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Link files to iCal events Apps
One thing I miss from Outlook and Entourage is the ability to link files to iCal events. I can set an alarm to open a file at a certain time, but sometimes I just want to have all the files associated with an event handy. I just noticed that one can link files to iCal events by using the file:// prefix in the URL field. Not ideal, but for now, that will have to do.
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Link files to iCal events
Authored by: feelgood on Dec 14, '05 08:08:19AM

You can also drag a file onto the 'URL' text and iCal will fill in the URL with the path to the file

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Link files to iCal events
Authored by: dhayton on Dec 14, '05 08:16:15AM

You can also drag the file to the "Notes" section for an event, and iCal will add the path to that file to the notes section.


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Link files to iCal events
Authored by: mark hunte on Dec 14, '05 08:21:23AM
You might want to check this link out.


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Link files to iCal events
Authored by: a11en on Dec 14, '05 10:54:36PM

I tried to do the same in Addressbook- but it doesn't like it... they seem to handle URL's differently...

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Link files to iCal events
Authored by: sethd on Dec 16, '05 10:41:30AM
Here's a great applescript for linking a message in to an iCal event:

And here is the code recopied for convenience. Just save as an application with the Script Editor:

-- Find Email File Path --
-- John Maisey --
-- Will only work in OS 10.4 or later --
-- 0.4
-- 22 Aug 2005
-- What it does:
-- Sets the clipboard to the path of the first selected email message to paste into iCal's URL field. This method will only work if you do not move the message to another folder in
-- Fixed to deal with quotes in email subject (24/8/5)
-- Fixed to deal with unusually set TID's (24/8/5)
-- Fixed to deal with various time formats (26/8/5)
-- Changed search from date to ID (26/8/5)
-- Added Python script to url encode file path (26/8/5)

tell application "Mail" to set mailList to selection
tell application "Mail" to set {myTitle, myID} to {subject, id} of item 1 of mailList
on error
display dialog "Check that you have an email selected in" buttons {"OK"}
end try

set {myDels, AppleScript's text item delimiters} to {AppleScript's text item delimiters, {"""}}
set myTitle to text items of myTitle
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"""}
set myTitle to myTitle as text
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to myDels

set someEmails to paragraphs of (do shell script "mdfind "kMDItemTitle == '" & myTitle & "' && kMDItemKind == 'emlx'"")
repeat with anEmail in someEmails
if anEmail contains myID then exit repeat
end repeat
set myFile to do shell script "python -c 'import sys, urllib; print urllib.quote(sys.argv[1])' " & quoted form of anEmail
set the clipboard to "file://" & POSIX path of myFile
on error
display dialog "file not found" buttons {"OK"}
end try
display dialog "-- Find Email File Path --" & return & return & "The clipboard contains the file path." & return & "Paste this into the iCal URL field." buttons {"OK"}


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Link files to iCal events
Authored by: smorr on Jan 19, '06 07:11:12AM
I am working on a new version of MailTags which will link mail messages to ical to do's (So from a message, you can create, alter, delete to do items) Clicking on the url in ical will open the mail message in question.

Also the link is 2 ways so that changes to an item in ical will update the message in mail when you revisit the linked message.

For more details you can visit a teaser post on Tim Gaden's excellent hawkwings site

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Link files to iCal events
Authored by: amerkrebs on Feb 03, '06 03:23:40PM

Now can someone please figure out how to add file links to iCal "To Dos"?

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