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10.4: Let Simple Users mount any network volume Apps
Tiger only hintI just recently realized that, with the release of Tiger, Apple has changed how Simple Users can mount network shares. In Panther (10.3), it used to be that Simple Users could mount any volume on any system over a network, as long as they had sufficient permissions. Now in Tiger, Simple Users can only mount the boot volumes of machines on the network. Meaning you cannot mount any additional volume (internal hard drive, FireWire drive, etc.) over the network. For me this was annoying, since I work in a school system and we have many G5 animation labs. All students have Simple User accounts, and we wanted to be able to mount additional volumes so they can make network shares to save their projects.

Someone recomended an application to get around this to me. It's a donationware app called SharePoints, and it does exactly what I need. I just created a group policy for Simple Users on the machine I designated to have the network shares, and I was able to mount all volumes on the system with every Simple User on the network. Thanks to 'Raven' for recomending it to me.

[robg adds: We've covered SharePoints here before. The program itself was, in fact, inspired by this hint from 2001. SharePoints lets you easily share any folder on your machine, much like you could with System 9's sharing feature.]
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also works great for sharing with Windows
Authored by: jspivack on Jan 18, '06 07:53:16AM

+1 for SharePoints. I recently used it to share files with a Windows machine - without it, I was only able to share my user folder, and not my external drive. SharePoints did the trick.

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10.4: Let Simple Users mount any network volume
Authored by: mattosaur4 on Jan 18, '06 12:59:14PM

Apple really need to add the features of Sharepoints to the OS itself.


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10.4: Let Simple Users mount any network volume
Authored by: dreness on Jan 18, '06 02:32:31PM

It would be nice, I agree. You might consider filing a bug at (if you feel like jumping through the various ADC hoops if you don't already have an account...), since the lack of this feature does represent a loss of functionality from OS 9. Every bit of feedback helps!

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They want you to buy server
Authored by: _merlin on Jan 18, '06 03:35:24PM

The functionality is present in OSX client and server, but on the client, you need to use NetInfo Manager or a 3rd party tool to configure it. On OSX Server, you can use Workgroup Manager to configure share points easily. They want your money, and they want you to buy OSX Server.

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10.4: Let Simple Users mount any network volume
Authored by: macfreek57 on May 14, '06 01:42:58AM

Under Tiger, you can always set the individual user's home directory to be on an external drive. This will at least allow access to one drive at a time. First, create a folder titled with the user's name on the volume you want to share. Select the folder and "Get Info…" from the file menu. Under "Ownership and Permissions", change the owner to the user who will be using it. In NetInfo Manager (in Utilities), authenticate with the lock icon. then choose the user (in the Users directory) who you want to allow access to the external/other volume. Then, in the properties/values box, change the Property "home"s Value to the path of the new user folder you created on the external drive (it will probably start with /Volumes/ExternalDrive/…). When the user logs on from the network, they will have access to the external drive.
I guess this is useless since that guy wrote Sharepoints, but I like to be able to do stuff without having to install anything extra.

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