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Create a PDF With embedded fonts using Preview Apps
To make a PDF portable across different systems, it may be necessary to embed the fonts used in the document in the PDF itself (sometimes this is required when submitting documents for publication, etc...). I found an easy way to do this that doesn't require Adobe Distiller:
  1. Open the original PDF in the Preview application.
  2. Select File: Print
  3. Click on the Preview button -- a new document should be generated.
  4. Select File: Print again (you should be in the newly-created document when you do this).
  5. Click the PDF button, and then select Save as PDF... from the pop-up menu.
  6. Choose a filename and save the file.
The file you just saved should have all of the fonts embedded (at least, that has been my experience, but your mileage may vary).
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Create a PDF With embedded fonts using Preview
Authored by: Roquentin on Feb 09, '06 08:46:57AM
I'm no PDF expert, but according to the Mac OS X Help entry on this subject, doing a standard print-to-PDF (without the intermediary step of previewing the doc) will create a PDF for which "all graphics are at full resolution, and the file includes each font character it uses." But assuming there are circumstances in which that nevertheless does not occur, Mac OS X v10.4 and later includes the option to save as PDF-X, and that standard does require that "all fonts and images must be embedded."

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Authored by: moritzh on Feb 10, '06 04:09:02AM

Great tip. And the hint comes in at just the right time: Only yesterday I had the missing font problem with a PDF (viewing it on a Widows computer caused problems), and today I read about the same topic and get reminded about PDF-X which will fix the problem - excellent!

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Create a PDF With embedded fonts using Preview
Authored by: bdavis921 on Dec 10, '06 08:57:59AM

This was an EXCELLENT tip. I did read one of the replies which suggested that one only had to use "Print to PDF". Well, Print to PDF does not work when you are starting out with a PDF file.
I send "electronic" documents to the USPTO which now scans them for embedding of all fonts. I am usually not the originator of these documents. The problem is you may have received documents that have security settings on them or use fonts that you might not have - all of which thwarts the ability to submit compliant documents. Even though one's system may substitute fonts, you cannot easily force such a substitution to be embedded. I previously unsuccessfully tried saving as Postscript and then distilling and any number of other options. In many cases I had to resort to saving as TIFF and re-importing into Adobe, but of course this was time consuming, resulted in the loss of all search capabilities, and required a file that takes up considerably more space.
Thank you for this excellent find!!

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Create a PDF With embedded fonts using Preview
Authored by: billalford on Aug 12, '08 09:34:08AM

Excellent tip. It is amazing how much easier this makes things with the USPTO.
I only wish I had seen this much sooner.

Note that Adobe Accrobat does not allow one to print into PDF-X as well.
You must use Apple's Preview application to print out into PDF-X. Once the PDF-X file is printed out and saved with the name you want, you can go ahead and open it with Adobe Acrobat and save it into that format.
I have not yet tried to directly submit a PDF-X file to the USPTO.

Now if Adobe would just get the message to make more user friendly software and allow us to embed fonts directly - it would be even better.

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