re-enable dynamic signatures in Mail
Authored by: aramis on Mar 16, '06 04:35:14PM

Version 2 of my patch is packaged as a mailbundle, so there's no more need to launch the patch every time. I submitted the hint a little early, so it's unfortunately a bit out of date.

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