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Two hints for Valentine's Day 2007... Apps
As a perfect example of why isn't the ideal outlet for timely tips, consider the following two Valentine's Day items from the submission queue. They should both have gone up on or before the 14th, but I only reached their position in the queue this morning:

Item #1, from reader bkazez:

"I just created a simple app called ValentineMaker, which lets you create a customized Valentine's Day Dashboard widget to send to anyone you want (they must be running 10.4, obviously).

It's free, and I thought it might add a nice Valentine's Day theme to today's hints."

Item #2, from anonymous:

"It's not too late for a dramatic rescue on Valentine's Day. If you have a small child, this hint might be useful and fun -- especially if you haven't yet secured a card for your spouse.

The new iPhoto has a card feature with some very pretty templates. One of them is a hearts theme, which is pefect for creating a Valentine's Day card. But you ask "how can we print these from iPhoto, or order them, and still expect to have them delivered within the same day?" Good question. Thanks to the Mac's great screen capture capabilities, though, you don't have to. Here's how to create your own card using a template from iPhoto:
  • Start up the new iPhoto photo (version 6), navigate to an album with a picture you'd like to use, and then select that picture.
  • Select the new card feature from the toolbar below.
  • Under the Wedding/Love theme, select Hearts, then press Choose Theme.
  • Now increase the size of your iPhoto window as much as possible, so the sample card is as large as possible (hide or reduce size of the side Source column, if possible).
  • Take a screen shot of your card. Select just the card by pressing Shift-Command-4, and then using the cross hairs to select the card area. When you release the mouse, a new PNG image file will have been saved to your desktop. It should look like this
  • Use this new image with Pages, Word, or your favorite text or image layout program, to complete your card and print it out."
So as you can see, macosxhints isn't really the spot for timely tips :) -- mainly because the queue is always a few days old as I work my way through it. If you have something that's really time critical, please email me directly with a heads-up that you put something in the queue -- there's an email link at the bottom of every page. That way, I'll know to look ahead for it, and hopefully get it up in a timely manner.
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Two hints for Valentine's Day 2007... | 7 comments | Create New Account
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Two hints for Valentine's Day 2007...
Authored by: raider on Feb 17, '06 08:34:14AM

I was going to say:

"Hey, quit bagging on Rob - he does good work for us!"

Then I thought:

"Why would Rob post something where someone was bagging on him?"

Then my morning caffeine kicked in and I saw that it was Rob who was posting it... :)

Anyway, I would consider #2 a hint, and #1 a useless advertisement that doesn't really belong as a "hint" on this site anyway. :)

Just my opinion...

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Two hints for Valentine's Day 2007...
Authored by: bkazez on Feb 17, '06 09:49:45AM

Hi raider,

I'm sorry you considered the Valentine Maker hint useless. I think of a hint as something that shows you how to use existing software differently, for free. Since this represents a novel use of Dashboard and since it's free, I thought it would make a good hint. But like you, I was also a bit unsure of whether it qualified, and I actually warned Rob of this in my submission. It's a fine line.



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Two hints for Valentine's Day 2007...
Authored by: osxpounder on Feb 17, '06 01:05:08PM

Ben, I think it was kind of you to make the app, share it, and also share the news of it via a tip here. I think it's a good tip, personally. The tip's substance isn't "come try my software", but rather, "here's something you can do for Valentine's Day with a relatively new feature of OSX". I wouldn't have thought to even look for a Dashboard widget that makes a Valentine's card, so it seems like a reasonable enough hint to me.

Thanks for taking the time to share it.


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Two hints for Valentine's Day 2007...
Authored by: wyntir on Feb 17, '06 01:00:08PM

Hey, that Valentine's Day widget maker is pretty nifty. I think it's a clever application of the Dashboard. If someone had submitted an Applescript or step-by-step HTML+JS directions on how to make exactly the same widgets it would have qualified easily. Anyway, it's free. DON'T YOU LIKE FREE STUFF??!??

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Two hints for Valentine's Day 2007...
Authored by: raider on Feb 17, '06 02:15:53PM

Sure, the widget was cool. Just not a "hint" exactly. I mean, there are thousands of "cool" widgets and applications and screensavers.

Those things all deserve mention - maybe in forums and weblogs. But Mac OSX Hints is more about hacking. You know, how to do things in ways you might not think of, or how to do things you might have though impossible.

The widget thing is cool, just not a "hint" so much. Just my opinion.

Maybe making the hint the instructions on how it is done - and then link to the valentine widget as an "example" - or something like that would be more hint like.

Again, not slamming on anyone's work - just saying my opinion about what constitutes a hint...



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An easier and higher quality approach to "home made" iPhoto cards
Authored by: lujo on Feb 17, '06 10:00:13AM

Regarding Item #2 ... there is a much easier and higher quality method: use the Print > PDF function once the card is created in iPhoto.

Not only is the card fully done for you and ready to print (just use appropriate paper and trim the edges), but you retain a much higher resolution than using the screen capture method. If the final PDF format is not quite what you want to print, this higher resolution format will still provide much better results after you do your final edits in your layout application.

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An easier and higher quality approach to "home made" iPhoto cards
Authored by: Unsoluble on Feb 17, '06 04:04:13PM
Yeah, um... I'm really confused about this one. I mean, you don't even need to save a PDF as suggested above -- why not just, er, print the thing? You know, File -> Print?


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