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Fix dynamic playlists on certain iPods System
I just discovered that the latest iPod updater (2006-01-10) fixes an issue that's bugged me for quite awhile. It's even the covered in a Knowledge Base article on Apple's website (which now refers to the latest update as a fix).

You may or may not know it, but at some point, the iPod software stopped working correctly with "dynamic" Smart playlists on fourth generation iPods. For instance, I have several playlists that have a criteria for omitting songs that have been heard in the last two weeks. On the iPod, even after a song has played, that playlist wouldn't recognize it and omit the song.

Well, the new updater fixes it, to a degree. The only way to get your dynamic playlists to update on your iPod is to navigate backwards to the playlist level, and then start playing a different playlist. Then, when you switch back, the dynamic list will be updated. I believe that this is the only way you've ever been able to get any sort of dynamic playlist to update on an iPod. I know it did work previously, because I discovered the 'switch playlists to update' trick sometime early last year.

By the way, this issue doesn't affect nanos or 5th generation iPods.
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Fix dynamic playlists on certain iPods
Authored by: Mr. H on Jan 19, '06 06:56:00AM

I have a 40 gig 4th gen iPod, and I was so pleased when Apple finally got around to fixing this problem. It means for the first time since I bought it, it is bug free (there was a different bug which they fixed at the same time as breaking smart playlists).

The main point of this comment is to say that you do not need to start playing a different playlist in order to get your dynamic one to update. Let's say you are listening to playlist A, which is dynamic. Just navigate to a different playlist and select it (playlist A will continue to play), then navigate back to playlist A, and it will be updated.

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Fix dynamic playlists on certain iPods
Authored by: cpatch on Jan 19, '06 10:19:39AM

You don't need to start playing a different playlists...just use the menu button to back out of the current playlist then go back into it again (you don't have to select anything else before doing so). This is the way it worked before it got broken (with the firmware that introduced podcast support).


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Fix dynamic playlists on certain iPods
Authored by: neier on Jan 19, '06 02:18:52PM

Finally! I put up with that behavior for about 1/2 a day before I wiped the entire iPod and reset it to the factory condition. That allowed me to reinstall an older (working) firmware. Living without "podcasts" in the top menu was a minor inconvenience compared to the lack of dynamic playlist updates.

Great news to try this weekend.

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Thanks guys…
Authored by: jiclark on Jan 24, '06 12:31:58PM

…for the clarification about how to see the playlist update. Much appreciated!

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