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Edit iTunes' Smart Playlists via Get Info Apps
I selected a smart playlist today in iTunes, and without thinking about it, instinctively hit command-I. Presto, the Smart Playlist editing box appeared!

[robg adds: OK, this shortcut is documented, in the sense that File: Get Info is active with a Smart Playlist selected. But I would never have guessed it would show the edit dialog, so perhaps others have missed it as well. This is a nice keyboard-only solution to quickly editing Smart Playlists (I've been using Option-double-click).]
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Edit iTunes' Smart Playlists via Get Info
Authored by: Lou Kash on Feb 13, '06 10:39:14AM

Add a keyboard shortcut like cmd-opt-I for "Edit Smart Playlist" to your custom iTunes keyboard shortcuts and you won't ever bother about having to select a playlist manually in the source list again...

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Edit iTunes' Smart Playlists via Get Info
Authored by: wootest on Feb 13, '06 03:30:58PM

That doesn't make any sense - the tip was exactly about that, how you could just use Get Info and it'd do the right thing. (And obviously you wouldn't have to select a new playlist, unless you weren't in a smart playlist, in which case you'd have to select one, but you'd have to do that with your approach too.)

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Edit iTunes' Smart Playlists via Get Info
Authored by: Lou Kash on Feb 13, '06 05:20:56PM

RE: "That doesn't make any sense"

Okay, perhaps my English is not clear enough, after all it's not my native language...
Never mind, I'll try again:

The point is, to edit the Smart Playlist criteria with cmd-I, the selected playlist needs to have *focus* in the Source list, i.e it needs to have blue background instead of gray.
To gain that focus, it may require additional steps, e.g. hitting the Tab key a couple of times, if your current focus has been the playlist itself or the search field or the overview.

Additionally, if you have opened a playlist in a new window (something I'm doing all the time: I use iTunes as the song library for my DJ work, drag&dropping songs from various iTunes Smart Playlists to the DJ-1800 application window), the only way to open the Edit Smart Playlist window would be going to the File menu, otherwise cmd-I will open the Get Info for the selected song(s) or do nothing if no song is selected.

Setting up a custom keyboard shortcut for the "File > Edit Smart Playlist" command saves *all* those additional steps.

(I hope I made myself clearer now... :)

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Must be a slow hint day...
Authored by: GORDYmac on Feb 13, '06 05:24:19PM

I can't believe this passed muster...

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Edit iTunes' Smart Playlists via Get Info
Authored by: 010111 on Feb 14, '06 05:58:52AM

seeing as i use smart playlists the majority of the time... and that i have like several hundred made... i had no idea there was any way to edit smart playlist OTHER THAN Command-I?! what have you people been doing? selecting it from the menu every time? jeesh.

here's another hint... you can change tags for more than one song at a time by shift-selecting a range of them and hitting Command-I! amazing!

also... you can play and pause the song using the space bar!

another one i use often : Command-Q will quit iTunes! (haven't tried it on other apps... i'm sticking to the tried and true menu until i can get some more testing done...)

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hint expertise levels?
Authored by: sjk on Feb 16, '06 12:29:24PM
Attention Rob:

Please consider creating some kind of "hint expertise level" categories here. Hints like this one clearly belong under novice.

Of course it's a judgement call which category particular hints would belong in but I'm sure there's something that could be done to improve filtering for specific hints of (dis)interest.

Do hints like "View open sockets in Transmission or other apps" and "How to clean the Mighty Mouse's scroll ball" (example taken from the current "What's New" box) really need to appear next to each other?

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hint expertise levels?
Authored by: dave1212 on Feb 19, '06 06:32:55PM

They all belong right next to each other on the main page, just the way it is.

Feel free to ignore the ones that don't interest you, just like novices ignore the 'power user' stuff we like.

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Edit iTunes' Smart Playlists via Get Info
Authored by: dave1212 on Feb 19, '06 06:47:11PM
For Rob and anyone else who ended up with the impression that you needed to Option-double-click, it takes only a single click with the Option key held to edit any Smart playlist.

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