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Copy all tabs from one Safari window to another Web Browsers
Have you ever wanted to copy a bunch of tabs from one Safari window to another (without resorting to copy and paste)? If you have, hopefully you will enjoy this script. Run it, and you'll see two dialog boxes, asking for the source and destination windows, then the script does all the hard work.

Note that this script relies heavily on GUI scripting to compensate for the pathetic built-in scripting of Safari. A window will pop-up at the start of the script if GUI scripting is not turned on. It can be enabled in the Universal Access System Preferences panel (check the Enable access for assistive devices box).

[robg adds: I've also mirrored the script here on I tested it, and it works as described.]
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Another way without using copy and paste.
Authored by: on Feb 06, '06 02:38:13PM

You don't have to copy and paste. You can save your bookmarks by going to bookmark => bookmark this group of tabs. Open up a new window, and click on show all bookmarks. Go to Bookmarked Tabs, right click and select open in Tabs.

This is very easy to do. There is no copy and paste required.


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Another way without using copy and paste.
Authored by: elmaynardo on Feb 06, '06 04:07:00PM

I think only Saft gives you the option to bookmark all tabs. Also the hint really describes a way to combine two windows full of tabs, not open all of them in another window.

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Note to Apple
Authored by: bedouin on Feb 06, '06 04:03:32PM

I wish Safari had breakaway tabs. In other words, I could click on a tab and change its placement, or drag a tab out into a new window, or drag the tab into another window. Does any browser do this?

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Note to Apple
Authored by: hombre on Feb 06, '06 04:42:16PM

OmniWeb does.

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Note to Apple
Authored by: Dale Sorel on Feb 06, '06 05:30:48PM

You can do this and much more with SafariStand:

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re: Note to Apple, Safari Tab Organization
Authored by: macnstuff on Jun 06, '06 08:24:30PM
I agree! Apple should implement tear off tabs in Safari! It's one feature of FireFox that I really like because it lets me reorganize my tabs after I've opened a bunch. Safari doesn't support this nifty feature, but I've figured out a way you can make Safari sort of have this feature.

You can reorganize the tabs in Safari, but you need to open a new browser window and drag the URLs to the new window. Just select the desired URL and drag it to the new window. Each time you drag a URL to the other window, Safari automatically creates a new tab. You basically have to build up a new set of tabs in your desired order but it beats manually adding a new tab and copying and pasting each URL.

Maybe Apple will come around to implementing tear off tabs in the next Safari update. If it's already in FireFox, then it should be in the most used Mac OS browser, Safari.

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Behind on syntax
Authored by: Ganymede on Feb 06, '06 09:38:10PM

I got this script to work, but only after changing each occurrence of "number of items of" to "count of" to iterate through the window and url lists. Since I am still running Panther, OSX 10.3.9, and the script indicates it was tested on Tiger OSX 10.4.4, I presume Applescript syntax changed between these versions.

(Are you on the cutting edge or am I just behind the cut-off edge?? ;)


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Copy all tabs from one Safari window to another
Authored by: adam_oz on Feb 07, '06 04:32:36AM

Hey that's pretty sweet - thanks. I just noticed that I can, probably because I have Saft (which I love), drag tabs to (copy them) to another window. I hadn't realised until now.

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