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Avoid delays when navigating iTunes video podcasts Apps
I have been having a lot of fun exploring the variety of really interesting video podcasts now available through iTunes. Some of my favorites are RocketBoom, Apollo Pony, Channel Frederator and Four Eyed Monsters.

So anyway, if you view the videos in a separate window (which I prefer), I noticed that when trying to scrub forwards or back using the control at the bottom of the video's window, it was pretty slow to respond and difficult to control exactly where you wanted to be. Well, today I discovered that if you move the window aside (or to your second monitor, as in my case) and switch focus to the controls at the top of the main iTunes window, you can click and drag or simply click where you want, and the video responds instantly! Not sure why, but it's a dramatic difference.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a serious hint, but it seemed like a subtle thing that made browsing these vast libraries of video (particularly ones like Apollo Pony) much easier.

[robg adds: I can confirm that there are definite issues in using the slider at the bottom of a separate iTunes video window -- trying to even jump ahead with a click causes my G5's CPUs to peg, and I see the spinning beach ball. When I use the controls at the top of the iTunes window, there are no such issues -- response is instantaneous. This seems like some sort of bug in iTunes' handling of video in separate windows, given that it works fine with one set of controls, but not the other. Note that I added the above links to the podcasts; I didn't screen any of them (other than RocketBoom, which I subscribe to), so I don't really know what you might be getting if you click :).]
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Avoid delays when navigating iTunes video podcasts
Authored by: RideMan on Dec 21, '05 09:28:25PM

That sounds like some of the issues I have seen with certain applications that control QuickTime playback. I saw it last night, for instance, when I was playing with Media Hootenany...its controls over QuickTime playback were stunningly awful and the playback was horrid. Running in QuickTime Player, the same videos ran fine.

I wonder if the iTunes separate video window issues are something similar...or related.

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Avoid delays when navigating iTunes video podcasts
Authored by: PopMcGee on Dec 22, '05 06:34:54AM

This is more an issue because iTunes has some big performance deficits here. What I do (requires QT Pro): select a podcast, hold Cmd and press R, down arrow and F. Now you've got yourself the move playing with QT Player, with nice responsive controls.

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Authored by: jiclark on Dec 24, '05 09:10:48AM

I can't seem to get your keyboard shortcut to do anything except open a new Finder window with the video selected. Can you elaborate on your suggestion? I have QTPro, btw.


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Authored by: lavar78 on Dec 24, '05 08:39:27PM

Cmd-R reveals the podcast in the Finder
Cmd-Down (or Cmd-O) opens the podcast in the default player
Cmd-F plays a movie in Full Screen mode in QT Pro

The problem is that the default player for most podcasts is probably iTunes and not QT. Those shortcuts should work just as described if you change the default player to QT.

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