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Motorola V3 Razr setup for modem usage Internet
After spending countless unproductive hours looking for a solution elsewhere to get my V3 Razr working as a modem, I found a brilliantly outlined hint from nohl. With very few modifications, I was able to connect. I believe in sharing, and many people around there are acquiring the V3, so they must be as desperate as I was.

This was successfully completed using OSX 10.4.2. Although the original post was about mini-USB cable usage, I have also used the Bluetooth connection, and will describe it as well. If you do not feel like messing with Bluetooth as well, use the mini-USB cable and skip steps two through eight. But I travel enough to have grown a deep hatred of cables, and it is so cool to have a wireless connection between two nicely designed objects.

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Visit and scroll to 'Scripts for Motorola GPRS phones.' Download the file 28KB direct download) and put "Motorola GPRS CID1" in your scripts folder: /Library/Modem Scripts.

  2. Make sure BlueTooth is operationnal on your mac ; if necessary, activate it through the Control Panel.

  3. On the Motorola V3, select Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth Link ->

  4. Select "Find Me." The phone responds "Discoverable 60 seconds."

  5. On the Mac, click the Bluetooth in the menu bar, and select "Setup Bluetooth Device." Click Continue and check "Mobile phone." Click Continue.

  6. If you have done well, it will show "Motorola phone." Click Continue.

  7. The Mac will show a number on the screen. On the Motorola, reply Yes at "Bond with G4" and copy the number on the Mac then click OK. At this point, both machines will exchange information and "bond." In other words, each time they are in range, it is as if they had been plugged in with the mini-USB cable.

  8. The Setup Assistant will now let you install the phone. On the PPP tab, set the following:
    • Service provider: Vodafone MT (or whatever you want)
    • Account Name: internet
    • Password: internet
    • Telephone number: internet
    • Alternate number:
    • PPP options:
      • (Advanced Options:) Uncheck ALL
      • unchecked = send PPP echo packets
      • unchecked = Use TCP header compression
      • unchecked = Connect using a terminal window (command line)
      • unchecked = Prompt for password after dialing
      • unchecked = Use verbose logging
      Now click Apply Changes.
    • On the Modem Tab:
      • Modem: I had success with Motorola GPRS CID1.
      • check = Enable error correction and compression in modem
      • unchecked = Wait for dial tone before dialing.
      • Remember to Apply Changes!

  9. Now go back to PPP Tab and click on Connect. The Internet Connect window will open; hit Connect.
It works fine here, on our small and sunny island of Malta, in the middle of Mediterranean.

Oh, by the way, I also found a lot of informations on the local Vodafone web site, including the IP I have entered as alternate number. I had bought the phone elsewhere, and all setup was described point by point, including the number to call to have my prepaid card data functions activated.
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Some hopefully helpful comments
Authored by: hamarkus on Feb 24, '06 02:42:54PM
First, thanks a lot for this hint. Some further explanations I would like to add:
The ppp tab part of this hint is service provider specific. The values here will work with Vodaphone Malta, the ones in the cited hint with TMobile USA.
(I mean these values:
* Account Name: internet
* Password: internet
* Telephone number: internet
* Alternate number:
A list of these parameters for a large number of countries can be found e.g. here , note that what is called Access Point there is what should be put in the telephone number field and no entry means one can leave the field empty.

Another important point is that, in at least on my last-generation Powerbook running OS X 10.4.5, the Bluetooth Device Setup Assistant present two options when connecting to my phone roughly called:
* Dial-up
* Advanced methods, e.g. GPRS
For this hint to work, one has to select dial-up even though one actually is going to use GPRS.

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Authored by: hamarkus on Feb 26, '06 02:37:25PM

After checking with my provider it seems that the method described here (incl. my comments) uses HSCSD and not GPRS. The difference between them is that with GPRS you are charged per data volume and with HSCSD per time connected.

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Correction of the corrections...
Authored by: hamarkus on Feb 28, '06 01:49:40PM

1) This is GPRS, not HSCSD.
2) It does not matter which of the two option under the header 'Access the internet using your phone's data connection' is chosen (titled 'Dial a specific access number...' and 'Use a direct, higher speed connection ... (GPRS)').

My mobile phone provider's staff seem to be highly incompetent, of the about eight people I talked to during my five visits to their flagline store only one was able to understand the basic concepts of this hint. Their reaction ranged from 'We don't no shit, and we are proud of it' over complete misinformation 'GPRS does not work on the Razr in our network' and 'You are probably using HSCSD' to astonished reactions 'You downloaded these outdated modem parameters from our website?'

However, their network seems to be the state-the-art, by mid-year 20% (40% at the end of the year) of the population is going to be covered by HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), allowing for 1.8 Mbps internet access over the mobile phone network.

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SLVR (and probably RAZR) Cingular GPRS settings
Authored by: FasTTr on Feb 26, '06 08:22:41PM

This worked for me:
Modem: Motorola TimePort (2x0)
Number: *99***1#
Password: CINGULAR1

Note: This is charged by data usage, not time. Make sure you have a data plan selected to avoid high service charges.

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SLVR (and probably RAZR) Cingular GPRS settings
Authored by: FasTTr on Mar 04, '06 06:52:59AM

Correction on the modem type. It should be Motorola IR Timeport (7089).

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Motorola V3 Razr setup for modem usage
Authored by: quentinsf on Feb 26, '06 06:00:15AM
Some more info on RAZRs and Macs here.

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Motorola V3 Razr setup for modem usage
Authored by: quentinsf on Feb 27, '06 01:39:09AM

Mmm. Not sure what happened to the URL in the above post. It should be this:

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Motorola V3 Razr setup for modem usage
Authored by: lucite on Feb 26, '06 05:08:09PM

Thanks for the hint.

Anyone know whether it's possible to use my Razr to connect to another provider than my wireless company? In other words, I'd like to cnnnect to my Earthlink dial-up - anyone know if this is possible?

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