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Run Aperture on a 12" PowerBook Apps
This hack should let you run Aperture on a 12" PowerBook with a CPU faster than 1.25Ghz and more than 1GB of RAM. It fools Aperture into thinking that it's running on a supported video card. It will not help if you don't have the RAM or CPU required.

The procedure consists of two steps. First, we have to actually install Aperture. Next, we have to modify the executable to make it ignore the fact that our graphics card is unsupported. I should warn you that this is something that Apple definitely does not support. Should anything go wrong, don't blame me! Your computer may explode. OK, more realistically, Aperture could potentially crash and corrupt all your image files, and then you'd be sorry. Make sure you have a current backup, and proceed at your own risk...

Once you have the Aperture DVD in the drive, you have to get the contents of the Aperture package. The folder with the packages is hidden in the Finder. You can get to it through the Terminal, or in the Finder via the Go -> Go to Folder menu item. Enter /Volumes/Aperture/Packages as the destination -- at least, that's where it was for me.

First install the ProAppRuntime package. That should happen without any coimplaints. Now control (right)-click on the Aperture package and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Open the Contents folder, and you should see a file called Archive.pax.gz. Copy it to some temporary folder on your hard drive. Go to that folder and double click, it should unpack. In this folder, a new directory called Applications will appear with Aperture in that folder. Step One is complete.

Step Two involves control-clicking on the Aperture application icon in the foler, choosing Show Package Contents from the pop-up, then going to the Contents -> MacOS folder. Now back up the Aperture executable. Open the executable in your favourite editor (I used emacs). Search for the string 5200. You should see NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra OpenGL Engine followed by NVIDIA NV34MAP OpenGL Engine. Replace every single charcter, including the spaces in the string, in the above strings with 1. Save the file, close the editor. And that should be Step Two done.

Now you should be able to run Aperture without getting any complaints. It may crash, delete all your photograps and your 12" PowerBook might explode.. You've been warned.

Please let me know if you had any luck with the above procedure. It works almost flawlessly for me. I've written up my experiences with Aperture so far, which is also where this hack was originally posted. I'll post any updates there.
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howto circumvent the ram-limitation?
Authored by: nick on Dec 12, '05 08:15:26AM

does anybody know how to circumvent the ram-limitation?

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howto circumvent the ram-limitation?
Authored by: Slowlemur on Dec 12, '05 09:55:35AM
You need 1 GB of RAM and Tiger to run Aperture. If you don't and you were so inclined, I guess you can just change the limitations: open the file info.plist (on the bundle) and change this


that might work. though I have more RAM than that and don't have the interest to take it out to test.

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howto circumvent the ram-limitation?
Authored by: cheesy9999 on Dec 12, '05 11:26:26AM

It works, but the number has to be lower than the amount of RAM you have (e.x. I have 512MB of RAM so I entered 500)

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howto circumvent the ram-limitation?
Authored by: rspeed on Dec 15, '05 07:52:52PM

Heh. That'll make it work, but I shudder to think what the performance is like.

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: bakalite on Dec 12, '05 08:51:46AM

There is a hack floating around out there that will allow you to run Aperture on any mac, as far as I know. I can't point you to it, since that might be construed as telling you where to find stuff that violates some of Apple's licensing agreements. Let's just say that in addition to mail and WWW, there is another internet protocol called NNTP, or news.

I haven't personally bothered with Aperture, after reading a not so hot review over at Ars Technica. Why learn another app if it's going to be a letdown anyway?

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: tooki on Dec 12, '05 09:45:45AM

The Ars guy didn't "get" it. Aperture's not supposed to be a Photoshop replacement. It's a workflow application, and it does that beautifully. The Ars reviewer completely ignored that aspect. It was like reviewing a Mack truck and saying "Well, it doesn't ride as nice as my BMW 745, so it sucks" while ignoring that the Mack truck is strong enough to pull 10 of the BMWs, and that you don't buy a Mack truck to drive people around.

I bought Aperture and have been playing with it a bit (before I actually import all my pix) and it's been great. It's going to save me a lot of time and disk space, and make it a lot easier for me to organize my photos.

Remember, Aperture isn't a Photoshop competitor, it's basically iPhoto Pro. Read some different reviews that have actually looked at Aperture for what it is.

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: clmensch on Dec 12, '05 10:25:29AM

Even so, he highlighted some pretty major problems...specifically Apple's abyssmal RAW engine. ( The quality comparison was what really made me decide not to buy it.

There were also a number of niggling UI things that he mentioned that I know would drive me the inability to see file extensions on import, the histogram flaw, as well as the major problem of Aperture stripping EXIF data on export.

The app looks beautiful, but I think I'll wait for 2.0.


"I drank WHAT?" -Socrates

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: mrmustarde on Dec 12, '05 12:52:55PM

Besides the limitations mentioned above, the reviewer was unable to discover a CMYK output. It would be nice to use this as an organizer, but what happens to my 4 channels?

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Ars review and disappointment...
Authored by: bethri on Dec 12, '05 12:58:35PM

The ars guy completely "got" it.

Aperture is being pitched as a high-end workflow tool for professionals and, as such, quality is pretty much the make-or-break feature. Aperture's RAW conversions are absolutely terrible compared with all other converters I have experience with, AND it won't allow you to send RAW files direct to another app (say Photoshop's ACR) without a complex export/re-import process. the built-in, "Open with..." command does the RAW conversion in Aperture and sends a 16bit TIFF.

In short, neither workflow or quality are improved. Aperture has a lot of potential, and I for one was hoping it was the tool we'd been waiting for, but so far it's a big disappointment.

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: gboudrea on Dec 12, '05 04:29:30PM

Sadly, this doesn't seem to work on an iMac G5 (oldest 17" model).

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: dsiska on Dec 13, '05 12:53:17AM

Oh well, I'm sorry to hear this; I only have a 12" powerbook and so I tried to get it working on a Powerbook. What is the error message you're getting?


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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: gboudrea on Dec 13, '05 04:29:07PM

"Your computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Aperture." when running the program.
I changed Info.plist for the RAM req. and replaced the NVIDIA strings with 1's in

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: Cartoonasaurus on Dec 14, '05 02:05:44AM

Sooo.... How much RAM do you have? I'll bet you a dollar ya don't have enuff ram in your can...

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: gboudrea on Dec 14, '05 04:51:38PM

768MB, and I changed the Info.plist file to set the minimum required to 500.

I also fiddled with the installation package to do the same thing (allow Aperture to install even if I don't have the minimum required RAM & video card), and that worked. But I still can't run the app itself.

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: shiyinjia on Dec 26, '05 11:03:50PM

I am having trouble getting my PB to accept the changes I made in the Aperture executable. I keep getting a mach 0 error. Does anyone know what this means and how to correct it? I followed the intructions as per the post to no avail. I did use Textedit to change the file. Could that be the reason? Thanks for your help.

jeff hargrove

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: AadMetz on Dec 28, '05 01:00:26PM

so far.
It worked till:
Open the executable in your favourite editor (I used emacs).
Can you tell me how I can get 'emacs' or what other kind of editor I can use?
When I double click the Aperture executable the Terminal starts and I get the Aperture Start up window and then the message that I don't have the right system to install Aperture on...

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Run !?Aperture?! on my well oiled, nicely racked Late 2004 20 in. iMac
Authored by: JustEmmy on Dec 29, '05 11:50:02AM

I installed Aperture on my computer immediately after I went out to up my RAM and invest in Tiger. I have a late 2004 iMac, 20 inch. I now have 1.5 GB of Ram and the most current operating system, and Aperture worked last night. But today I wake up to it saying my graphics card doesn't meet the requirement??? I am sooo confused. I have not messed with strings, code, etc.

I am just an old married fine art photography student with 5 small kids (check siggy)... I really need this program to work. As I don't have money to just throw away on this when I am in need of lenses, filters, lights, etc. for my camera and classes *grin* I have read the article and unfortunately I am reading jibberish... *giggle* Throw Physics at me any day... but throw strings??? and other crazy stuff at me and I become a blonde from Cali *evil grin* no offense to any blondes from Cali... I am sure you are nice people *wink*

Help! Purty please, with a nice beautiful juicy cherry on top?

Just moi, Emmy
Mama to the Twisted Brady Bunch
Independence, age 8
Atticus, age 7
London, age 5
Sonnet, age 3 1/2
Salinas, age 2

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: Wilber on Dec 30, '05 05:06:14AM

sorry to bother! but when I used HexEditor to replace string 5200 with 1111 and tried to save the file, HexEditor hint that:

The Document Aperture could not be saved.

any idea? thanks in advance!

there is a snapshot here that I think it might be helpful.

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: quiff on Jan 02, '06 02:22:01PM

I think the reason that it fails to load on the GeForce 5200, on a later boot up might be due to the update, 1.01 as I have encountered this too.

Can the hack be done for this version too has anyone had any success?

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: sVk on Jan 03, '06 12:15:48AM

Disclaimer: The following might cause your application and data to be corrupted so back it all up. Plus it probably violates Apple's license, so be warned. I take no responsibility for any of your actions based on the following hints.

Graphics card issue: Be sure to replace both of the strings NVIDIA

GeForce FX 5200 Ultra OpenGL Engine
(completely) with
(Assuming Aperture is already installed.) To do this launch the terminal application (found in
). Then use your favourite text editor (i.e. vi or emacs) to edit the executable Aperture file:
cd /Applications//Applications/

vi Aperture

emacs Aperture
, then make the required edits, save and exit. Alternatively if you are a hardened gui person you can navigate to the same folder in the Finder by selecting
Go to Folder...
from Finder's Go menu. Type in
, click
Ctrl + Click
on the Aperture executable file, choose
Open With -> Other...
and choose a text editor.

Memory issue: Using one of the ways described above, edit the file

in the folder
. On the 7th line down you should see the following
, on the next line should be
. To make the minimum memory requirement less stringent change this number to whatever you would like it to be.

Note: Allowing the program to run with less than recommended memory or a less powerful graphics card will decrease the performance and responsiveness of the application greatly. Aperture is designed to be a high performance professional application and so is resource hungry, be warned.

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: jdhorner on Jan 17, '06 06:09:27PM

to clear up some confusion...

you don't replace them with a single "1"... EVERY CHARACTER becomes a "1"


if the string were "foo bar" it gets replaced with "1111111" (note the 1 for the space, and no quotes)


sig? who said anything about a sig?

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: Ultraformat on Apr 14, '06 03:28:28PM

Specifically, there are 72 characters that get replaced with 72 1's.

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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: nig6 on Jan 11, '06 10:30:26AM

Sorry to sound thick. but can someone please post a pic with the lines before they're changed and after for the Geforce graphics card, I just can't get this working!


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Run Aperture on a 12&quot; PowerBook
Authored by: tomato on Apr 04, '06 10:07:56AM

I have managed to install Aperture in full working order in my MacBook Pro with INTEL CHIP and only 512mb of RAM. There is a crack out there for it and to get round the RAM issue you just use the same method as mentioned in the other aperture article here. search on google for the RAM issue and if you find the crack then hey presto uv got aperture! lemme know if u need some help.

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Run Aperture on a G5 1.6GHz?
Authored by: Ultraformat on Apr 14, '06 02:32:45PM

Anything I can do to get Aperture 1.1 to run on my 1.6 GHz G5 (3gb ram)? My graphics card is the ATI 9600 Radion Pro. I tried the mods above and nothing happens.

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Run Aperture on a 12" PowerBook
Authored by: Gigameduse on Jan 09, '07 10:42:03AM

Hello, thanks for such a precise tip.
I have a 20 inch iMac, bought a week ago, is it REALLY going to EXPLODE???
I would be sorry to lose 1499€...
thanks a lot

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