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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs System
Has anyone noticed that you can charge your iPod via FireWire when your Mac is sleeping? Put your Mac to sleep and then plug your iPod in. It will charge without being mounted, until either you remove it (just pull the cable out), or you wake your sleeping Mac (when it will be mounted. This works on my iBookG4 (2005).

[robg adds: Yes, this is a somewhat obvious hint, especially for long-time iPod users. However, it gives me a chance to mention a related issue with USB-based iPods: USB-based iPods can not charge via USB while the machine is sleeping. My wife's PowerBook isn't used during the day when she's at work, so it sleeps. Having no experience with USB-based iPods, I plugged her Nano in, assuming it would charge while sitting there. I was quite surprised to find it basically drained a few days later (she used it some in the interim).

Some simple experiments showed that the USB port won't charge a USB-based iPod if the Mac is sleeping. This is true even if you route the iPod through a powered USB hub. So instead, we bought a FireWire wall-plug unit and a FireWire-to-Dock-connector cable. Now she has to manage two different cables, one for charge only and one for sync, but it works.]
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Authored by: nick on Mar 07, '06 08:16:44AM

if your *book sleeps and the powercord is plugged in, it will wake up if you plugin/unplug p.e. a mouse.

to wake up a *book with the lid closed (to use just an external monitor): plugin the powercord and _then_ plugin the mouse. after the external display is detected you can/should open the lid without the internal display getting activated.

otoh: to unplug a mouse from a sleeping *book without waking it up: unplug the powercord first.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: masterklaas on Mar 07, '06 08:23:06AM

Although this has nothing to do with OSX: I'd advise an elecric plug with an USB output for those who don't want to carry around an iMac when on holiday or who don't want their Macs being awake just to load the iPod. Small and practical device, on sale in many shops for a few euro's / dollars

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: lekun on Mar 07, '06 08:27:13AM
USB requires the CPU to function. That is why sleeping a computer disables USB charging, and why when you plug in a USB device to a sleeping Mac it wakes up.

Firewire does not.

Apparently it was worth it for Apple to get rid of the convenience and technical advantages of Firewire to save money and space on the new iPods. Note, however, that the new USB iPods still charge via Firewire. They just can't sync.

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Only if plugged in?
Authored by: squawky on Mar 07, '06 08:47:46AM

I've taken advantage of this feature more than a few times, since I often travel with my iBook and leave the iPod charger at home.

One caveat, though -- it does not work (for me, at least) if the 'book isn't plugged in. Might be the power saving settings...mine are the default "long battery life".

So no charging on airplanes, or if you forget to plug in the 'book (<raises hand>yep, I did this, trying to charge my iPod. D'oh!)

Somebody wake up Hicks.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 07, '06 11:58:00AM

This solution works for me, get the ipod dock cable that has both firewire and USB cables, then get the ipod firewire power adapter. You can plug the usb cable into your computer and use it for data transfer and the firewire cable into the power adapter. I have a 4th gen ipod, so I don't know if this would work for the newer ones.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: PanicRoom on Mar 07, '06 12:29:04PM

This is not technically correct. It should read "Charge FireWire iPods on SOME sleeping Macs". I have a 40GB iPod with click wheel which happily charges on my sleeping iBook but refuses when connected to my iMac (G5 with automatic light sensor). This took me by surprise too. I used to leave it plugged in and never realized that it wasn't charging. I checked the iPod manual and found the disclaimer near the back (under "charging your iPod"): SOME Macs are able to charge the iPod via FireWire when sleeping.

This is not an iPod problem (since it charges on the sleeping iBook). This inability to provide powered FireWire ports is, however, in my opinion a serious drawback with the G5 iMac.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: dsyzdek on Mar 07, '06 02:39:03PM

Both of my iPod Photos actually discharge their batteries when docked via FireWire to my sleeping iMac G3 500 (Flower Power).

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: magir on Mar 07, '06 01:17:58PM

If the USB-Bus is inactive, recent iPods are not charged, even if current is supplied through the Bus. This also took my by surprise when I noticed it a few months ago.

As it seems, Apple changed the behaviour of the USB port with the G5 and the Nano and this essentially broke support for simple USB power adapters and powered Hubs. Using the Airport Extreme as a power supply still works, because it "mounts" the iPod.

From what I've heard this can be circumvented by connecting both data lines of the USB port. This sounded very strange to me so I never tried that, if someone has more detail on this, please let us know!

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: PCheese on Mar 07, '06 10:21:53PM

This comments and notes to this hint are somewhat incorrect. On some sleeping Macs, iPods will charge over FireWire... but the same is true for USB. In fact, the iPod manual mentions this fact. The key word is "some".

My 5G iPod charges overnight through USB while my iSight iMac G5 is sleeping.

(Un)plugging the USB while the Mac is asleep causes it to wake up, however.

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Firewire 800 to iPod cable frees up Firewire 400 port
Authored by: BrentT on Mar 08, '06 04:33:32PM

I picked up a Firewire 800-to-iPod cable at CompUSA for my PowerMac G5. I use it for my syncing and charging. This lets me keep the cable in place since I have no Firewire 800 devices (I don't I have ever even seen any). Now my Firewire 400 port is free for the several portable drives I use.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: atlas723 on Mar 08, '06 06:29:06PM

Don't know if this will help anybody, but this is my experience. I have a 2.0 DP G5, a 3G 40GB firewire iPod, and a 4G 20GB USB iPod. I can charge my 3G iPod using the firewire A/C adapter and sync/charge my 3G iPod with the dock that came with the iPod. When connected to my G5 and put to sleep, my 3G iPod loses its charge. Another anomaly I've found is that when the USB cable for the 4G USB iPod is instead connected to the dock, I can sync my 3G firewire iPod, but it quickly loses it's charge, sleep or no sleep. When I say quick, I mean my fully charged 3G firewire iPod will drain completely in 30 mins. The 4G USB iPod will charge over the firewire A/C adapter, but not sync/charge when connected to the G5.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: windhover on Mar 10, '06 05:52:33AM

I have a G5 iMac and a Nano. I'd never noticed this behaviour because I have a powered hub and I'd only ever docked my iPod when the machine was active or off. If the iMac is off or the hub is disconnected from the bus then the iPod does charge. If you have a powered hub and want to sleep the Mac and charge your iPod it might be an idea to disconnect the hub.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: edmechem on Apr 16, '07 01:49:45PM

Sort of a related question: In iTunes, in the iPod prefs, I have "Enable disk use" and "Manually manage music and videos" both *unchecked*. However, even when iTunes isn't running, the iPod (5th gen, latest firmware) insists on *mounting on the desktop* when I plug it in (via USB) to the MacBook Pro.

Anyone know why this would be? It would be nice if the iPod actually respected the settings, and didn't act like it was allowing disk use. I just want it to charge - I don't want it to mount, or for any other reason, display the "Do not disconnect" screen... I'd like it to keep its current "pause" state, in the current random shuffle --- I want it to not mount, but just start charging.

I know I've seen this behavior sometime, so I know it's possible to do -- i.e. it starts charging, and the "Charging" screen comes on - and when I unplug, it's right back where it was (i.e., in pause mode, exactly where I left it). But for some reason, it's not behaving this way currently... Anyone have any insight on this, please share. Thanks.

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Charge FireWire iPods on sleeping Macs
Authored by: imrealldum on Aug 14, '07 11:25:00PM

I recently discovered that on my imac('05-'06) I can charge my Ipod vid through firewire cable that I kept for my wall charger from a past 'pod. my usb doesn't charge when sleeping though :)

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