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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X UNIX
This seems pretty old, but I just came accross it. It looks like the OpenDarwin group has created binaries for installing KDE specific apps on OS X (the source files are also accessible elsewhere). Just visit

You need to install at least the Qt, kdesupport and kdelibs packages to begin with, so the rest of the packages will work. From there on, I also recommend kdebase and kdenetwork. Through these two packages, I have a working version of the Konqueror browser on my OS X, with all the nice protocol support (such as fish://) that comes with it.

Bugs galore, as development has stopped on these versions in favor of completing KDE4 first, and then trying to port that ... but they still work! I've managed to get them to run on OS X 10.4.4 without many problems (even though the site states that the binaries were compiled on Jaguar), and most of the apps that come with the packages seem to operate just fine (more or less -- see note below). Kile (a LaTeX front end) has a lot of niceness, and I'm experimenting with Kate (which is slow on my system, but I think I can tweak it to run satisfactorily).

I suggest using the second option on that page to download, unless you're on a really fast broadband connection, as there are over 200 megs of binaries to download if you want the full package! (I like the progress bar to know where I'm at.)

Note: As mentioned on the above linked website, these apps sometimes have problems shutting down (they don't die gracefully). To combat that, I wrote a small Terminal script that cleans up memory from all (runaway or not) KDE processes. Other than that, no Terminal usage is necessary to install/play with these applications! Copy the following snippet, save it in a location you can easily access from the Terminal, and then type chmod 755 filename to make it executable:
#!/bin/bash<br />
kill `ps aux | grep kde | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`
That's it! If you name the file killkde, and you save it in your home folder, all you have to do is start the Terminal and type ./killkde to terminate all running KDE apps.
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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: mshmgi on Feb 15, '06 07:52:41AM


The inablity to run KDE has been something that I really missed since upgrading to Tiger. I'll be very glad to have it back.

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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: Ranger Rick on Feb 15, '06 08:46:38AM

Keep in mind these binaries are pretty old and unsupported. Development has picked up again in the last month or two in the KDE4 tree, however.

We're planning on making sure that KDE4 officially supports Mac OS X and Windows (native) as platforms. (hooray)

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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: Ranger Rick on Feb 15, '06 08:49:46AM

Also, KDE 3.5.1 is in Fink unstable, and runs great, albeit in X11. :)

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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: anoved on Feb 16, '06 03:03:40PM

I concur. I have KDE 3.4 installed from Fink and it works great. I typically have it running in X11 in full screen mode, which works surprisingly well with Expose. A flick of the wrist, and I'm on my Mac - another flick, I'm using "Linux" (as far as the interface and available apps are concerned). Dual boot that!

In fact, for a while I did have a PPC installation of Fedora Core 4 linux on a second drive, but it turned out to be pointless. I can work in the same sort of environment with the same apps and have full access to my Mac at the same time.

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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: jctull on Feb 20, '06 07:26:34PM

And thanks for your continued efforts to get the native KDE into the official KDE development tree! I am looking forward to KDE 4.

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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: MordEth on Feb 15, '06 02:41:54PM
Slight correction:

kill `ps aux | grep kde | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`
the <br /> is a XHTML tag and should not be in a shell script. (basically, your shell declaration "#!/bin/bash" should be on a separate line from the commands that are being executed.)

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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: Frig on Feb 15, '06 04:34:07PM

The Installer lets you install KDE on another harddisk or partition, but if you try to run any application it won't work, because the applications try to access the dynamic libraries via /opt/... or something like that and not /Volumes/debian/opt/...

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Use KDE and Konqueror on OS X
Authored by: Frig on Feb 20, '06 11:43:44PM

Dies ist ein Script zum deinstallieren von KDE falls man es nicht mehr benötigt.
Es löscht jedoch nur files und nicht die Ordner wo die Files waren.



Man benötigt aber dieses file", welches einen Index mit den Files enthält

Wie verwendet man dieses uninstall script:
Beide Files in / kopieren und remove.php ausführen. Thats it!

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