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Reclaim missing iDisk space revisited Internet
I have three computers doing a local sync to my iDisk. I use the iDisk to transfer files from one machine to all the rest. When I've put the file on one machine, I move it to a folder named, for example, "To Mini" to indicate that I've got the file at work and on the laptop, and just the Mini needs it now. It's a system that works for me.

Over time, however, I noticed that even though I had about 250MB of files on my iDisk, I only had about 200MB free. I checked my Backup folder and cleared that out, but there was no sign of the missing 550MB on any of the machines.

I then used iDiskUtility to mount the disk manually, and found scads of files I had deleted months ago. I don't know how they were still there, but they weren't showing up on any of the computers. Sometimes, however, I would notice that when my iDisk was syncing, it would say it was syncing those old files, even though they weren't local.

Anyway, with iDiskUtility, I got a fresh look at my iDisk without the local iDisk filtering out files it thought I shouldn't have. I deleted all of the files in question, and now all my iDisks are once again reporting 700+MB of free space.

[robg adds: This previous tip discussed another method of recovering missing iDisk space.]
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Reclaim missing iDisk space revisited
Authored by: rtilley on Mar 06, '06 06:22:46PM

I had a file called ".filler.idsff" that was over 900 MB.
This is in OS X 10.4.5

I deleted it with the Finder, and a new 7 MB one appeared,
but the missing space did not return.
However, a few hours later (the next morning) the space was back.
Do not know if anything was lost.

I also have syncing turned on.
Both my wife and I use the same iDisk for some backups.
Not sure how syncing works in such a usage.
I would hope that if she deletes a file, my computer does not undelete it from its cache, and that if she creates a file, my computer does not delete it, since it is missing from my cache.
How does this work?
DOES this work???????

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Reclaim missing iDisk space revisited
Authored by: proinsias on Jul 06, '06 11:23:13AM
Have a look at:
and search for the post under:
iLife's Little Mysteries

Bascially, that file may be created by Backup 3, and you may decide to delete it within Backup 3.

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