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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash System 10.4
Tiger only hintWhen I updated to 10.4.3 last night, I rebooted and my Antenna, Volume, Input Menu, and Account Menu wouldn't come up in the upper right hand corner of the screen in the menu bar. I checked out the Activity Monitor and the SystemUIServer process was just hanging there -- it was highlighted in red, indicating that the process had stalled.

In the past, I had tried to disable the spotlight menu by renaming the Search.bundle file in /System -> Library -> CoreServices to Search_SAFE.bundle, as suggested in this hint. When I updated the OS, it installed a new Search.bundle, which was apparently causing the hang-up.

To fix the problem, just trash the new Search.bundle (or rename it), and restart the SystemUIServer.
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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash | 6 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash
Authored by: fracai on Nov 04, '05 06:21:05AM

Sounds like the hang was caused by an incomplete bundle. I bet the update didn't actually install a new bundle, but update certain files in the bundle (recreating the bundle structure as needed). The result would be an incomplete bundle.

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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash
Authored by: vbanshee on Nov 04, '05 10:19:20AM

I had this same issue, and used the same fix to resolve it.

I believe that 10.4.3 actually does update the Search.bundle however. My backed-up version was 1.1, and after restoring it and applying the 10.4.3 update, the version number on Search.bundle was 1.2. It may be wise to get the 1.2 version and keep it around for safekeeping.

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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash
Authored by: paulsomm on Nov 04, '05 08:57:09AM

Exact same thing happened to me. I had also removed the Search.Bundle. Deleting it, as you also did, restored for me too.

And I knew I should have restored it before applying the update. Apple's very unfriendly to changing things around like that.

Glad you posted this. I ahd just figured it was me. I guess there's a bug Apple should know about . . .

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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash
Authored by: PlxoGuy on Nov 05, '05 12:22:22AM

Wish I had read this, but I did a clean install. I think my problems were accentuated by trying to get the Coriolos Update to Create a boot disc of iPartition the night before 10.4.3 came out. Suffice to say, after I updated it was like I had never touched the computer. All the preferences were gone in nearly every app, and most 3rd party anything crashed. Trying to fix that from the other partition, on the restart I had no 3rd party apps at all. Basically, I think runningthe first boot cd beta which unkown at the time was for 10.4, not 10.4.2. started the problem, and after the update issue, it was like watching the Titanic from the life boats, just bobbing around, then the lights go out, then she goes down. Ce la Vie!

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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash
Authored by: chaos215bar2 on Nov 07, '05 03:53:18AM

This isn't exactly a bug. As fracai suggested, the installer is not replacing the bundle. It is only designed to replace a few files within the bundle. If the installer contained all files for all the bundles it updated, it would be much larger than necessary. You might want to suggest having an option to support turning spotlight off, but there is no reason Apple should specifically support renaming that one particular bundle.

You should also re-run the system update with the Search.bundle named properly. This way, you'll get the most up to date version of it and can rename it again afterwards, if you want.

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10.4: Fix a post-10.4.3-update SystemUIServer crash
Authored by: paulsomm on Nov 08, '05 03:14:28PM

Agreed, but I'd still classify this as a bug. When updating a system component, the updater should be verifying first if the component to be updated exists. If it does not, ideally the update should abort with an error message (a la trying to update any of the i-applications when you've moved them out of the Applications folder).

While you can argue that Apple expects their bundles to exist, I'd counter with what if disk corruption had caused that folder to be inaccessible or if a third party application made modifications that weren't expected?

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