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Remove display glitches on external monitors System
I use a 12" 1.33Ghz G4 PowerBook with an external 17" LCD VGA Microtek monitor. When I'm not mirroring the PowerBook display (that is, when I'm using the external as additional display space), I often have problems with windows on the external monitor.

Open Word docs (in Word) and PDF files (Preview) often repeatedly display the same line or paragraph when I scroll down a page. So I get a whole page or more with just the same two lines repeated. Dragging the affected windows from external to PowerBook display doesn't fix the problem. Hiding the window (Command-H) doesn't help, either. My guess is that it is related to memory or video card limitations ... or it could be the monitor itself. Perhaps other users have this problem as well.

In any case, I found a fix for this issue, albeit after it occurs. If you minimize affected open windows (Command-M or the top-left yellow button) to make them go to the Dock, and then expand them from the Dock, these document windows will display properly. And in my experience, the problem doesn't repeat itself.
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Remove display glitches on external monitors
Authored by: yoel on Dec 22, '05 07:12:01AM

I have this same problem (albeit only in Word) with a brand new 15" PB G4 and a cinema display. Thanks for the fix!

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Remove display glitches on external monitors
Authored by: c92081 on Dec 22, '05 07:49:18AM

its likely that redrawing can take place by quickly moving to print preview within word and back out to the document, same effect but slighty faster_less distracting ...err dazzling with the genie effect


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Remove display glitches on external monitors
Authored by: wilton on Dec 22, '05 07:20:31AM

I use 12" PB plugged into a 24" Dell monitor.

I occasionally have this problem in Finder windows, which I normally use in column view. A direcory name will show up twice directly above each other.

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Remove display glitches on external monitors
Authored by: robmorton on Dec 22, '05 11:48:52AM

I have seen this issue numerous times as well. It already has been reported, but still go to and submit it again.

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Remove display glitches on external monitors
Authored by: cteselle on Dec 23, '05 11:12:51AM
I have this same problem on one of the 17" PB's at work. I tried this hint, and still have the same issue.

It's an originaly 1ghz 17" connecting to a Dell 18" LCD.

oh well... I was hopeful.

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disconnect & reconnect external monitor
Authored by: cjmilne on Feb 21, '06 11:28:06AM

I've got the same issue with a 12" PB & minimizing the doc doesn't fix the display problems with Word. I have discovered however that if you open the Word doc without the external monitor connected (or if you disconnect the external monitor while the doc is open) & then reconnect the external monitor the document no-longer displays any glitches on scrolling the window with either keyboard or mouse wheel/ball. The problem returns for any new documents opened on the external monitor. I've submitted a bug-report to Apple.

Note that I've never seen this with Preview, only Word.


12" PB operating in lid closed configuration with an external CRT, USB keyboard & mouse (MS Intellimouse/Mighty Mouse), Word 2004 (050714)

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Remove display glitches on external monitors
Authored by: cjmilne on Feb 22, '06 03:46:05PM

A second reply, following up my comment above. I've found what I believe is a workaround solution to the display glitches when scrolling in Word while using an external monitor: close & relaunch Word after the external monitor is connected. I discovered I can only reproducibly get the display glitches when Word is running before I connect to an external monitor & then once the external monitor is connected I open a document.

Hope that helps anyone seeing these bizarre problems.


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