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10.4: Keep the old red Calendar widget from 10.4.3 Apps
Tiger only hintSome people won't like the new black Calendar widget in 10.4.4. The color is a bit dark, but mostly it's way bigger than the old calendar. Here's how to keep the old calendar and have the new one, too.

Note: you have to do this on a machine that still has 10.4.3, before upgrading to 10.4.4

Open the folder /Library/Widgets at the root level of the hard drive. There will be a Calendar widget inside. Drag the Calendar widget to the desktop. It should copy to the desktop (there will appear a green plus as you drag it). Rename the widget; I changed it to CalendarOld. Control-click on CalendarOld and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. See the file named Info.plist, and leave this window open.

Now to to Applications and run TextEdit. The TextEdit icon will appear in the dock. Drag the file Info.plist onto the TextEdit icon in the dock. TextEdit will show the contents of the file. Change the string:
Save the changes you've just made. Now use Software Update to update to 10.4.4. After the update, double-click on CalendarOld and choose Install then Keep. Now you have both the new and the old calendar available.
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10.4: Keep the old red Calendar widget from 10.4.3 | 4 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Keep the old red Calendar widget from 10.4.3
Authored by: wnorris on Jan 16, '06 08:11:01AM
If you've already installed the new update, you can still get back the old calendar widget if you have your Tiger install disc using Pacifist. Put in your install disc, run Pacifist, and click Open Mac OS X Install Packages. You'll find the widget in AdditionalEssentials.pkg -> Library -> Widgets. Ctrl-click Calendar.wdgt and choose Extract to Custom Location. I put mine in ~/Library/Widgets, but you can really put it anywhere. You'll still need to edit the Info.plist file like this hint originally mentions.

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10.4: Keep the old red Calendar widget from 10.4.3
Authored by: lynxie on Jan 16, '06 08:18:10AM
The older widget should also be in one of the install packages from the Tiger install DVD. Also I believe in Tiger it is possible to unpack packages just using the built-in Tiger archive utility.
  1. Insert the DVD, open it with the Finder.
  2. Open the System folder. Inside the System folder you should see a folder named "Installation" and inside that one a folder called "Packages". Inside the Packages folder you should find a file called "AdditionalEssentials.pkg".
  3. Right-click it (or ctrl-click) and select "Show Package Contents".
  4. Once inside the package open the "Contents" folder and copy the "Archive.pax.gz" file to your Desktop, I also like to rename it to "AdditionalEssentials.pax.gz".
  5. Then double-click it on the Desktop. Tiger's Archive Utility will unzip it and unpack it and you will should see a folder called "AdditionalEssentials" (or if you left the name Archive.pax.gz the folder will be called "Archive").
  6. Inside this folder you should find folder called "Library" and inside Library you should find a folder called "Widgets", where the original Calendar should be present.
    I was using the DVD that came with my iBook. Of course this widget would be unpatched by any updates, and I don't know if that's a good idea... One of the "Combined 10.4.X Updates" may also have this widget.
"Tiger DVD"/System/Installation/Packages/AdditionalEssentials/Contents/Archive.pax.gz
"Unpacked Archive.pax.gz"/Library/Widgets/Calendar"

-Petar edit: ( darn, wnorris was quicker...)

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10.4: Keep the old red Calendar widget from 10.4.3
Authored by: David Allen on Jan 16, '06 10:06:28AM

Great hint, thanks! I liked the red calendar much better, maybe except for the color, and it is much smaller. The black one reminded me of an aide for the visually impaired.

I extracted the widget from my Tiger install DVD using Pacifist. I put the widget in ~library/widgets. When I tried changing the .plist with TextEdit I ran into some permissions difficulty when I tried to Save the changes, but this was easily resolved.

Thanks again. I love all these ideas that help me make this "my computer" so I can use it the way I want to.

David Austin Allen
Monterrey, NL, MX

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10.4: Keep the old red Calendar widget from 10.4.3
Authored by: pod0 on Jan 17, '06 07:19:07AM

David - how did you get round your permissions problems with the .plist file?

I'm a Unix thicko and don't know how to change permissions of a file within a package.



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