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10.4: How to use BrickHouse firewall GUI Apps
Tiger only hintBrickHouse is a very nice GUI for Apple's built-in firewall. The only problem I've had with it is that it hasn't been updated for OS X Tiger (10.4) since the pre-release days. Everything seems to work fine, except for the startup script.

Read on for a step-by-step guide to getting around this problem.

Here's what you need to do.
  1. Open BrickHouse.
    1. Note the title of the window that opens. It's on the very top of the window in the middle. My window title is "Quick Configuration: AllowOnlyPorts80and22". You will need this information below.
    2. Click on the padlock icon.
    3. Enter your user name and password and check the "Store in Keychain" box.
  2. Download and install Scenario ($10 shareware).
    1. Install for current user.
    2. Open System Preferences and click on Scenario (it's at the bottom, in the Other category).
    3. In the General tab, press the On button.
    4. In the Log-in & Out tab, check the 'Run scripts when user logs-in' box.
  3. Open Script Editor (/Applications -> Applescript -> Script Editor) and paste this code into a new document.
  4. Replace both instances of Quick Configuration: AllowOnlyPorts80and22 with your window title, which you noted during step 1a.
  5. Try clicking the Run button in Script Editor, to make sure it's working. Save the AppleScript here: ~/Library -> Scenario Script Launcher Folder -> Login Scripts -> BrickHouseActivate.scpt
That's all there is to it. Try rebooting, and watch to make sure your script runs at startup as planned. If anyone has suggestions for improvement, please speak up in the comments. While I've only tested this on Tiger, it should work on Panther also. But there's another workaround someone posted in the comments at VersionTracker that should work with OS 10.3.9.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one...]
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10.4: How to use BrickHouse firewall GUI
Authored by: wgscott on Dec 20, '05 08:51:10AM

I have used brickhouse for 10.4. The startup items it installs seem to work fine in my hands at least. The problem I had is that one of the rules it puts in is incompatible with ipfw in 10.4. Apparently the syntax has changed. In any case, my workaround was to issue

sudo ipfw /etc/firewall.conf

and see where it fails. I found the line in /etc/firewall.conf, commented it out, and then it worked.

All the startup item does is it runs /etc/firewall.conf during startup. Two possible workarounds that don't costs $10:

1. Make a Launchd item to run /etc/firewall.conf as root at startup.
2. Stick the line

ipfw /etc/firewall.conf

in some other startup script that is run by root at startup.

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WinSwitch instead of Scenario
Authored by: jecwobble on Dec 20, '05 10:05:21AM
You could possibly use WinSwitch instead of Scenario if you only need the log-in/log-out hook.

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