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New poll: Browsers Wars #7! Site News
Somewhere between every six months to a year, I take a survey of OS X browser usage. Well, it's been eight months since the last go-round, so here we go again.

Browser Wars #7

Take a second to vote for your favorite browser. Ever since its release, Safari has been dominating these polls, with anywhere from 60% to 82% of the votes. Have things changed since May? Let's find out...

Note: Given the number of users who read via RSS and would otherwise miss out, I've decided to publish a brief note like this one for each new poll. Don't worry, such items won't overwhelm the site, given that I change polls here at most every three to four weeks.
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Camino nearly rocks
Authored by: dhayton on Feb 09, '06 09:35:08AM

I recently downloaded the most recent Camino and have to admit: I am impressed. It is fast (or at least feels *much* faster than Safari, e.g., in selecting text from drop-down form lists).

I would switch in a heartbeak if it had autofill for forms.

Alas, until then, I remain wedded to Safari.

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Camino nearly rocks
Authored by: perardi on Feb 09, '06 09:41:06AM

Oh-ho, it does! Sort of.

Go the the 'Edit' menu and hit fill form. It will plug in the info from your personal address card from the Address Book.

No fancy auto-fill like Safari, but it's better than nothing.

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Camino nearly rocks
Authored by: mcamou on Feb 09, '06 06:57:47PM

The only thing Camino is missing for me is the ability to auto-save the tab session on crash (which Safari does with Saft).

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New poll: Browsers Wars #7!
Authored by: xkalibur on Feb 09, '06 09:36:18AM

I use Firefox because that's what I use at work, where I'm stuck on Win2K for 40 hours a week. Not only do I like having a similar interface across (at least for the browser, where I spend the majority of my time), I got tired of setting up all these cool extensions for FF then going home and saying "Doh! Can't do that in Safari!". So it's worth losing a little polish to me.

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New poll: Browsers Wars #7!
Authored by: gidds on Feb 09, '06 12:44:15PM
Me too, for the same reasons. (Though I work a couple of hours less than that.)

Also, for AdBlock. I use it to strip out banners, text ads, annoying scripts, and all manner of time-consuming and distracting stuff. When I visit a magazine site, it's to read the content, not to site there and be annoyed by all the colourful, animated stuff round the edges (and in the middle) that's trying to attract my attention away. Nor is it to get my IP address logged with umpteen other tracking sites. With very little investment of time, AdBlock is great at making the web a more peaceful, relevant, private, and welcoming place!

Firefox is a bit big, and on OS X it does have the annoying habit of freezing up while loading pages. But it's very compatible, and is very good at managing lots of pages (e.g. the ability to bookmark and open lots of tabs in one go, drag to change the order of tabs).


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New poll: Browsers Wars #7!
Authored by: manxman on Feb 09, '06 02:51:24PM

I run a site that has about 2500 page views per day. Not excessive perhaps, but having read somewhere that Firefox had 10% of browser use, I was surprised to find that this was supported by my site stats saying that, indeed, Firefox was logged as having 9.5% of the browser 'market' accessing our site. Will it come into the mainsteam as a replacement for IE on PCs because of the security issues? It would be good if it did. Where I work on a day-to day-basis, they have now decided to instal Firefox on the PCs.

I would also reiterate comments elsewhere on the web that why don't keyboard Page Up and Page Down buttons work in Firefox on a Mac? The Home and End buttons work, so why not the others?! Come on it's not brain-surgery. If open-source is to succeed it needs to be at least as good as the competition.

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Wish I could Say
Authored by: torchydt on Feb 09, '06 09:56:13AM

Omni Web. There is so much I love about this browser - workspaces, tab behaviour, site preferences. But it is soooo slooooww at rendering pages (and prone to the odd crash or two) that I find myself reverting to Safari more often than I should.

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New poll: Browsers Wars #7!
Authored by: network23-osx on Feb 09, '06 11:40:55AM

"vote for your favorite browser"

Easy. Internet Exploror 6 for Windows.

No other browser has brought more entertainment to the Mac community.

It is hilarious to see Windows users fighting the endless stream of flaws (two more this week?), security issues and other problems, yet mumbling "it is the standard browser, it is the chosen web reader, our company uses it, I need to use it for compatibility reasons, I don't need tabs, popup protection or RSS feeds..."

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Authored by: macmahatma on Feb 09, '06 02:37:22PM

safari is the overall best browser, but i think opera deserves a higher ranking, so my vote goes to opera, as safari is yet dominating. it's my second choice (30% circa total browsing). camino comes as a third -fast- alternative then firefox... well, as long as we can choose among some good free ones, it's all good.

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Opera 9 TP2!
Authored by: SuitCase on Feb 09, '06 11:35:28PM

It gets very little respect from Mac users because of the horrific mess that was the 7.x series, but recently Opera has got a whole lot better - now arguably the fastest Mac browser in interface and rendering speed. The interface is simplified and easy to customise, it contains a gigantic amount of features - RSS reader, email client, address book, IRC client, newsgroup client, Bittorrent client, oh yeah, and it's completely free with no ads!

The Technical Preview 2 of Opera 9 came out a few days ago and is a great release for the Mac, very stable and very fast. It has Site Preferences and Content Blocking features that put Omniweb to shame, a new widgets feature of questionable use to Mac people, and of course the huge flexibility in options that Opera always brings. And it's still tiny and fast. Check it out here. It needs more support from the Mac community, it really is very competitive.

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Firefox and Adblock
Authored by: Sparky9292 on Feb 10, '06 12:16:04AM

Until Safari comes with something as powerful as Adblock for Firefox, I'm staying with Firefox.

AFAIK, Safari doesn't have any way of blocking ads. That's too bad because I want to like Safari.

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Ad blocking with Safari
Authored by: gsgm on Feb 10, '06 04:01:18AM
I have been using a shareware package called Pith Helmet that works great with Safari. Not only does it block ads, but also cookies. (Both with user setting on how agressive!) Check

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Ad blocking with Safari
Authored by: octo on Feb 10, '06 07:11:32AM

Being one of the many *nix users who started to care about Macs after OSX was released, I can say that the Mac community's obsession with shareware annoys the crap out of me. Heck, it seems like I even now *depend* on shareware to fill the voids that Apple leaves in their software.

At least the *nix community realized a long time ago that if you're not going to make full-blown commercial software, just make it free/opensource. Of course this results in some culture-shock for all of us *nix users who have started being Mac users.

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software market diversity
Authored by: sjk on Feb 26, '06 09:16:01PM

So, you're implying there's no middle ground in the "*nix community" (which I've participated in for ~30 years) between free/opensource and full-blown commercial software? That kind of elitist view of what the software market should be annoys the crap out of me (if I may borrow your words), and probably a few developers and potential developers, too. And it almost sounds like you want sympathy for Apple leaving a void filled by shareware that it seems like you now depend on, yet are critical of?! Sort of a twisted combination of disappointment, greed, and anger.

Or, what exactly did you mean and what would would the software market (for OS X) really have to be to satisfy you?

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Firefox and Adblock
Authored by: TrumpetPower! on Feb 10, '06 06:01:29AM

Blocking ads in Safari is trivial. Just grab any of the usercontent.css files floating around, set it as your stylesheet in the Advanced preferences, and you're done.

As for Flash, that's easy to deal with, too. Just disable plugins normally. When you come to a site that uses Flash (etc.) that you actually care about, cmd-comma and then the space bar will toggle the plugins setting if you've left the preferences at the Security pane.



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Bookmark syncing
Authored by: friedmaj on Feb 10, '06 05:19:34AM

While I'm sure Firefox and others may be great browsers, I am sticking with Safari because of bookmark syncing via .Mac. I routinely use 4-5 Macs, and keeping my bookmarks up to date on all of them would be pain without syncing.

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Direct Firefox-Safari sync?
Authored by: davidfmendes on Jun 03, '07 07:57:31AM

Is there any simple way, maybe local, maybe hosted somewhere, to easily keep Safari and Firefox bookamks in sync? I use both in the same machine, for different reasons, and it would be great if I didn't have to remember to sync them with anything.

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Firefox, ever since 1.5
Authored by: octo on Feb 10, '06 07:17:42AM

Firefox 1.0 had some annoying issues on the Mac, such as freezing easily, not integrating very well, not supporting the middle mouse button, etc. As such, I switched back to Safari when MacOS 10.4 came out. However, Firefox 1.5 fixed all these problems. Now I use Firefox 1.5 on just about every platform I compute on (MacOS, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, occasionally Windows).

My #1 problem with Safari is probably its lack of configurability. Like most Apple software, it assumes you want to do everything the way its defaults were set up, and that you're too dumb or complacent to care about anything else. (heck, if it weren't for Spotlight/AddressBook integration, I probably wouldn't still be using either) I often wish Apple provided a magic "enable advanced user mode" option in their software.

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New poll: Browsers Wars #7!
Authored by: qubex on Feb 26, '06 03:49:24PM

I use Shiira. It's everything Safari should be, and more. Now, if only it were a little more stable, it'd be the ultimate browser.

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