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Modify graphics in iWeb templates Apps
It is possible to modify the graphics in iWeb templates, but it is a bit labor-intensive. Here is how:
  1. Control click on the iWeb application and choose "Show package contents" from the pop-up menu.
  2. Navigate into Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj. (For other languages, open the folder with the appropriate label.)
  3. Open the Templates folder. Inside, you will see one folder for each type of page. As an example, open "About me."
  4. You will see a .webtemplate file for each style of page. Select one style, control click on it, and choose "Show package contents" from the pop-up menu.
  5. Copy all of the graphic files in the folder that opens. Back them up!
  6. You can now edit each of them, and copy the modified versions back to the folder. This will permanently change the template graphics. To go back to the old graphics, just copy the original files back to this folder.
You must repeat this process for the "Photos" folder, the "Blog" folder, etc. Once you are done, any site that you make with that template will have your changes. The next step, which I have not figured out, is to find a preference list of some sort that would allow you to add a template, instead of modifying one. It would also be nice to find a spot where the font information is kept, so that you could change that.
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Template information
Authored by: Tulse on Feb 09, '06 08:11:52AM
There is an extensive article on how to add a modified template to the list of templates that iWeb recognizes. The process is relatively straightforward if one is comfortable editing .plist files -- essentially, it involves editing the TemplatesInfo.plist which is in the Templates folder. Doing anything other than changing the images in a template looks like it will entail editing the template XML file, and to this XML newbie that looks to be non-trivial -- possible, but hard.

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Modify graphics in iWeb templates
Authored by: christolles on Feb 09, '06 08:21:23AM

as far as i can tell, this is only a technique for modifying the placeholder images, nothing more. perhaps im just a newbie, though - the only files i understand w/in these packages are the images...

perhaps that site linked to above will help me - i want to create my very own custom themes to use as templates.

any help with the plist and xml techie nonsense?

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Modify graphics in iWeb templates
Authored by: ephramz on Feb 09, '06 10:05:14AM
I followed the directions given in the link above for adding a new template file to the TemplatesInfo.plist file and it worked well. You can just download the modified plist file so you don't have to change it yourself.

Then I tried to change the Modern Blog.webtemplate buried in the app package contents to remove the dates on the blog as I just wanted to use the blog as a sort of more extensive slide show that included the comments from iPhoto (these are not included anywhere in the Photo template in iWeb). So I just went through the xml file and removed all the blocks containing the date-time and @date identifier. There were a lot of them and it was slow going (in SubEthaEdit anway), since it is a huge text file with most of it all on one line.

It seemed to work, and the new template loaded OK in iWeb, but when I tried to make a new Blog page, iWeb completely crashed. If anyone has better xml editing skills, please let us know how to do this. Instead, I just had ot go through each of my 18 images and remove the date text from each blog entry. The actual date object is non-removable. This is the web page I created:

One thing I figured out with this is that to change the order of blog entries coming from iPhoto, you have to be very careful to select them in reverse order, one by one, selecting the one you want on top LAST. Just clicking the end photo, and then shift-clicking the top photo doesn't seem to work. They still came out backwards.

iWeb looks slick and is relatively easy for simple web pages, but it needs to be much more customizable and have the ability to save new templates before it is really usable. I'm back to Galerie for now for iPhoto image galleries.

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Modifying the XML
Authored by: Tulse on Feb 09, '06 10:47:40AM
I think your best bet is to not totally remove complete blocks of the XML that specify various characteristics, such as date and time. Instead, make sure that you replace those blocks with a closed tag for that characteristic. See this page on the 11 Mystics site for an example of what I mean. (I don't know for sure that this will work, but my guess is that iWeb is looking for tags defining those characteristics, and while it might be happy with closed tags, it may not like having them missing altogether.)

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Modifying the XML pt. 2
Authored by: Tulse on Feb 09, '06 11:13:33AM
(Apologies for the double-post.)

Editing the long single lines of text in the template files can be an enormous pain. There are two freeware tools that together can format and edit the templates in a more structured fashion.

Taco HTML Edit is a fantastic freeware app for editing HTML (and I highly recommend it for that purpose). It doesn't do syntax colouring for XML, but it can recognize basic tag structure, and break up a single line of XML into a beautifully indented file. To do this, open the XML file in Taco, and then under the Syntax menu, choose Organize Tags.

This may be sufficient if you don't want syntax colouring. However, it is handy to have the values coloured separately from the rest of the tags. To get this, you can download SEEdit. There is a freeware "Mini" version, and a US$30 "Maxi" version (that sounds like it also does the tag organizing that Taco does). For some reason, SEEdit won't open the saved XML file in its Open dialog box (the file is greyed out), but if you drag the file onto the SEEdit Dock icon, it will pop open the file.

These two apps (or one, if you want to shell out thirty bucks for SEEdit Maxi) will make editing the XML templates a lot more pleasant.

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iWeb templates
Authored by: backloop on Feb 23, '06 09:47:10AM

Here is another way to enjoy additional templates for iWeb. This site has free downloadable templates that you can start using right away. It doesn't require breaking into application pakage which is not safe, time consuming, and tidious.

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Modify graphics in iWeb templates
Authored by: meikokun on May 17, '06 09:43:12AM

don't bother clicking on the iweb templates link above, by backloop, as it is spam.

Too bad he popped his head above the parapet, as it's a nice target now.


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Modify graphics in iWeb templates
Authored by: jollyjinx on Jun 26, '06 06:30:44AM
Much easier if you use jTemplate. As the author of the tool I recommend, that you give it a try.

It let's you create and change new Themes and change the (preview)images of those themes as well.

Regards Jolly aka Patrick

And NO, it's not written in Java. The name derives from j(ollys)Template

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