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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6 Apps
I just started using iPhoto 6, and the first thing I did was check if iPhoto now finally adds ColorSync profiles to pictures it imports from my camera. Yeah! It does. But what I also noticed is an option (which defaults to on) to "copy files to iPhoto Library." A quick look in the help and sure enough, you can now have your photos anywhere -- they do not have to all be in one place. The options are in Preferences, on the Advanced tab, for both the 'scatter' and importing of ColorSync profiles.

Overall, am very pleased with iPhoto 6 -- it hasn't locked up or crashed yet, which is something v5 did almost daily for me.

[robg adds: This change wasn't discussed at the intro, and I actually asked someone on the show floor, and they replied that iPhoto still had to keep photos in its Library. Hence, I felt this worth sharing, even though it's well documented. Here's what the Help file has to say about it:
By default, iPhoto duplicates photos imported from your hard disk, leaving the originals in their original location and making a copy for use in iPhoto.

However, if you already have an extensive collection of photos saved on your computer and you prefer to leave your photos in their current file structure, you can choose to have iPhoto point to your original photo files instead of duplicating them in iPhoto. Either way, you can still make full use of iPhoto.
Given that I long ago gave in and just started letting iPhoto organize my pics, I'm unlikely to switch back ... but this feature should be useful to those who prefer their own photo organization structure.]
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That's good news
Authored by: guardian34 on Jan 19, '06 07:13:27AM

The required library has always stopped me from trying iPhoto… Thanks for pointing this out!

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me too
Authored by: schaps on Jan 19, '06 08:11:39AM

Can't wait to get it now-- I've used GraphicConverter's browser to manage my digipics since my first digicam in '98. Now I can use both.

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: jaysoffian on Jan 19, '06 07:52:21AM

A few points:

- The "Add ColorSync profile" option can only be enabled if you allow iPhoto to copy into the library. So if you disable "Copy files to iPhoto Library folder when adding to library" then the "Add ColorSync profile" option is disabled as well.

- When "Copy file to iPhoto Library folder when adding to library" is disabled, iPhoto organizes its library the same way as if the option is enabled, but instead of placing the photos in the library, it places Finder aliases (as opposed to symlinks) there. The advantage of this is that you can move the original items and iPhoto should still be able to find the moved item. Also, when deleting an image, the alias gets deleted, not the original item. This is as expected I hope.

- iPhoto now organizes its library using three folders: Data, Modified, and Originals. Under each of these is a folder by year, and within that a folder by roll name. In those folder are the actual files (or possibly aliases in the case of the Originals folder).

- It just so happens that my photo import process is to first copy my photos from my camera to a separate location: Pictures/Archives/YYYY/YYYYMMDD/<image file>. I then import those folders into iPhoto. When importing from disk, iPhoto uses the containing folder of each image as the roll name. So with iPhoto 6, this means that my Data, Modified, and Originals directories look like this: Originals/YYYY/YYYYMMDD/<image file>, mirroring how I was organizing my Archives folder. The Originals folder contains all aliases into the Archives folder. This is much nicer than iPhoto's previous scheme.

- There is a contextual menu item "Reveal Original in Finder." I don't recall if iPhoto 5 had that. This will properly follow the alias to the original item. This item is only active for images whose originals are kept outside the iPhoto library folder.

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: matsw on Jan 19, '06 08:30:23AM

It's good news that originals can be kept outside the library, I have been waiting for this since version 2.

How are vertical images handled ? In iPhoto 5, the image is decompressed, rotated and recompressed instead of simply using the exif orientation tag. Has that been changed ?

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(vertical) image rotation in iPhoto
Authored by: claudio on Jan 19, '06 11:03:26AM

Was this true for iPhoto 5 on Tiger, hopefully not? If you're running Panther (Mac OS X 10.3.x) then EXIF-rotation is not systemwide supported, and I guess that this might affect iPhoto 5 and 6 on Panther, too.

On Tiger they all should be aware of EXIF-rotation.

Someone here to prove me wrong?

- claudio

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(vertical) image rotation in iPhoto
Authored by: matsw on Jan 19, '06 11:43:28PM

iPhoto 5 on Tiger makes a recompressed copy of every photo that is rotated (either by the camera's orientation sensor or by the user). This loses quality and wastes space. I hope the new version makes smart use of the EXIF orientation.

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(vertical) image rotation in iPhoto
Authored by: jaysoffian on Feb 04, '06 03:03:53PM

This is not an issue for me because I don't import with iPhoto directly. I have my own scripts I've rolled that make use of jhead to rename and rotate photos. jhead in-turn uses jpegtran to perform the rotation which is done losslessly. The orientation flag is then reset.

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: dudemac on Jan 19, '06 11:55:52AM

It should also be noted that you can catalog images on offline volumes. Even though you can not edit the photos. The thumbs are able to be browsed in the library. This is great if you have a large number of images on external HD's. You can also do the normal things that you would be able to do in library view, such as tag, rate, and add keywords. The only thing seems to be the editing. And this makes sense, as it uses the created thumbs for everything else.
A note on size. On my 17" display I am able to zoom to max size with no problem even with images that are off line.

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: n8gray on Jan 19, '06 04:17:43PM

I've got a pretty big iPhoto library and I'd like to offload a big chunk of it to an external drive, but I don't quite understand if/how this can work. If I choose not to copy files to my library when importing them into iPhoto, what happens when I import from my camera? Am I correct in assuming that choosing this option effectively means I need to use another application (Image Capture perhaps) to import from the camera and organize my photos in the filesystem? If so, does iPhoto automatically stay up-to-date with photos in imported directories or do I have to manually import anything new into iPhoto in a second step?

I would run some tests to figure this out but I don't have my camera handy.


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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: sjk on Jan 24, '06 08:42:22PM

Good question. I'd test it, too, but I don't have iPhoto 6 handy (i.e. at all, yet). My hunch is that if importing is enabled with the new "Copy files to iPhoto Library" preference unset then it would copy them into the internal library folder hierarchy as if the pref were unset. iTunes works like that when its "Copy file to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" is set and content is added via iTMS or Podcasts.

I'm also wondering if they'd be any unforeseeable negative side effects of toggling the new iPhoto 6 "Copy ..." preference while managing a single library. For example, I might like to normally have it set (pre-iPhoto 6 behavior), then unset it to add more content to the library without copying it (e.g. random stuff under ~/Pictures), then set it again.

Derrick Story has a recent article on his O'Reilly weblog(?) explaining what happened when editing images in iPhoto 6 when the "Copy ..." preference is unset. Basically, it creates a copy under the internal library hierarchy.

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ColorSync profile embedding
Authored by: n8gray on Jan 19, '06 04:25:11PM

As a new Nikon D50 owner I'm starting to care about color much more than I did in my point-and-shoot days, but I don't quite understand the colorsync profile business. By default the D50 produces pictures in the sRGB IIIa color space. When I click the "Embed ColorSync Profile" button in iPhoto *what* colorsync profile gets embedded? Also, if anybody has a pointer to a good, comprehensible explanation of what color spaces and profile embedding is all about, I would appreciate seeing it.

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: defpo on Jan 19, '06 06:10:40PM

I saw this as well and got excited about it. Ahh, I can now use iPhoto and iView. Only problem, these alias files that are created are huge. I took two months of RAW files and dragged them into iPhoto (with this option enabled), and the iPhoto library quickly grew to over 600MB. That seemed a lot for thumbnailes/aliases to me...

So, if you use this, keep an eye on the iPhoto library size.

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: jiclark on Jan 24, '06 01:18:58PM

Could you update us here as you delve into this further? I, too, use iView currently, but would love to take advantage of this new feature in iPhoto6, but not if it's really not implemented very well…

Why would the alias (most likely a symbolic link, in actuality) need to be huge???

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: sjk on Jan 24, '06 08:26:03PM

From all I've read (no iPhoto 6 here yet) it does use aliases, not symbolic links. Aliases store a fair amount of data in their resource forks (including the original app icon, I think) so it's not unusual to see larger numbers of them consuming significantly more space than symlinks.

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Use pictures stored anywhere with iPhoto6
Authored by: thomasbosboom on Jun 19, '06 10:28:35AM
You should try reading this:
There is also a lot of information you can find with google...

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