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Post-keynote follow-up... Site News
As usual, another entertaining and well-done keynote by Steve Jobs. The new hardware looks way cool; I haven't yet had hands-on time, but the speed increases he described seem borderline unbelievable. I can't wait to see what's in store for the pro line later this year.

But I actually found the software announcements nearly as interesting as the hardware -- iPhoto, iWeb, iDVD, etc. have all received notable improvements. Since I'm assuming most everyone was impressed with the hardware, I thought it'd be fun to see which software app is at the top of everyone's list -- hence the new poll. Please feel free to comment on anything else in the keynote, too, either here, or in the comments to the poll.

And now, I'm off to fight my way to the Apple booth!

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: saurabhdutta on Jan 10, '06 06:19:54PM

I'd definitely love to see what this iweb is all about. Seems interesting. Also the non announcement of mac mini x86 was a huge disappointment. And one more thing..... macbook sounds clunky.
Saurabh Dutta

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: tracemeek on Jan 10, '06 07:39:08PM

My guess is that the html generated by iWeb will be *hideous* and will have nothing to do with web standards.

I'm not into chatting, er, videoconferencing, so to me the MacBook's built-in iSight (and the extent to which it unbalances the screen's margin) is obnoxious. Hope it will become optional in a future release.

"MacBook" sounds a little nerdy and pedestrian, eh?

On the bright side, I'm psyched about the updates to iPhoto. Oh yes, and I'm sure the book's performance will inspire me to accept its foibles.

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: afranz on Jan 11, '06 06:23:23AM

when you are at the Apple boot ask them why we have to pay full price for the software every year. Even so there are new applications, I still don't consider it a nice move not to have an upgrade option.

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: Baggins on Jan 11, '06 07:26:56AM

I guess Apple could offer iLife for $149.99 to be more in line with equivalent third-party software bundles and then offer a $79.99 upgrade price. Would that make you happy?

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: DocMan on Jan 11, '06 12:05:59PM

Don't upgrade. I never bought into iLife '05 because there weren't enough changes to make the cost worth my while. '06 I might get. Until then I'm still doing fine with iLife '04.


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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: MonolithTMA on Jan 11, '06 09:36:10AM

Cool looking stuff. I don't care for the MacBook name, but the specs look cool. I was hoping they would add MIDI output to Garageband, but, at this point, I've given up on that. Logic, while pretty and powerful, is not Garageband Pro. It's a totally different interface, one that I don't like nearly as well as Garageband.

I'll be excited to see more of the Intel Macs coming out. :-)

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: solipsism on Jan 11, '06 12:14:05PM
Jobs did a great job as usual but he is, after all, a sales man and therefore focuses on the most positve points during the presentation. I compared the Powerbook to the new MacBook Pro and came up with these key difference not mentioned. This is a straignt comparison of the Powerbook (PB) and MBP MacBook Pro (MBP):

Positive Steps...
- PB: 333MHz
- MBP: 667MHz


- PB: 15.2"
- MBP: 15.4"

Video Card
- PB: 128MB
- MBP: 256MB

- PB: 50W Li-Ion
- MBP: 60W Li-Poly

Negative Steps...
- PB: 1440 x 960
- MBP: 1440 x 900

Optical Drive:
- PB: Double- Layer burning
- MBP: No DL burning

Firewire 800:
- PB: 1 port
- MBP: 0 port

- PB: 13.7 x 9.5 inches
- MBP: 14.1 x 9.6 inches

- PB: 56K
- MPB: none

I noticed this sentence, "With Mac OS X, you get three options for using your display: dual-display mode, video mirroring, and lid-closed mode.", which reminded me that the low power consumption and subsequent low heat now allows one's notebook to be closed without automatically putting it to sleep. It's about time!

I like that the current PBs are 26% brighter than the previous PBs and the new MBPs are 67% than the current PBs. That is a major jump, unless I'm doing my math wrong.

I'd like to see how much longer the battery life lasts with the new technology and low consuption. Though I'm guessing it's not that impressive otherwise Jobs would have mentioned it.

Also, the new Express Card slot is nice, but what if you currently use your PC Card slot?

Other nice features:
- Scrolling Trackpad
- MagSafe power connector
- iSight built-in
- IR sensor w/ remote included

There are certainly pluses to the Intel chipset over the PPC, but I won't go into those now.

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Not to be too picky, but…
Authored by: jiclark on Jan 11, '06 03:27:14PM

…the current PowerBooks *can* function with the lid closed, as long as they're connected to external monitor/keyboard/mouse beforehand. They've had this capability for some time, but you see a lot of misinformation out there about it.

Otherwise, good comparison chart! I need to find out more about this express slot, or whatever it's called. And no modem? Give me a break, are there not billions of places out there that don't have any 'net access other than dial-up? Sheesh…

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Not to be too picky, but…
Authored by: solipsism on Jan 11, '06 03:46:32PM

I didn't know about the closed lid functioning when connected to an external monitor. I hope they will now be able to function with a closed lid without an external monitor. I DL stuff at night and would prefer to simply close the lid instead of dimming the display.

I personally have never used my PB modem, Firewire 800 port or PC slot. As for DL burning, I doubt I'll be wanting to do that for at least another year as the DVDs are still too expenive and I have no issues with SL buring. I was just pointing out the addition and subtraction aspects of the new hardware.

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Post-keynote follow-up... iLife...Ftp?
Authored by: JustThinking on Jan 11, '06 05:48:04PM

I think the keynote was great and the new iLife suite of applications seem exciting. I like the ability to be able to design a website and create a podcast in a matter of minutes/hours. My only concern is that it looks like everthing is designed to run on a .Mac account. I hope I can publish easily to an ftp site. If .Mac is a one-click publish, I can handle two-clicks for an ftp-site. Concerning the MacBook I think they should have taken more time with the naming of their next-generation laptop. Every laptop doesn't have to be a "book".

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: rhostacean on Jan 12, '06 03:49:49AM

I think I was fairly disapointed. The MacBookPro should be called the ProBook. The remote should be bluetooth and not dated, ugly, dopey IR. The little port on the macbook is dated looking. He kept going on about front row as the best media experience, I find that quite a claim.

The idea that apps are being ported to Intel sort of depresses me. It reminds me of the pain of using OS9 apps with the early OS X in 'classic mode' emulation. Ugh. Repurchasing apps. Ugh.

I was expecting a TV-top Mac mini with front row. Darn.

What's the deal with the macbook keyboard? I thought they'd fix the half height cursor keys.

The hoopla over the integrated isight. Welcome to the nineties.

I was hoping for a revised ibook range with intel and higher res, but now, I think I'll be happy to buy the standard one and keep it powerpc.

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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: eduo on Jan 12, '06 05:57:06AM


It's been confirmed that iWeb works with servers other than .mac, Apple says that .mac is recommended because that's the only place 1-click publishing works. In other places you save your project and upload it yourself, which is workable enough.

For Apple every laptop has to have a "book" as they've come to associate that suffix to portables. I myself don't like MacBook as much as I liked PowerBook but I'm happy they didn't went with "MacTop Pro". ProBook doesn't sound right either (BTW, the reason it doesn't roll of the tongue as well is because the name has one less syllablle and misses the word "power", which we've associated with Pro for a long time, a name like MacBook sounds like an entry-level machine).

You are dissapointed because you want to be. You have expectations that may not what Apple sought to fulfill. I myself don't think the MBP is a PRO machine, but a medium-range machine destined to sit between what we now see as the powerbook and the ibook.

To me both MacBook and ProBook are lame names, which goes to show you how the name that you pick might not be liked elsewhere either (the same can happen to Apple which is famous for having named a mac "Flower Power" and another "Dalmatian", so be thankful).

The remote should NOT be bluetooth. This is so basic I feel tired just explaining it. Bluetooth is a wonderful technology that can be used for tons of things. Remote controls is NOT one of them. This is unarguable (if such word exists). A bluetooth device is using up battery constantly (unless you're prepared to wait a couple of seconds when changing channels until the remote couples with the host machine) and its battery usage while transmitting (which is independent from the fact that it must be connected constantly or at least available) is hundreds of times higher than what an IR connection requires.

IR has the advantage of using almost no electricity, of using this electricity only when needed and being as cheap a technology as you could get above using a cord and a couple of plastic cups.

There are times when the latest and greatest technology, amazing as this will sound, is NOT the best solution to a problem. Using Bluetooth for an unidirectional remote control (or anything other than RF for a bidirectional one) is as misguided as making a FireWire 800 mouse and could only ever be made to satisfy buzzword-hungry users.

On the port. In most laptops this is on the side (and they are usually darker in color, so it doesn't show) because it's used to transfer files. On the mac it's used to control the computer. It could've been placed in the iSight hole (as in the iMac) but that would've meant it couldn't be used with the lid closed (I wonder if Apple considered a swivelling iSight, it would've made for an "in the pinch" DV camera).

About front row being the best media experience I vote for this being an "in context" comment. This means that after one hour of referring to the iLife media as the "de facto" media of MacOSX (however arbitrary or subjective this definition might be) the usage of the word for the rest of the Keynote would refer to the same. And Front Row is, arguably, the best "iLife Media" experience currently available (mainly because it's probably the only serious attempt at one, admittedly).

I myself find XBMC, XPMC and the lesser-known-but-equally-designed media centers out there (I'm covering any you could mention, believe me) to not work for me, whereas Front Row is simple and specific enough to work. I don't need anything more than what it offers and for me that means "ideal and best". Some people would prefer if the thing ripped DVDs, read pirated DivX movies and played Ogg files directly. More power to them, I'm satisfied (and most people I've seen using Front Row are as well, keep in mind that Apple, again, may not be appealing to YOU, who might know what an AVI file is, but to armchair users who just want to pop a DVD in and see it, play their music (preferrably bought in the iTMS) and see their grandchildren pictures easily).

I know it's hard to be objective and easy to think one is the "normal user Apple and other companies should be aiming" but really, it's like nobody even tries any more. I meet users that argue that power-users expect newbies to know everything just to later inherit the same arrogant and snob posture of thinking themselves the sole market of new products.

Your comment on being depressed that apps are being ported to Intel and comparing multiplatform binaries to Classic running under OSX says a lot more about the reason behind your gripes than you'd probably be willing to admit, mind you (and I don't mean this in a bad way, it just says a lot). Repurchasing apps is a fact of computing. Don't repurchase them if they work on Rosetta. I can tell right away that applications in Rosetta work faster in the MBP than they ever did in my G4 12" PowerBook6,2 so I wouldn't mind. I'd be bummed "Bus'D Out" didn't work any more, seeing as it has survived more than two decades and it's like a pet to me now, but I'd be willing to live with that.

Also, tell yourself that just because no TV-top Mac mini came out that doesn't mean what came out is actually a bad thing. I can still remember all the abuse the iPod received when it came out by users that were just burned the much-rumored PDA didn't ever exist. This is converting your own expectations into attacks at someone/thing that never gave you reason for having them in the first place.

Continuing (you'll excuse me, but you just happened to summarize a lot of comments I've been seeing all around the place, so I'll just run with it and finish them all and feel better about myself), you thought they'd "fix" the half-height cursor keys and, to me, this is assuming quite a lot considering they might not think their keys are "broken" (I know I don't think mine are and I actually like them half-height, same as the function-keys). So they may not "fix" something they don't is broken.

The integrated iSight and your "Welcome to the nineties" comment. Please go back and see the quality and resolution of those nineties cameras (mostly Vaio laptops). Then come back and ask yourself why it would be a big deal for mac users (I can hint a two reasons to get you started: First and most important: THERE WERE NO INTEGRATED CAMERAS EVER FOR MACS!!!, how unimportant could it be that it existed for other platforms before if you're glad it exists for yours?, secondly: The iSight is arguably a much better camera than most integrated options out there (especially from the nineties). I would've thought better to give an opinion on why could Apple not have considered making it removable or movable at least (I tend to get on my iSight what's in front of my PowerBook more often than showing my own misshappen face)

You were hoping to get a revised iBook range with Intel and didn't get one. Then it's a good choice you choose to buy the existing ones. You were disappointed, again, because you chose to expect something nobody promised you (really, the rumors sites are making everyone into whiners). If you can wait wait, if you can afford a MBP then that's better than any existing iBook. If you can't do either then get an iBook and be happy, as it was as good a machine as it was three days ago (it's amazing how people convert and excellent machine, iBook or everything else from "An excellent option" into "The last of the barrel" as soon as a new machine comes out. It's as good as it was a week ago and it will be so for as long as the normal life of Macs is from the time they get discontinued (which the iBooks yet haven't been)).

I'll go shut up again, and thanks for the fodder. I needed that.



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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: solipsism on Jan 12, '06 09:21:54AM

Nice article, Eduo. Quite long but I'm glad I decided to read it.

Nice data on the IR port, I didn't know Bluetooth was always on. I have a question about the iMac IR port. I thought it was behind the Apple symbol toward the bottom. If not, can someone post some proof of this so I read up on it. It would be much appreciated.

As for the name, I could careless what they called it as long as functions correctly. The name is the least important change and yet I here people complaining more about this than anything else. Is this really a deciding factor for people?

I'm quite happy to finally get an integrated camera on the Notebooks. Constantly carrying and having to setup a camera has always been a bit of a pain. I'm sure I'd use it more too now that it's inegrated.

What about the concerns of slightly less resolution (but the same for all intensive purposes) and the removal of the DL buring feature?

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Authored by: sjk on Jan 12, '06 07:53:17PM
Authored by: eduo on Jan 13, '06 02:09:43AM

And "I couldn't care less", while at it :)


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Post-keynote follow-up...
Authored by: eduo on Jan 13, '06 02:30:20AM

Yeah, I know it was lengthy, but somehow the parent post just triggered something in me. I'd started fuming much earlier with the lots and lots of disinformation around and couldn't take it any more.

Especially as most of the complaints were either knee-jerk reactions ("Gah! BAd nAMe!! BAD NamE!!"); self-righteous, self-justifying, obviously weak rants, ("Well, If apple can't implement FW800 then I guess I won't be upgrading my Tangerine iBook now, will I? The WHOLE reason I've been considering upgrading to a Powerbook is the FW800 port") or Disillusionment over exaggerated expectations generated by either wishful thinking ("But I *WANTED* Apple to include a magnetic iPod and two CD bays and 10 hours battery!") or by believing rumor sites have anything that even approaches serious journalism practices ("I can't believe Apple didn't come out with the Plasma Displays and the TV-receiving Intel Mac Minis" -I still can't believe people actually considered these as possibilities- )

As they say: "Armchair Generals have the advantage over their real-life counterparts in the they can say their pieces without the need for Intelligence to back it up".


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