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Laptop SubEthaEdit access via SSH RemoteForward UNIX
A laptop makes SubEthaEdit difficult to use, as sharing a document may not be possible through the wireless or other locked networks a laptop may be on. However, with a static server available on the Internet, and the magic of SSH, SubEthaEdit running on a laptop can be made available to the world.

First, punch a hole through the firewall (if any) of the server to TCP port 6942. This requires administrative access, as does the next step. Reconfigure sshd on the server to allow GateWayPorts, usually in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file:
GatewayPorts yes
And then restart sshd. On the laptop, launch SubEthaEdit, then set up the following in your ~/.ssh/config configuration file:
  RemoteForward 6942
Then connect to the server by typing, for example:
Thereafter, other people should be able to connect back to the laptop via see:// thanks to the SSH RemoteForward. If the remote server runs SubEthaEdit itself, then pick a different port for the laptop, such as 9999, assuming a port 9999 hole in the server's firewall has been created:
  RemoteForward 9999
Then, clients should be able to connect at see://
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Laptop SubEthaEdit access via SSH RemoteForward
Authored by: jnunez on Oct 20, '05 08:02:44AM

Will this allow for multiple uses or will each user logging into the server have to create a separate port?

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Laptop SubEthaEdit access via SSH RemoteForward
Authored by: thrig on Oct 20, '05 08:44:47AM

A TCP port can only be bound to once, so each user must use a different port. To see if a port is in use, use netstat or lsof on the server system:

$ lsof -i -nP | grep 9999
sshd    8396 jmates   13u  IPv6 0x01f63658      0t0  TCP [::1]:9999 (LISTEN)
sshd    8396 jmates   14u  IPv4 0x03504694      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)

A program such as ringd will allow multiple programs to bind to the same port. However, this likely will not allow multiple users to share the same port at the same time.

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Authored by: deleted_user10 on Oct 21, '05 09:39:53AM

Will this method work for iTunes music sharing as well?

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