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A fix for an iTunes self-launching issue Apps
Not sure if this is something that has been caused by a recent update, but I have never seen it before today, and couldn't find any information on it here or on our old friend google.

My girlfriend has an iBook, so I'm not sure if this is something that has happened on other configurations, but she said to me today that iTunes was acting quite funny. It seems it was starting at about a two minute interval with no human input -- even if the computer wasn't being used at the time.

I managed to track the problem down to the Dashboard, of all places. She had the iTunes widget running, and it was paused on a song. Tt seems that that widget was doing a checkup call or something to iTunes, which caused it to re-open. So I had her close the widget, and the problem vanished. I can't confirm if reopening the widget will cause this to continue to happen.

[robg adds: I tested on my PowerBook, and I couldn't get this problem to recur. Regardless of whether I paused a song with a widget or iTunes, when I quit iTunes, the widget's display changed to read "iTunes is not open." I'm publishing this on the hopes that perhaps someone else is having this issue, and we may be able to figure out if there's other software involved.]
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A fix for an iTunes self-launching issue
Authored by: saramayo on Dec 22, '05 07:20:07AM

A number of self-launching issues with iTunes have been posted in the Apple Discussion boards. All have been posted by Tiger users and all have been solved by quitting or updating certain dashboard widgets (usually the iTunes one, or, less often, a lyrics widget).

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A fix for an iTunes self-launching issue
Authored by: mm2270 on Dec 22, '05 07:39:15AM

I have a similar self launching issue with my iTunes 6 under Tiger (10.4.3), but I have no iTunes related widgets running, so I'm not sure if that's the main cause.

In my case, what will happen is I'll quit iTunes and it immediately relaunches itself after it quits. It doesn't always happen, but I've seen it happen most at work when other users are connected to my iTunes library. Perhaps if they are in the middle of browsing my collection or streaming a track is what causes it. Not sure though, because I've also experienced it sporadically at home and no-one is connected to my library there.

In every case quitting a second time makes it stick.

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A fix for an iTunes self-launching issue
Authored by: superg on Dec 22, '05 08:36:03AM

This happens to me when I have Audio Faucet open (its a Tivo HME app). If I quit iTunes, it will reopen a few seconds later, and won't stay quit unless I quit Audio Faucet first.

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I had the same problem (17"Powerbook 1Ghz)
Authored by: cutterchgo on Dec 22, '05 09:56:37AM

Exact same symptom. Exact same resolution.

- b r y

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I had the same problem (12"iBook, PM G5 dual)
Authored by: unimatrixzxero on Dec 23, '05 04:36:54AM

Me, too. Darn widget.

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It isn't "self-launching" if something asks iTunes for feedback
Authored by: Krioni on Dec 22, '05 11:20:02AM

If a widget or other program sends a request for information to iTunes via AppleEvents (AppleScript is the typical way to do this) without checking first whether iTunes is running, then it is that application's fault. I wrote TuneTags and quickly realized that I should first _check_ whether iTunes is running before asking for information about the currently-playing track. It isn't hard to do.

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iTunes needs to be quit twice
Authored by: thiefhunter on Dec 23, '05 04:24:20AM

Running 10.4.3 on a 17" PB. The only issue I've noticed lately is that when I quit iTunes, it immediately reopens. Quitting the second time quits it for good. Disabling the iTunes widget didn't help. Maybe I'll trash it.

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A fix for an iTunes self-launching issue
Authored by: azraq27 on Dec 23, '05 11:00:38AM

Ditto. I hadn't actually realized I fixed it by quitting the Dashboard widgets (I just did it because some of them were going crazy with the CPU). I thought it magically solved itself somehow!

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A fix for an iTunes self-launching issue
Authored by: paulsrandall on Dec 28, '05 04:11:35AM

Is anyone having the automatic relaunch issues also using SizzlingKeys4iTunes. Some, but not all, releases of this software cause this issue. I thought it may have been Synergy, but I think I've narrowed it down. Incidentally, the latest version of SizzlingKeys4iTunes does not cause this issue.

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A fix for an iTunes self-launching issue
Authored by: levicole on Jul 09, '07 07:08:17PM

I had this problem with the latest update of itunes(7.3)...with the same solution. I figured that someone might have the same issue, and I almost wrote off all the solutions on other websites that i saw because they were for older versions of iTunes.

I have a macbook pro running itunes 7.3

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