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Retrieve 'lost' files from Apple's backup 3 Apps
I recently wiped my PowerBook and started over. I used Apple's Backup 3 software, and backed up my home folder to my FireWire drive, thinking I was all that. However, after I re-installed the system, I found that the backup did not behave in the same way it did before I wiped my computer. For instance, I found that it would not let me make new backup jobs (and my .Mac account is fine- I used it to restore my address book and other things that .mac saves). Anyway, when I used the Plan: Restore from Backup menu item, nothing would happen when I selected my file.

Apple's website was not much help for me, and I was thinking I was going to have to say goodbye to my iPhoto library and my music. I then thought that the file (with the extension .incrementalbackup) was probably a replacement for some type of archive. I know that Unix'ish things like to use gz or tar.gz and so I made a guess: I renamed my file to TAR.GZ, and it then looked like a folder.

I opened the folder and browsed around until I found a file called backup.sparseimage, which looked just like a DMG icon. I opened that file, and it mounted like any other DMG file, and I was able to pull out most of my files. I had made an incremental backup, so not everything was there, but almost all of it was.

Hope this helps some one else.
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Retrieve 'lost' files from Apple's backup 3
Authored by: johngoodman on Feb 13, '06 08:41:20AM

I don't think you need to rename the backup file in order to access the files within the (hidden) folder. You can just contol-click or right-click on the backup and select "Show Package Contents". After that, follow the tip instructions as posted.

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Retrieve 'lost' files from Apple's backup 3
Authored by: boredzo on Feb 13, '06 09:13:18AM

note: .gz files are regular files, not folders. .incrementalbackup files are packages: folders that are treated by Finder as files.

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Retrieve 'lost' files from Apple's backup 3
Authored by: GaelicWizard on Feb 13, '06 12:19:34PM

This sounds more like one user had some misconfiguration, or didn't update his computer, or just didn't click the right button, and blamed apple for it. This is definitely not a Hint. As the other posters pointed out, most of his information is wrong as well.

Rob, are you slipping? ;-)


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hint quality
Authored by: sjk on Feb 16, '06 01:48:00AM

Seems like Rob and this site would benefit from some technically-competent help with filtering the hints. Quite often the followups comments have more accurate information than the original hints.

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Retrieve 'lost' files from Apple's backup 3
Authored by: Bodoggy on Feb 13, '06 10:57:43PM

If incremental backup is chosen as an option, an original 'full' backup file is created and the incremental files supplement it. It looks to me like the backup wouldn't restore because the 'full' backup file wasn't present, because if it was, I'd assume you could recover everything. Thus, although it's interesting to know that the files can be mounted like a disk image, it seems the original problem was incorrectly identified.

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