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Archive pre-existing email with Gmail Internet
While this is similar to this previous hint about archiving email to's 2+GB storage for each user, it's a different approach.

The basic premise is that if you can get your email into mbox format (Netscape, Firefox, and Thunderbird use this, for instance), then you can, through the use of a script, resend all the email to Gmail in a way that preserves the date of the original email -- although the Received Date' in Gmail will be today's date, the original date on the email will also be archived properly. Likewise, you can archive all your outbound email as well.

To do this, follow the instructions on this web page. This tip works for both Panther and Tiger systems. And although this is mentioned on the web page, it's not in big bold letters, so I felt it was worth repeating here:

Tiger (10.4) users only have to follow steps one through four, and then step twelve. Panther (10.3) users have to follow all the steps.

I've just migrated 70Mb of mail to Gmail this way and it works great, albeit a bit slow ... but it gets the job done.
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Archive pre-existing email with Gmail
Authored by: drewbert1 on Nov 22, '05 05:10:37PM

I'd tried this before, but the "Date Received" bug/feature was a deal-killer for me. When you search Gmail for date, it goes by Date Received rather than the actual date of the email - even though the correct date appears in the email.

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SMTP Problems
Authored by: chincotaco on Nov 23, '05 07:12:26PM
Got the script installed, and tried to upload my mboxes. I'm running latest Mail on Tiger.

Got a bunch of these errors:
Error Type: socket.error
Error Val : (61, 'Connection refused')
I also can't get the SMTP to work in Apple Mail. I've tried (what Google's documentation suggests) and (the default server in the Python script). I've tried using port 587 as per the official documentation, and I've tried the standard port 25. I've tried it with SSL authentication and without, and even tried switching it to MD5 Challenge-Response at the suggestion of a random website. I'm sure it's not the firewall.

Still I can't get either or this script to connect to the SMTP server.

Is access limited outside the US for some reason? Is Google's SMTP server dead? Or, most likely, am I just screwing something simple up?

Any help?


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Archive pre-existing email with Gmail - works with GyazMail
Authored by: xth on Nov 24, '05 01:48:37AM
I tried this with mbox files exported from GyazMail, and it works a dream.

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